Santa Fe (And Get Yourself Some Boots!)


Howdy, folks! I forgot to ask last week…how was your Thanksgiving? We spent ours in Santa Fe with my family, and it was a perfectly festive break from our not so Christmas-y Southern California weather. We left on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and DROVE to Santa Fe because, well, we are obviously insane. However, the trip out there was surprisingly calm. I’m thinking our decision to present Wito with a shiny new family iPad (that I had painstakingly filled up with crazy fun apps and his favorite movies the night before) minutes before we embarked on the trip MIGHT have been a factor in the overall road trip happiness.

Now, the road trip back was another story. 5-year molars, snowstorms, 103-degree fevers…do I need to elaborate? No? Okie dokie.

Actually, I do think I will elaborate a teensy bit. We’ve been home for a week now and both kids are still sick. Three trips to the doctor, pink eye, a double ear infection, projectile vomiting and multiple rounds of aggressive hives later, I would like to say one thing to Santa Fe. WHAT THE SAM HELL IS UP WITH YOUR CRAZY MOUNTAIN VIRUSES?

Anyhoo! Santa Fe! Please to enjoy The Festive Festivities!

The Plaza Lighting Ceremony!

The crew. (They’re like The Outsiders – Preppy Version!)

A couple of turkeys…

And a baby doll.

Most importantly, I think Riley may have met his match in the suspicion department.

Now, if you haven’t visited Santa Fe before, cowboy boots are kind of a must.

Personally, Santa Fe or not, I think EVERYONE should own a pair of cowboy boots. Aren’t these Ariat boots gorgeous? I’ve been quite fond of them lately. My good friends at Langstons sent them my way a couple months ago and they have quickly become tops in my cowboy boot repertoire. I think you should have a pair too. So! Leave a comment on this post before Thursday, December 9th at 6pm PST and you’ll be entered to win one pair of Ariat boots from Langstons! I am loving my vintage caramel color, but if it’s not your cup of tea, you can choose any pair of Ariats you’d like. Check out all of the styles here.

Additionally, Langstons is offering 20% off all orders over $100 with the coupon code whoorl until December 12th. (And because I can not keep myself from looking at precious kiddie shoes, have you seen these and these? GAAAHHH SO CUTE.)

Yippee Ki Yay!!



  1. You know, I have a pair of Frye Harness 12s, and being in New England, many people mistake them for cowboy boots. It would be cool to have the real thing to show them what they *really* look like. :)
    Kris recently posted…How Much Butter Can Be in a Croissant David Lebovitz

  2. I have always wanted a pair of cowboy boots, but have just been too scared to go and buy them, I might have to now!

  3. I love the way cowboy boots look. I would love to have a pair of Ariats.

  4. Love the boots! I am in Indiana and cowboy boots are pretty common here and not in a “these are fashionable” way! That is how I would wear them though!

  5. I have just been considering buying a pair of cowboy boots — these would be great!

  6. Cowboy boots are EXACTLY what this dyed-in-the-East-Coast-wool girl needs.

    And my much-cooler-than-me friend, who has dark red cowboy boots that I covet, is tired of hearing me want cowboy boots. She’d rather endure me showing them off. :)

  7. Christina says:

    What a gorgeous family!

    I love the boots and have been considering a pair lately. Happy Holidays!

  8. Those are GORGEOUS! And I desperately need a pair of cowboy boots!

  9. Oooh, me likey. I would loooove some cowboy boots!

  10. Heather from NC says:

    Ariat makes the most comfortable cowboy boots out there! I would love to have a brand new pair.

  11. Now THESE are some beautiful kicks!

  12. Oh! I live in Kansas and I think that I might get kicked out of the state soon if I don’t procure some cowboy boots! I Love the Legends Distressed Brown pair.

    We’ve been sick the past week at our house, so I’ll send some healthy thoughts your way!

  13. I’ve been wanting cowboy boots for years, but here in the Northeast, they’re sort of hard to come by. (I spose I could have, you know, ordered them online, but hey, I’m not that clever!)

  14. aDORable!! I mean the boots AND the pics of the kids and family.

  15. beckie s. says:

    first off, your family is so adorable! second, those boots were made to live in my closet and on my feet!

