Updates – Melissa


I’ve got a few updates that I will be posting over the next week. Hooray!

Remember Melissa?

Melissa told us, “I have had it short and long and everywhere in between, both straight and curly. I love my hair chin length or shorter (and so does my husband and everyone who knows me!), but I always end up growing it out so I can pull it back in a ponytail!”

I presented two options and the results were super close, but Option #2 won by a small margin.

However, it seems Melissa wanted to try the longer hair thing before making the commitment.

It grew and grew AND GREW, and well, it was okaaay. Melissa is so cute that I don’t think she could ever look bad, but check out this choppy chop!

Shiny, healthy and truly lovely! I know the grass always seems greener, but you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. The chin length bob looks fantastic on Melissa, don’t you agree?



  1. Does anyone else think she looks like Coco from Flight of the Conchords?

  2. What a beautiful girl. Her face is in such perfect proportion and her coloring is just lovely. She’d look fantastic bald, honestly, but I do love the new chin-length bob.

  3. Looks GREAT chin length

  4. With a face like hers she could pull off even shorter- it looks super cute!

  5. Love it! Looks so healthy and has motion. Great transformation!

  6. adorable!

  7. She of course looks fabulous! I agree, she could go much shorter with her face and TOTALLY pull it off!

  8. She totally looks like CoCo (“You’re so hot you’re making me sexist. . .b*tch”).

  9. It looks great.

  10. Yes, fantastic! Really draws attention to her cute face! :)