A Date With Baby Bug


Are these two in baby love or what?



  1. Sam was like, “I can laugh too! Where are these laughing babies? I WANT TO PLAY.”

  2. Too cute!!!!
    What is Wito going to be for Halloween? The girls are counting down the days until we can all go Trick-or-Treating together.

  3. Oh, dear God I think my ovaries just exploded.

  4. sooo cute! Nothing like the laughter of babies :)

  5. The cuteness. It is killing me.

  6. Ohh… baby giggles are the best!

  7. They are TOO CUTE! I love how his giggles set hers off.

    P.S.-Love the new banner! :)

  8. Avelyn’s T.O.’d! Her betrothed, with another woman. And on the internet, no less.
    I love Anders’ little fake cough/laugh. Avelyn does the same thing. Those are some cute kids there!

  9. That? WAS ADORABLE! I laughed out loud. But didn’t LOL, because I don’t LOL. I did, however, laugh out loud :)

  10. T, the toddler residing in my house, wants to play! He laughed harder than Wito and Baby Bug while watching it 4 times!

  11. Paige made a little shriek, I think she feels her affections toward Wito are a bit threatened by Baby Bug.

    But what a cute video!! I love the two giggling, even if Paige doesn’t ;)

    I also dig the new banner. Tres cool.

  12. Absolute bliss! I love it. They are both ahhhhhh-dorable.

  13. That is so cute. My Sister and I have photos of our kids every year at Starbucks, but a video would have been much more fun. Love the way they get each other going.

  14. That’s totally what I do with my friends. Just staaaare and laaaaaugh. :)

    Man, they are so cute. I love Baby Bug in the swing. She looks like such a pro. “What? These swings? Psssh, no big deal! You just gotta lean and enjoy the ride!”

  15. I am going to watch that whenever I need a pick-me-up.

  16. i have already watched it twice, off to watch it again!

  17. And now I’m off to demand a laughing baby, post-haste. They are SO CUTE you guys should go ahead and start saving for the wedding now!

  18. Complete and utter cuteness. I heart those two!!!

  19. I love Wito’s laugh! It’s so cute…

  20. I miss chunky legs on my boy.
    Wito has the sweetest chunky legs.

    And of course Baby Bug is charming him into fits of laughter.