Tassimo T20 Brewer


The Tassimo T20 and our slightly miffed French press looking on…

When the folks at Tassimo contacted me about sending one of their T20 Brewers my way, I jumped on the chance. Here’s why:

1. I love coffee. (A half cup to full cup at most.)

2. D loves coffee. (Two cups, please.)

3. I do not ingest any form of caffeine.

4. D ingests multiple forms of caffeine.

5. I need decaf. D needs regular. We like to drink coffee at the same time. This means two coffee pots brewing simultaneously. (And cleaning two coffee-making devices afterward. Poopoo to that.)

So anyway, yeah, a brewing machine that makes one cup at a time AND makes lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and tea? YES, PLEASE!

We gave the T20 a test run, and I must admit, it was awesome. You just fill the back reservoir with water (not every time- it holds enough for several drinks), put your drink pod of choice in the slot, press a button and voilá, your drink is ready in a minute. We received the Starbucks cappuccino pods and the Tassimo actually made a cappuccino with foam. (I was super skeptical about the specialty drinks, but was so pleasantly surprised.)

When I initially showed D the brewer, he totally scoffed. “You think THAT thing will replace my French press? Right.” (He’s such a snob.) Well, guess what? A certain someone is enjoying afternoon cappuccinos, made by a certain machine.  Our French press is a tad miffed. It still gets attention in the morning, but I sense some resentment. Can we talk about the best part, though? No clean up. Seriously, NO DAILY CLEAN UP. Just throw the pod away in the trash!!

I truly love the T20.

HOWEVER, I would like to make a plea. The drink choices are plenty (check out all the brands!), BUT the decaffeinated beverage choices could be better. There are several Starbucks pods, but none are decaf. BOO. What about us naturally caffeinated folks who enjoy decaffeinated Starbucks beverages? How about a Starbucks decaffeinated pod, whether it be coffee or espresso? I would love to be able to make a decaf latte in the morning, oh friends at Tassimo. Plus, I’m sure there are plenty of caffeine drinkers who would still like a decaf latte option for afternoons or after dinner…just a suggestion.

All in all, we both love this lil’ machine more than we ever imagined. I think I’ll go treat myself to some hot chocolate, but I think you should try out a T20 for yourself! Leave a comment on this post before Thursday, December 23rd at 6pmPST and you’ll be entered to win one T20 Brewer from Tassimo. I’ll announce the winner on Christmas Eve. Good luck!!

Disclaimer: I received the T20 brewer to review at no cost and all opinions are my own.



  1. I think I’m in love too!

  2. I just bought and subsequently returned a Keurig, but would love to try this one!

  3. You at had me at “no clean up.” So sick of washing out my coffee pot every day and having to deal with the used filter and grounds! Yes, I’m lazy. This would be perfect for me!
    Mia recently posted…Photo

  4. I would LOVE if I could USE my coffee maker after my husband leaves for work. He takes the whole thermal carafe each day out the door with him to work. I just stair at an unusable coffee maker! haha
    Lindsey recently posted…Mornings are rough on all of us

  5. Aren’t they great? A cappucino sounds good right now in this rain!

  6. I would LOVE to win this for my dad. He drinks instant coffee, guys. I mean, please please let’s win this for him!

  7. we are also a decaf/regular family so this really sounds ideal

  8. I couldn’t function without caffeine. This machine looks amazing and I wish I had known about it when my husband was asking me what I wanted for Christmas.
    Louise recently posted…mlouprice- @wilw http-twitpiccom-3i3vbe – Tuxedo kittehs demand breakfast trays Fancy cats deserve fancy service

  9. I was at a friend’s house and she had one and right then and there, I was jealous and knew I needed my own!
    Kristabella recently posted…Where Have I Been

  10. I want it…keeping my finger crossed

  11. I can tell I’m feeling better because a cup of coffee sounds positively perfect right now.
    Kerri Anne recently posted…What I Think About When I Think About Running

  12. I would love one of these. I am completely incapable of making coffee, so I go uncaffeinated when my husband is out of town and not making a pot in the morning.