  16. LOVE your boots! They are gorgeous. Count me in!!

  17. I have not had a pair of cowboy boots since I was 5 I think. I believe it is time to get a new pair!
    Heather Pez Kinsman recently posted…LJ &amp Justin

  18. I’ve always wanted a pair a cowboy boots and those are great!

  19. I’ve NEVER owned a pair of cowboy boots. Time to fix that.

  20. I love cowboy boots! Especially those :)

  21. Susie Sunshine says:

    I really like the boots, but I like the cute babies more!!

  22. yippee ki-aye those are fantastic! even better with the matte grey tights. fingers crossed!

  23. Christy M says:

    I like the boots, they are almost as cute as the kidlets!! Love Wito’s (absence of) front teeth!

  24. I’ve always wanted a pair of cowboy boots!

  25. Oh I love cowboy boots. i have 2 pair of black ones, I’d love to get another color.

  26. after 4 years in texas, my sister is a life-long cowboy boot convert and has been telling me for ages i need a pair of my own!
    Alice recently posted…to be fair- we dont KNOW he wasnt a poodle herder

  27. Those are some beautiful boots – I would love a pair of my own.

  28. Yes, yes, yes to cowboy boots being oh-so-Santa Fe! I was there in October on my honeymoon and I highly regretted my decision to not buy a pair.

  29. Ooooh! I would LOVE a pair of Ariat boots! I’ve been coveting a good pair of cowboy boots since an unfortunate family incident wherein a pair of vintage red (red!) cowboy boots was found while setting up for an estate sale. Ownership of said boots was hotly debated, and though they fit me and I promised to love them , they ended up going home with another family member, who intended to box them away in her children’s dress-up play trunk. And I cried.
    So, yes. Pick me, oh random generator!
    ellbee recently posted…Kiss the Cook- Fer Cryin’ Out Loud

  30. Boo to sick kiddos, but yea to fabulous boots!

  31. Your kids are too cute. And the curls on (assuming here) Wito/a’s cousin are awe-inspiring.

    YAY for free boots, BOO to sick kids.

  32. Have been wanting some new boots so badly but they’re not in the budget!

  33. Those boots are awesome!

  34. AppleTree says:

    I’m trying, sometimes in vain, to establish my style. I think boots are the next step.

  35. I love Santa Fe – I’ve never been for Christmas lights, tho. Those boots are great – thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Dragonfly says:

    Love the boots! Don’t love the sickness in the babies.

  37. GORGEOUS boots. Reminds me that I have an ancient pair that need repairing….

  38. Cowboy boots ARE a must and those ones are gorgeous

  39. Oh! I have been staring at these and not so subtly suggesting they would make a great Christmas present from my hubby! I LOVE the caramel color!!!

  40. Gorgeous boots! Would love to add a pair to my shoe collection.

  41. Yes please! I’ve been wanting some cowboy boots!

  42. Do these make your feet hot? I mean, I’m in either way, obvs.
    cck recently posted…so- we need a little christmas

  43. Oooh those are gorgeous cowboy boots! Perfect for a chick living in Texas.

  44. My husband and I drove from St. Louis to Santa Fe the day after Christmas last year. (remember the snow storm in Oklahoma? yeah.) And I was bummed that the famous boot store was closed while we were there. So these might make up for it.

  45. Those boots are GORGEOUS! Being from Texas and all, I think it’s probably blasphemy that I don’t own a pair of proper cowboy boots. If I won a pair they’d probably let me back in.

  46. Fab give-a-way!! I’d love to be rocking some cowboy boots!!
    Meghan recently posted…One Word

  47. Cowboy boots FTW!

  48. What luscious boots!

  49. I need some boots! I live in Utah and I could wear them year round!
    Barb @ getupandplay recently posted…Thanksgiving 2010

  50. ooh, I love these!!!

  51. Oh I love Ariat boots. They are the best kicks around. I covet those…
    Redneck Mommy recently posted…A Guide to All Things Etsy

  52. I might die attempting to choose a pair, but I’d love the challenge. Pick me, Random Number Generator!

  53. Terrific boots!

  54. Looks like a great trip! Your are bringing this Texas girl out of hiding. Rodeo season is just around the corner…..

  55. i’ve been dying to get a new cowboy boots. my last pair were worn to the ground (even after several resoles) a million years ago and my boot budget is approximately $0. thanks!

