Secret Agent Josephine rehashed our lame Halloween evening very eloquently in her entry.

I have nothing to add except a photo of my kitchen counter from this morning.

What am I going to do with all of this candy?!



  1. Yum. Now you can initiate your very own candy drawer like Lini and Bishop!

  2. I am currently taking chocolate donations for my PMS fund. :) (Hopefully a chocolate o.d. will take my mind off of the PMS-induced pimple-fest happening on my face right now.)

  3. you seriously have some candy left over!


  4. OH-MY-GOD!


  5. take it to a school and leave at the door before the kids get out.

  6. yeah, and invite me to that slumber party…

  7. undercover celebrity says:

    First off, all the kids that didn’t come to your house are SO bummed — you guys bought good candy. Well done.

    Secondly, I think that you should post photos of all your left over candy around your neighborhood with the headline “Kids: You Missed Out on Free Candy at [your address]. Better Luck Next Year.”

    You know, start advertising now for all the trick-or-treaters next year.

    And… in the meantime, have a full-on slumber party and eat all left over candy.

  8. You put that in a box and send it to me, that’s what!

  9. Sarcomical says:

    one side of me says “EAT IT!” the other says add it to kids’ christmas presents. the moms will love that. ;)