  13. This would be such a great thing to have in our house!

  14. OOoh that sounds lovely. What a great idea!

  15. I want one! As the sole coffee drinker in the house it is such a pain to do a whole pot (and washing up) for just one!

  16. I so want one of these!
    heidi recently posted…Guess what I did this weekend…

  17. I never knew I wanted one until I visited my boyfriend’s family…they have one and I’m in LOVE. I’d love to win!
    Amy — Just A Titch recently posted…reverb10 – Letter

  18. I never thought I would like coffee, until I had a baby. A BUSY baby who never seems to stop moving.

    A Tassimo would be awesome!

  19. This poor college student lives on coffee!

  20. This? Would be awesome to have. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Baby coming in January! I might need a boost of caffiene…or rather, like you will be continuing to eliminate the caffiene in my diet. I am hooked on latte’s right now! This would warm my cold and snowy MN winter!
    Sarah @ For the Love of Naps recently posted…Snow break

  22. I would love to try this. Three kids and never enough sleep mean that I’m DESPERATE for caffeine most mornings (and afternoons).

  23. What a dream! I would love to avoid cleaning the coffee pot!

  24. Oooh! I love it! I want one!
    Lisa recently posted…spoiled sweet

  25. It is such a pain making a measly 2 cups of coffee. Would love to try this instead!

  26. I’ve got a very active 4-yr old boy and a 1-yr old boy just starting to walk. Caffeine is my BFF these days!

  27. I’d love one of these. It always seems like such a hassle to make coffee for one person.

  28. My husband has really been wanting to try one of these and I will go along with the fun too if chosen! And I am totally down with the size – the less counter space taken up the better!

  29. I’m the sole coffee drinker in my house too, and I don’t drink more than a cup a day so I gave up, converted to tea, and just put the coffee pot away in a cabinet.

    I think I need to see one of these things in action because while I understand how it brews the beverages, I don’t get how it can do the specialty drinks like cappuccinos – if a cappuccino is espresso and foamed milk, how does it do the foam? And yet, it apparently does a nice job. I’m stumped. Or, you know, I’m a Seattleite who is a coffee snob.

    I wondered the exact same thing! The specialty drinks use two pods. For instance, a cappuccino uses one pod for the milk and one pod for the espresso. You put the milk pod in first and it does its thing – steaming the milk and such into the cup, and then you put the espresso pod in second and it brews the espresso into the same cup. It brews and steams wonderfully – I was very surprised to say the least!
    fairydogmother recently posted…Deliciousness

  30. This looks great! I could use an upgrade, my current coffee pot is about to die.

  31. That sounds awesome! Can’t wait to try it.

  32. my husband is also a coffee snob! he only drinks peet’s (which he has shipped in on a bi-weekly basis) and only uses the french press. i would LOVE to expand his coffee horizons and not have to clean a french press every day!

  33. This would make my life SO MUCH EASIER!! Count me in (and thanks for hosting the giveaway!)

  34. That sounds awesome! I love the no clean up feature!

  35. Oooh, this looks fantastic!

  36. Thanks for the review — I’ve been trying to decide between this one and a few others. Ohhh, the late Christmas shopping!

  37. We have been wanting one of these for ages, but can’t figure out which is better, the tassimo or the keurig! Winning this one would put an end to that debate! :)

  38. I love coffee, but never want to make a whole pot. I’d love to be able to easily make one cup at a time!

  39. We have a Keurig for the same reason and have been having a lot of problems with it. I would love to try a Tassimo!

  40. Oh man! I have been wanting one of these forever!

  41. um, yes please! we have a pod brewer at the office and i’ve been dying to get one for home.

  42. Ooh, I want! I was at first skeptical about this kind of coffee maker, but my mom has one and so does my sister-in-law and they’ve pretty much convinced me….
    I also have the decaf/caf household thing going on so this would be oh so great.

  43. Merry Christmas to me! Fingers crossed!

  44. We don’t drink coffee, but I drink tea and both my husband and I drink hot chocolate. It would be nice to have this and then we could use it for our drinks and just use coffee pods for when we have coffee-drinking visitors. Our dusty coffeemaker lives in a cupboard aboe the fridge and it is a PAIN to haul out for the occasional houseguest.