  56. Awesome boots! I love them all but the Ariat® Women’s Rodeobaby Square Toe Boots – Cognac Emboss/Chocolate caught my eye. They look so fun!

  57. Kendra Moore says:

    Awesome boots! I could use a pair in Kentucky!

  58. Cowboy boots have been on my list for years!

  59. Them boots sure are purdy.

  60. I love cowboy boots! So easy to throw on for everyday wear. And comfy, too!

    My Thanksgiving was spent with the new BF’s family, followed by a pretty perfect trip to NYC. I’d be curious to check out Sante Fe sometime, so good to hear you enjoyed it!

    I hope you’re sickness-free soon! Sounds awful.

    p.s. Wearing that great black suit you sold me and loving it. :)

    Also, Wita is just gorgeous! Such cute kids.

  61. MrsBagley says:

    I *love* Langston’s and Ariats! Great giveaway!

  62. I want a pair!!!!

  63. Who knew there were so many choices for Cowboy boots (or if you’re my daughter – “C-eye-boy boots”)
    Ashley recently posted…Let me tell you

  64. My 2 year old daughter has an adorable pair of red cowboy boots and I don’t have any! I think I need some. I also love the red and white striped hat on your daughter. Where did you get it??

  65. I hope the crazy Sante Fe virus leaves your household very soon!! And I hope the lovely boots join my household very soon! ;)

  66. Your family and those boots are just gorgeous! Happy holidays!

  67. Santa Fe is one of my very, very, very favorite cities in the world. Super jealous of your trip and your boots!
    Gretchen Alice recently posted…Slip A Sable Under The Tree

  68. Super cute boots!

  69. Elizabeth says:

    I love those boots! Gorgeous!

  70. I’ve had my eye on some cute boots – and winter would be the perfect time to take the plunge!

  71. Mmmm, I love the pomegranate ones….super cute!
    Rosie recently posted…July 24- 2010

  72. I’m wearing my vintage cowboy boots right now, because Monday is so much better with some kick-ass bootage on your tootsies. Great giveaway!
    Rachel recently posted…Stuff nonsense

  73. As a Texan without a pair of boots that fit, I would thank the Christmas gods for these.

  74. I have always wanted to go to Santa Fe! My mom and her sisters have gone several times during Indian market and it sounds like so much fun. The boots are just lovely, and I would enjoy a pair just like yours.

  75. I would love a pair of nice cowboy boots! Although my husband will laugh at me because I forced him to get rid of his when we were dating…but 9 years ago…cowboy boots were of a different style that I wasn’t digging.

  76. Stephanie M says:

    Awesome boots!

  77. Sorry to hear about all of the sickness, but my lord what cute kids you have! My old cowboy boots are *the* most comfortable shoes I own. Would love a new pair!

  78. I’ve been dying to have a pair of cowboy boots for a while now and oh my are those some beautiful boots!!

  79. I would love to have these boots!
    Laurin recently posted…Momentum

  80. Oh those are gorgeous! I’d love to wear a pair just like yours.

  81. mmmmmm….boots….

  82. Emily Kitchen says:

    Oh man. I would love a pair of boots. I tried to get myself some in Arizona when I went. However, the trip was for work and I didn’t have enough time. Boo! I

    hope the kids feel better soon!

  83. These are great! I love a nice pair of cowboy boots! ;)

  84. Hooray for boots! Also, does Wita’s hat come in adult sizes?

  85. These would be perfect for my trips to TX and for when it rains here in SoCal. Fingers crossed.

  86. I’ll just say my hubby would LOVE these on me.

  87. Those cowboy boots are adorable I would love to own my first pair.

  88. Yeeehaw! I bet I could even ride reindeer with these boots on. ‘Tis the season, after all.

  89. Gorgeous boots! Looks like a great family holiday.

  90. I love Santa Fe! What a fun trip! :)

  91. I’m heading to Santa Fe next June – would love to fit in with some cowboy boots!

  92. Love the boots! As an AZ resident I think I’m required to have cowboy boots.

  93. Yes! Cute boots! Really, really great boots. But that picture of Wita in her red and white cap? OMG. And her eyes? Oh she’s just gorgeous. Makes me wanna go grab my baby and just squeeze her chubby little cheeks!!!! Seriously – she is just beyond adorable -esp in that pic!