  45. Our cuisinart coffee maker just broke! The second one in two years, most likely from overuse. I would love to try out the Tassimo.

  46. Kathryn Harter says:

    You had me at the no clean up. I loathe cleaning out the coffee maker!

  47. I would love afternoon cappuccinos!!!

  48. This is amazing. I hate cleaning the coffeemaker (yes, I’m lazy).

  49. I don’t drink coffee at home for this very reason! Our household would be much appreciative of a Tassimo!

  50. My Husband and I have the same caf/decaf problems.

  51. AWESOME!

    & I thought I was the only coffee lover that only did decaf! This would be perfect for my family.

  52. I like a cup of coffee about once a week or so… just A cup. My husband hates all hot drinks. So this is the kind of device that would work well in our household.
    Jill recently posted…Conversations With the Husband

  53. this would be so perfect. I am the only one in our house who drinks coffee so I’m always making too much and wasting it.

  54. I’d win WIfe of The Year if I was able to give this to my husband :-)

    samanthajocampen at gmail
    samantha Jo Campen recently posted…I don’t like sand but for this I’d make an exception

  55. I’d be on the decaf bandwagon with you too. We’re just naturally caffeinated, aren’t we?
    sizzle recently posted…Holiday Cheer to the Max

  56. i love my morning coffee more than anything now that I have two little ones that get up in the night, so this is already on my Christmas wish list.

  57. I would love LOVE to win something that can brew me some fancy tea. I’m a sucker for fancy tea.
    Diane recently posted…Everything is relative Yes- it is

  58. The Third Jessica says:

    Ooooh, this looks fantastic.

  59. I am certainly intrigued. I always think about buying a machine like this but have so far been unable to pull the trigger. :)

  60. Oh oh! Pick me! December 24 is my birthday! My 30th Birthday! All I can drink coffee sounds like an excellently delicious prize!
    Jenny recently posted…December Update 3- Kill Em With Cuteness

  61. Lauren E. E. says:

    I would looooove to have something like this at work. The coffee here is terrible and makes me sad, especially on a rainy day like this in LA.

  62. ahhhh that would be so awesome!
    elizabetht recently posted…10- Cook something in my newly inherited crock pot

  63. Well. I keep trying new coffee-making-devices and throwing them away (or Goodwilling them). I am still searching for my forever-coffee-making-device. :) And since my kids love hot tea and it makes me nutty to make it at bedtime, this would probably make a lot of people at my house happy!

  64. Oooh, this would work perfectly for me since I live alone! Makes a single cup and no mess – I’m sold!

  65. My name is Alexis and I’m addicted to coffee.

  66. Wow! What a cool machine. I’d love to try this out. :)

    Mmm. I love coffee. And tea. And hot chocolate. I think my baby needs me to have this. Is that a thing? Babies like coffee, right?
    OurLittleAshley recently posted…The Letter I Needed to Read

  67. Man, I would so love this thing!

  68. sounds like lots of great beverage choices. I would love it! We brew our coffee each morning, but much of the pot gets poured down the drain at the end of the day. One cup at a time would be great!

  69. How awesome! What a great giveaway!

  70. ohhhh, I so WANT/NEED that!
    Shawna recently posted…Let’s dust off this here blog

  71. ooooo pick me pick me!!
    Coco recently posted…We Did a Bad Thing

  72. Looks delightful! And I’m totally with you on the decaf plea.

  73. Ahh this would be perfect for my hot chocolate loving roommate and my coffee loving self!!

  74. Our house is just like yours except my husband drinks coffee and I drink tea every morning. Would love one of these! Plus it’s a great-looking little machine!

  75. I’d love to try this for my husband. I hate making him coffee and seeing only half the pot get consumed.

  76. I’ve been lusting after one of these!

  77. My keurig just died, this looks like a wonderful replacement! :)

  78. Oh, to have a caffeine machine that requires little to no cleaning!

  79. This would be the answer to my dreams!

  80. Free sounds like the perfect price to try one of these out!
    Crisanne recently posted…Thanksgiving 2010

  81. I was a little skeptical but you pleaded a good case. We are french press people in our home, but I am with you on the clean up part.
    Mama in the City recently posted…Im In Total Vacation Mode And Loving It!

  82. Oooh, this looks amazing.

  83. I would so love one of these! I had a Senseo (in the age of dinosaurs) and it was total poo. I miss the one cup convenience!

  84. I just recently started drinking coffee again, what a cool machine! I’ve always wanted to try a pod type coffee maker. Thanks.
    Jessica recently posted…Santa- Baby

  85. I’m pretty sure thats exactly what I need Tp fuel my caffeine addiction.
    Gillian recently posted…Eclipsed- Who Has Seen the Moon

  86. I so want one of these!!
    TammiMarie recently posted…Stunning Decorating Ideas

  87. I keep thinking we should try this. My husband loves coffee but will rarely make his own because he thinks it’s not worth the effort. I’m pretty sure he could handle this. Plus, this way there’s no waste.

  88. I want one! Esp since I’m of the caffeinated variety while my husband is a decaf person like you.
    Navigating the Mothership recently posted…Bumpdate- 12 Weeks

  89. This would be awesome to keep in my office at work. The only problem would be keeping my co-workers from monopolizing it!

  90. i have been wanting one of these!! i was skeptical of the quality of the “specialty” drinks, but you have convinced me.

  91. Joanna Robinson says:

    This would be perfect for us! It’s cold in Boston and we love hot drinks!

  92. Kristen M. says:

    Oooooh, that would be lovely, lovely for this caffeine-drinking woman and her hot cocoa non-caffeinated man. :)

  93. typelittlea says:

    there are TONS of decaf options in k-cups. get yourself a keurig!

  94. I reallly want a single cup coffee maker because my husband doesn’t drink it and I don’t need a whole pot. And also I’m lazy and don’t want to clean one.
    Haley (Cardigan Junkie) recently posted…Gift Idea 4 – Last Minute- Well Received

  95. We’re also a caf/decaf divided household and this would make life so much easier!

  96. My husband and I are avid coffee/speciality drink consumers. This would be an awesome score!!!!

  97. Mmmmm… I am just learning the ropes of the coffee world (late bloomer – what? I grew up hating the smell but then got very, very, very tired with two tiny children ;) ) and I could so very easliy fall in love with one of these.

  98. Jennifer R says:

    I would love one of those, but can’t justify the cost
    We are coffee fiends here
    Sometimes drink it in the morning and at night
    Sometimes, who am I kidding….all the time

  99. This would be the perfect fit in our household! I only drink one or two cups a month, but hubby likes a cup every day. Making a full pot is always too much.

  100. Carolina Stumpges says:

    That looks awesome! I want!

  101. I love coffee, and I hate cleaning. This sounds like a dream!

  102. Natalie R. says:

    I’d LOVE to try this out!!

  103. Would love to see how this compares to the Keurig, which I’m on the fence about.

  104. I could really go for some coffee right about now to wake me up and help me survive the home stretch of the holiday whirlwind.

  105. Erin L. Thiele says:

    Wow, no clean up rocks. I have one cup in the am, the hubs has the other 6 or 7 to take to work. But I do the clean up. I would love to have more options for the evening, and I’m with you on the decaf.

  106. I would LOVE this! Love the variety of options. I am a girl who needs variety.

  107. Coffee! Yay!! I drink at least 4 cups a day. What a timesaver this would be!

  108. this will be what i win!

  109. I love coffee and require at least 14 oz every morning – the Tassimo sounds great!

  110. our Cuisinart just blew up (literally – smoke, burning plastic – eww) and while we’re getting a warranty replacement i’m kinda of mad at the thing. plus – who doesn’t want the ability to make hot cocoa on demand!?

  111. I love coffee, tea, hot chocolate-all of it. This sounds fabulous!

  112. Awesome! My husband and I have the same coffee conflict. I drink regular, he drinks decaf.

  113. YES PLEASE to the no clean-up! I’ve always wanted to try one of these!

  114. One cup at a time? Sign me up!

  115. I would love one!!

  116. It looks amazing!

  117. This looks awesome, would love to try it.

  118. Want!!!

  119. oh I would love this! I drink coffee sometimes but husband doesn’t and I’d love to be able to offer coffee to dinner and houseguests!