  94. Yay! boots. My favorite, I think, is the Russet Rebel.

    I also love that one of their boots is named “Tombstone.”

    I’m your huckleberry.
    Kerri Anne recently posted…You Should Watch This- 127 Hours

  95. I have wanted cowboy boots since I was 4 years old. SERIOUSLY.

  96. Ahhhh I love those boots! As a Southern girl, I sadly only bought my first pair of boots on a trip to Texas three years ago–and they are the #1 staple in my wardrobe. I clearly need a second pair to mix things up! =)
    Camels & Chocolate recently posted…Photo Friday- Hong Kong

  97. Ooooh, those boots are GORGEOUS. I looked at some Ariats while I was in Montana a few months ago, but THEY DIDN’T HAVE MY SIZE in the ones I liked best. It was a cruel, cruel day I tell you.
    Nothing But Bonfires recently posted…Escape To The Redwoods

  98. pick me!!!! Please!

  99. Wita is getting cuter every day! I love the suspicious look. And the boots are awesome, too!

  100. Those are some cute kiddos and those are some awesome boots!

  101. Oh, I’ve been wanting a pair of those boots for so long!

  102. I dream of purple cowboy boots!

  103. I’ve always, always wanted a pair of cowboy boots, and also a pair of fancyish boots to wear to work. In celebration of my upcoming 35th birthday I went out last weekend and bought my very first pair of boots!! And then I proceeded to live in them the next three days straight. LOL I would LOVE a pair of Ariat’s!

  104. Loving the boots!

  105. Jenny Lewis says:

    Those boots will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine…

  106. I would love a pair of these! :-) So cute!

  107. Oh, how I would love a pair of these!!! (Sorry if I managed to duplicate this comment… I hit something crazy and everything reloaded.)

  108. Those are some sexxy boots.
    Christy recently posted…A small glimps of Lily talking

  109. We just moved to San Antonio and I seriously think you have to own some if you live here.

  110. Oh I have been CRAVING cowboy boots!!!!!

  111. Oh…I have been wanting cowboy boots forever! These are perfect!

  112. How could you pass up boots with the name brown-oiled rowdy?!?! They are gorgeous & would be the perfect place to stash a flask for tailgating!

  113. love the boots!!!!!

  114. A-DORABLE!

  115. fantastic. we sent leelee’s to mom in law down there to buy her first pair over turkey day!

  116. Love the boots! They would make a GREAT raffle item for our “Lucky Clover Classic” in March 2011

  117. Ooooh ooooh … Pretty boots! I’ve been wanting a pair.

  118. O dear! What a trip! It sounds like it was pretty amazing though! I would love to take a trip to Santa Fe (without the mishaps ;) almost as much as I’d like a new pair of ariat boots!

  119. My wife would love these!

  120. BEAUTIFUL! Good Luck to me and everyone else!!!

  121. I would give these to my sister for x-mas!

  122. I would LOVE a pair of these boots! They look like so much fun!

  123. These are so cute! Sign me up! Hooray!!

  124. Can’t have too many pairs of boots.

  125. Owning a pair of cowboy boots is on my bucket list… and.. I love these.
    Fingers crossed.

  126. Well, I sure would love to win me a fine pair of cowboy boots.

  127. You would think an Okie girl, who is just around the corner from Langston’s right now, would own a pair of cowboy boots. Alas, I do not.

  128. Owning a pair of cowboy boots is on my bucket list… and… I really like your pair.
    Fingers crossed!

  129. I have always wanted a great pair of cowboy boots!

  130. Yee-haw! Cowboy boots would be perfect!

  131. Those boots are awesome!

  132. I’d love to get a pair of cowboys boots.

  133. Ahhhhh! Making me homesick for my home state (NM represent!) and making me drool over boots in the same post? I almost can’t handle it!

  134. WOAH that would be rad to win a pair of those boots! SO worth the money, but who is going to turn down free? P.S. I am a fan of the f-word :) I hope your babies feel better!