  120. I would love this! I am a caf in the morning, decaf in the afternoon kind of girl. This looks very cool!

  121. yummmm….hot chocolate!

  122. Sounds wonderful!!

  123. I would love this. I too am a decaf drinker and don’t make it as much as I’d like because it’s always wasted and a mess.

  124. My birthday is on Thursday. I should totally win this. :)
    amanda recently posted…Cinq minutes

  125. I love coffee. And specialty drinks. An hot chocolate! This sounds marvelous!

  126. This would be the perfect Christmas present for me and my husband.

  127. Those are so quaint! I always admire in the store but can’t quite purchase it! Oh hooray a contest!

  128. I want to win!!!

  129. I love coffee and this sounds like the perfect coffee maker for me and my husband!

  130. This sounds so great. I am incredibly lazy and hate cleaning my coffee pot and am the only one that drinks coffee so the whole pot is wasted on me.

  131. I so want one of these!!! Thanks:)

  132. I would looooove this!!

  133. I would love this…and no clean up! Merry Christmas to me!

  134. love coffeeeeee and would love to try this! thanks whoorl!

  135. Would LOVE this! I’m drooling just thinking about it. Thanks!

  136. Oh man, I would LOVE to try this out!

  137. I’ve been eyeing this, since my husband and I are just like you two (only reversed…I can barely speak without my morning coffee). Great giveaway!!!
    S recently posted…latest list- things Im loving

  138. Pick me! I desperately need one of these at my office!

  139. Would love to try this out!

  140. Yes please. Most mornings I stop by Starbucks before work and get a triple espresso. This might help with that just a bit. I only drink one cup and I drink it at work not home. This would be awesome to have in my office.

  141. Would love to be able to make a cup of decaf with no muss, no fuss–and a rooibos tea chaser–sign me up!

  142. What a great little machine! It looks perfect to me. (And I like your granite countertop, by the way).

  143. me!! please!!
    Lisa recently posted…Setting up your Facebook Page

  144. This would be great! I just found out I’m pregnant and am trying to wean myself away from the caffeine, weeping and wailing every morning. Being able to brew decaf for me and regular for my husband would make it so much easier than the half-caf stuff we’ve been trying.

  145. Ooh, this would be so perfect for me! I’ve never been the kind of person who used a coffee pot on a regular basis, but definitely enjoys the “specialty” coffee drinks every few days. If I had something like this, I might drink them daily…

  146. Michelle Baxter says:

    My husband would love this!

  147. I love coffee and would love to win this!!

  148. This would save me so much time every day! I can get more sleep (of the little sleep I get)

  149. sounds like a fun gift for my sister but question- do they make it with Intelligentsia, counter culture, stumptown? I admit to only drinking certain coffee brands thanks to my mr. who is now a coffee snob… once you go Black (Cat, that is. Intelligentsia!) you can’t go back. Drip coffee scares me off though… those scrumptious oils are filtered right out. Loves the french press! Although, at the 3-4 pm witching hour I’ll down whatever it takes to glide me into evening!

  150. Three words: I want one!
    ChrisB recently posted…MeMe 456789453

  151. Oh my goodness… I think I’m ALSO in love! Such a different twist on the usual what with being able to make such a variety at any given time with minimum fuss.

  152. This would be awesome to have! My husband is the coffee drinker and I’m the hot chocolate, tea, anything but coffee drinker…I have secretly wanted something like this for quick morning fixes but am loathe to shell out the money….this would be the answer!

  153. I would loooove one of these!

  154. Yum! This would certainly be very welcomed in my house! Cappuccinos for me, plain ol’ coffee for my husband. And hot cocoa for the kids!

  155. We have been trying to decide whether to buy a coffee machine like that, can are still arguing (my french press hubby) won’t let go of the press!

  156. That looks like an awesome little machine. I wonder how much the pods cost compared to regular brewed coffee?

  157. *love*
    I have been coveting one of these for a loooooong time!

  158. I would love one of these! Like, you, I drink mostly decaf (and have started drinking more tea), but my husband likes to bring on the caffeine. My sister has something similar to this, and everytime I visit her I want to take it with me!

  159. I’m moving into my first apartment next month, and I would LOVE one of these!

  160. I could definitely use a little extra caffeine this time of year!

  161. This looks awesome. I saw the commercial for it recently and my son said, “A coffee robot!”. I want it!

  162. I so can not live without coffee! I used to hate the taste…but its now so welcoming… :)
    Mel recently posted…Blog Swap- What will YOU do next year

  163. Yay! This would be awesome!

  164. I have a friend, who happens to be going through a VERY rough spot in her life right now, who has mentioned that she would love one of these. Money is certainly tight these days and I would be overjoyed to send this one her way!

  165. I am a major tea junkie so this would be fantastic!!! I would adore having this grace my counter… have a great Christmas!!!
    Allison recently posted…Disappearing act

  166. This would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  167. I’m the only coffee drinker in my house, so this would be perfect!

  168. I would LOVE one of these! My freebie gevalia coffee maker is about to bite the dust after 10 or so years….

  169. My husband has been strongly hinting…okay, flat-out asking for one of these for Christmas. Would love to give it to him as a birthday gift in March!

  170. I have been admiring one of these and would love to win :-)

  171. Laura in LA says:

    This looks awesome. I’m hoping you still get that fresh brewed coffee smell wafting through the air. So good.

  172. My Starbucks habit is ridiculous–this would be LOVELY to have.
    Korinna recently posted…Sweet girl

  173. My husband and I both like coffee that doesn’t take like coffee, ie fancy coffee with lots of syrup and cream. We drink a lot of (expensive) Starbucks. If this could help us cut back on that habit, we might be able to retire early!

  174. Would SO love one of these!

  175. That would be an awesome Christmas gift for me :)
    Jen recently posted…San Diego Bound in 2011

  176. So great for our 1 cup a day household!

  177. Our household has the same dilemma–I drink ONLY decaf and my husband likes some caffeine daily, sometimes full caf sometimes half-caf. A single cup brewing device is the perfect solution.

  178. I haven’t bought myself a Christmas gift yet…..

  179. I would love this!!

  180. Hmmm interested to see if it is better than the Sensyo. I do not like the “flavor” of their pods.

  181. would you be as impressed if you had paid for the machine?

  182. Ooohh.. Looks so nice! I agree that once in a while, decaf is needed.

  183. Ooooo pick me! pick me!

  184. ohh, that would be so nice to have on my counter!
    regan recently posted…drivers ed

  185. Love this! Love this. Sign me up.

  186. I want this sooooooo badly. I hope I win!

  187. It looks fabulous!

  188. What a fantastic tester to be sent! Even better that you like it :)

  189. I was just reading about this amazing thing!! I would LOVE to have one!!

  190. Anything that would help me manage a toddler and a newborn, including coffee, would be a great asset in 2011!

  191. It would be so awesome to own this machine!

  192. This looks awesome…I am the only coffee drinker in my house…so this would be perfect!

  193. I totally agree! I have the super old tassimo, like the originial. And now that I’m pregnant I’m bummed that I can’t use it. Sure I can have my decafe coffee, but not my latte’s! Come on Tassimso!!
    Rachel recently posted…The Nursery-Part 3

  194. No clean up?!?!?! I want one…please..

  195. While *I* don’t actually need this — when I do drink coffee, it’s multiple cups — I’d love to win this for my very recently divorced sister-in-law. Her jerkass ex-husband cheated on her, lied, and then took the single cup coffee machine they had shared. The coffee machine is the only thing she actually misses and I’d love to replace it for her.

    Thanks for the contest!
    Kristen recently posted…A very merry kitty Christmas

  196. We’re an occasional cup of coffee household, so this would be perfect, I tell ya.
    Julie recently posted…I Need a Little Christmas Right This Very Minute

  197. Oh how this would come in handy for a sleep deprived Mama! I’m going to keep my fingers crossed!!

  198. keri jackson says:

    This would be great! I am the only coffee drinker in the house and it is such a pain to brew and clean up the coffee mess for just myself!