  135. Love those boots! And as a former Texas gal, I really should own a pair myself.

  136. I could probably be arrested for not owning cowboy boots at this point in my life.

    Such a cute holiday-loving family. Pictures of my family would include at least 1 person screaming, scowling, or pouting these days.
    Julie recently posted…Clinging to the Ceiling by My Fingernails

  137. Boots!

  138. Those boots are awesome! I would love to win a pair.

  139. Cute boots! Cute family too:)
    Amanda recently posted…That’s a Wrap

  140. Love Ariat boots…..I’m a Fatbaby girl!

  141. Yours are amazing! A pair of my very own would be lovely.

  142. Oooooh, how I have been wanting a pair of boots such as these for years. Love them! Also, super cute family picture of you guys.

  143. Wow! Super cool!

  144. The boots are gorgeous. As are your children.
    Danielle recently posted…Thanksgiving 2010

  145. Pick me Pick me! :)

  146. I have never had a pair of cowboy boots. It would be awesome to have these! :)

  147. savannah Conley says:

    love these boots! love this color! and most certainly would love to have them!

  148. I’ve always wanted a pair of real cowboy boots! Or as we call for them, for unknown reasons, “Fashionable Western Footwear”.

  149. I hope I win because I am a Texas without cowboy boots and that’s just wrong…
    Haley (Cardigan Junkie) recently posted…Where are they now- Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield

  150. Hope your kids fully recover soon. This Indiana girl, currently braving the concrete jungle of Jersey City, would love to have a pair of cowboy boots to remind me of home!

  151. Wita does give Riley a run for his money in the suspicious looks race. I’d love me a pair of cowboy boots. HOT DAMN, those are nice! Also, LOVE your hair in the Pantene post!

  152. ooooh want want want want!!

  153. I grew up in Oklahoma and now live in Texas…and I have no cowboy boots. What is wrong with me? I love yours!

  154. just hear about Ariats for the first time this fall. Where I have I been?! Love Love Love the boots pictured in the blog!

  155. I almost didn’t make it to the part about the cowboy boots because of all the dying of cuteness I was doing over the pics!

  156. Would LOVE a pair of cowboy boots!! :)
    Also, beautiful fam!
    CarlaGiovanna recently posted…gothydayze

  157. Ever since I moved to the South I’ve wanted a pair!

  158. Clarabella says:

    When I was 15, I fell in love with a pair of bright green cowboy boots in the window of a boutique in Atlanta. When the sales lady begrudgingly let me try them on, I saw why; they were over $300. I have wanted a pair ever since.

  159. I’m dying for the red pair that Ariat has! :)

  160. Yay boots! I love that these are the kind of thing that will stay classic forever.
    mjb recently posted…Mini Quilt for Erin

  161. I love cowboy boots! I don’t own a pair, but have always wanted to make the leap and get a pair.

  162. My currents could be updated as I got them second hand many years ago. I’d love me a new pair. I hope this contest is open to Canadians.
    Siera recently posted…Try Not To Look So Sad

  163. Super cute cowgirl boots! I would love a pair.

  164. I hope the kiddos feel better soon. Teething sucks for everyone all around.

    My current boots could be updated as I got them second hand many years ago. I’d love me a new pair. I hope this contest is open to Canadians.
    Siera recently posted…Try Not To Look So Sad

  165. Booooots! I don’t have any yet for winter and now I’m thinking the ease of cowboy pull-on will be essential this year. (As I wrangle my 9 month old into her snow suit.)

  166. I’ve had the same pair of black boots since 7th grade. That’s, um, 18 years ago. Holy smokes! I wore plaid shirts (Seattle grunge influence) with my boots (not sure what influence that was from) back then. If I when a new pair, I would want the Vintage Caramel (and I could wear plaid shirts with them! Ha, full circle).

  167. This cowgirl is loving those boots….

    Would they go better with the red horse or the palomino pony?

  168. I’ve been stocking these Langston giveaways for a while! Fun blog!

  169. I NEED new boots. My black vintage cowboy boots are close to death. The sole is falling off and while yes, I can get them resoled, I’d be nuts not to want a 2nd pair: )

    Oh, and in case you didn’t know, your babies are so stinkin’ cute I want to eat them both!

  170. New boots – the perfect way to warm up this stranded-in-Pennsylvania Texan’s heart this winter!

  171. Would LOVE a pair of cowboy boots (to bring the inner “country” out). :)
    Torrie @ a place to share… recently posted…Holiday blur

  172. oh yes, please! Would love cowboy boots!

  173. We wish we could’ve seen you guys! My family all enjoyed seeing you and D and your cute kids though. :)

  174. Oh. I’ve been wanting a pair of cowboy boots. So cute!

  175. A contest is a perfect way to get your silent readers to comment you sly dog!

    I have been reading your blog for several years and have to say I LOVE your hair. I have some nice locks of my own but you won the lottery :)

    I grew up and live in Dallas and have never owned a pair of cowboy boots. They are just so pricey and expected for a Texan, but I would adore them.

    I can’t even remember how I stumbled on your blog years ago, but I’m sure glad I did. It has been fun to watch your beautiful family grow as you are a few years ahead of my husband and I.

  176. Oh man the chocolate chip brown ones look heavenly. I want!

  177. Cowboy boots are on my Santa-Please list this year, and these are spectacular. I still can’t decide which ones I’d pick from all those choices!

  178. Oh good heavens, I could use some sweet cowboy boots.

  179. That is some serious sickness. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  180. Oooo boots!

  181. Pick me! I love cowboy boots.

  182. Sounds like a fun family trip across the country. Glad you had fun in Santa Fe, my experience there was a lil different. But love the boot giveaway.

  183. Gorgeous!

  184. Looks like you had fun, sorry about the yuckiness!

  185. Oh how I would love a pair of cowboy boots…considering that I live in Denver…I’d wear them ALL.THE.TIME!

  186. Elizabeth L says:

    Sorry to hear about the sickness. We (and by we I mean ME) have that here too!

  187. You have THE. CUTEST. FAMILY. Period. :)

  188. Caramel. Oh yes. Coveting the caramel.

  189. I have never been brave enough to wear cowboy boots, and maybe now is my chance!

  190. Um, LOVE your turkeys. :)

  191. Nice boots! Love the color!
    Polin recently posted…Being the Man

  192. GAWD your kids are CUTE! And those boots…. yes, please!

  193. There are 5 year-old molars? I have a 4 year-old. Why was I not informed of this?! Drat.

    Also, the baby doll picture…ugh. Gorgeous. I hope you eat those cheeks everyday.

  194. I have been on the lookout for a pair of cowboy boots and I really like those. I will definitely be checking out their site.

    Also, you and the family are just all TOO adorable!
    Kate recently posted…Holiday Cheer plus a Little Bit of its Opposite

  195. Seriously? A pair of Ariats? Yipee-ki-yay, you fabulous M-Fers!! Holy moly that would rock.

  196. lindsaywillman says:

    LOVELY!! I’ve always wanted a pair of boots! They’ve been on my birthday wish list for years!
    lindsaywillman recently posted…Week 27

  197. Kelly Carlisle says:

    Those boots are so lovely. I would love to own a pair myself. I think the caramel version are lovely but red would be a lot of fun…Maybe I could get them in time to go see Loretta Lynn in style come March?

  198. Indeed you were brave driving here with those cuties! Hope you had some fun in my town.
    Would love to win those Ariat boots- would look great walking down San Francisco Street.
    santafetraveler recently posted…Great holiday gifts on the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail

  199. I love Ariat from my horseback riding days, and these boots are amazing. Here’s hoping!

  200. My fingers are super, super tightly crossed! And thanks for the great coupon code in case I don’t win!
    Pfieffer recently posted…I miss my sister!

  201. I have brown Ariat clogs, and my husband loves his two pairs of Ropers. Nice stuff. If I win, I’m getting some like his so we can be matchy-matchy. Twenty-two years of marriage and we have yet to be matchy-matchy. It could happen.

    You have some cute little people. I’m coveting Wito’s peacoat and striped shirt combo.

  202. Love the boots and would love to own some as well.

  203. I have had a bad day and was just thinking how great it would be to win something! I never win things! My husband has been unemployed for a month! Christmas! ha ha

  204. Love the vintage caramel color!

  205. I must have a pair of these in RED!!!!

  206. ok….wait, the “vintage caramel” !