  199. My husband has been bothering me for a coffee maker like this.. This would be awesome to win for him. :)

  200. Sad to say, I quit using my coffee maker at home because it was such a pain to remember to clean and re-equip every evening. I’d love to have this for my cube at work since our coffee bar has expensive and kinda gross coffee and it’d be awesome to have afternoon tea too.
    Amy in StL recently posted…Divorce

  201. Me!!

  202. Sold! (If I don’t win this one). =)

  203. That thing looks awesome. I wish I was naturally caffeinated….

  204. This would look great in my kitchen…

  205. Oh man, I would really love to have a Tassimo! :)

  206. I would love one of these… would a Canadian winner be allowed?

  207. I’m a decaf gal too and would love to try this out!

  208. I would love one of these! Decaf for me too, please!

  209. Sounds awesome to me! Sign me up.

  210. neeeeed caffeine. usually the husb and i drink hot tea but some days i just need a little something more, you know? enter this amazing one-cub brewer. i am sold.

  211. yes, please!!

  212. I love coffee. LOVE! And I require one cup of caffeinated java to wake up every morning. The problem is, my husband travels 4 days a week. So I have to make a “pot” of coffee to get a cup of coffee. And then I have to clean the damn thing and do it again tomorrow. Argh. Oooh, baby, do I want this nifty machine!

  213. I would love to get this for my hubby!!!

  214. you had me at “no clean up”!

  215. so perfect for the cold weather!

  216. I love my Keurig but I think I could be persuaded to cheat on it with a frothy Tassimo latte!

  217. ooohhh – a latte sounds so good!

  218. Oooh, sign me up – I’d love to see how this compares to my Keurig!
    Cupboard Love recently posted…Liar Liar

  219. Dude. I’ve been weighing the costs of buying a K-cup vs. throwing away up to 2 cups of coffee every morning. This sure would make things simpler!

  220. mmmm.. yes please! I love caffeine in all forms :)

  221. Yes, I am also in love. Yum.

  222. Oooh oooh oooh. I asked for one for Christmas (but I don’t think it’s going to happen). I visited a friend who had this, and I fell in love with this machine. I honestly had 3 cups of coffee (I usually only drink one) just because of this machine!

  223. Am I totally too late? I probably am… Boo.
    Regardless, I would pretty much donate my kidney to science for one of these puppies!! The specialty drink option is what puts me over the top!! love good coffee at home… love it.

  224. Kendra Moore says:

    I would really love to give this to my mom. She deserves it.

  225. Awesome! I am dying for one of those.

  226. I think its hella cool!

  227. This was on my Christmas list, but based on what’s under the tree, I won’t be getting one.

  228. I bought a Keurig for my parents this Christmas (shh! don’t tell them!) and I would love to have a similar machine!

  229. Oh, I want this! Love the single serving and no clean up.

  230. Such a great idea, our mornings would greatly benefit from one of these!

  231. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Much less coffee waste, and I wouldn’t have to make an entirely new pot for myself. Because we can’t seem to figure out how to make a small pot that actually tastes good.

  232. I would love one of these! With a 3 month old that doesn’t sleep through the night I could definitely use an afternoon pick me up!

  233. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  234. Yes, oh, yes! My husband doesn’t like coffee, and I am a one cup kind of girl, and even then it’s only a couple times a week. So I’ve never even bothered to buy a coffeemaker because it’s not worth it to have to clean up.

  235. I would win some serious wife points if i had this little baby in my hands for my husband. awesome giveaway!!

  236. Oh. I would totally dig this machine. It would make my mornings a little brighter!

  237. Melanie Dunham says:

    Pod coffee rocks! PS, you can get Gevlia pods in decaf, I think…

  238. We are having a baby in Feb. This thing will probably save our lives!

  239. Oooh, looks nice for my morning coffee!

  240. That looks like a great present for my parents, as they’re similarly split in terms of coffee-drinking styles (not to imply that you’re my parents’ age at all!), and it’s something they’d never buy for themselves but would love if they had it.

  241. I am a latte drinker and my husband is just a regular cup of joe kinda guy … this would work perfectly in our kitchen! Thanks & Merry Christmas!