  207. Have never owned a pair of cowboy boots, but think they’re cute-I like the vintage caramel!

  208. I’d love a pair, caramel please!

  209. Sweet boots!

  210. I was just telling my husband a couple days ago that I’ve been looking for some boots!

  211. YAY! I love Santa Fe! And that rhymes!
    Aimee Greeblemonkey recently posted…Anyone like some holiday music How about a Greeblecal

  212. Lindsay Prestemon says:

    I want some amazing cowboy boots!!! I’m rain boot and cold weather boot shopping right now and cowboy boots are also on the list!!

  213. Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m a bootaholic…
    verdemama recently posted…My Life All Good…

  214. YEE HAW! My cowboy boots are the most comfortable shoes I own. How fun!
    Manda recently posted…Twofer

  215. Diana Parra says:

    Pick me! Boots! :)

  216. I’m from Texas and don’t have a pair of cowboy boots. Please pick me so we can solve this travesty.
    amanda recently posted…Letting go

  217. Absolutely LOVE cowboy boots!

  218. adorable photos!
    classiq recently posted…Haute style

  219. Yee Haw! I would love those!

  220. OOOO!!!
    i would love these.
    the vinatge caramel color is fantastic.

  221. Oh, I love the Outsiders pic – too cute! Oddly, I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots. Considering that I own every other pair of shoes under the sun, I must rectify that immediately!
    Cupboard Love recently posted…All Things in Moderation

  222. Now, I may have a boot fetish. And I may have a lot of boots. But those are *pretty* boots! Want!

  223. kgray1396 says:

    Love cowboy boots! Having a barn full of horses I live in them for everything from mucking stalls to in the show ring. And they’ve saved my toes a time or two around a couple of unruly yearlings!!!

  224. Positively drooling at the thought of wearing cowboy boots in New England – yeeee hawwww!

  225. Ooh, I LOVE Ariats. I have two pairs and would love to add to my collection.

  226. I live in Austin and don’t even own one pair of cowboy boots. How sad is that??

  227. OOOOO boots! I love boots and window (internet) shop for them almost every day but (sigh) don’t usually buy. I would seriously be ecstatic to own some real live cowboy boots.

  228. Hooray! Boots! It looks like you all had a great time in Santa Fe.

  229. I Love LOVE these boots! And its probably safe to say I love all boots….a country girl can never have too many :)

  230. I need a new pair of boots… well maybe not need, but I sure do want!
    Becky recently posted…Toon Tuesday

  231. ballerinatoes says:

    Santa Fe I love. And boots, I need!

  232. I love them!

  233. wow, those are awesome boots, and I would love some!

  234. ooh- cowboy boots!

  235. Michelle Baxter says:

    Kiddos are adorable! You should do a style blog too, Whoorl…you always look so awesome!

  236. I have a pair of black Nocona boots that I love, but would la-la-love to win a pair of Ariat. Hope I’m the winner!

  237. ooh i would love to have a pair of cowboy boots!
    in fact i was just saying that i wanted a pair of cowboy boots!

  238. I’ve been looking for a great pair of cowboy boots since moving to Arizona this fall!

  239. Savannah C. says:

    They’re so cute!!

  240. This preggo mama needs some hot boots to make her feel not so dumpy. Please Santa???? Love them!

  241. I would love to win a pair of boots!!

  242. me likey!

  243. OH HELL YES. With this ever-growing belleh, all I have is shoes these days. IT’S ALL I HAVE, RANDOM DOT ORG, do you hear me?
    Home Sweet Sarah recently posted…Fly like a cheese-stick

  244. sweet! would love a pair! thx.

  245. Great photo of you and the family. Santa Fe is a great city (only been there once, but enjoyed it)
    martymankins recently posted…The Snow Is Back

  246. Heck yeah, I love Ariats!

  247. I’d love to have a pair of cowboy boots! I lived in Texas for years and always meant to get some – but moved to Wisconsin without making it happen.

  248. I’ve always been a little intimidated by cowboy boots but love the look! I’m moving to the southwest, so I best get myself a pair!

  249. umm this could totally make my christmas complete. yes please exactly what is on your cute feet in carmel please.
    thank you santa!

  250. liz kusch says:

    Isn’t it the worst thing about winter- the stinkin’ viruses…unless I’m willing to stay home all the time ( and I’m not), I just gotta grin and bare it…and buy lots of oil of oregano to rub on the soles of my two year old!!

  251. Heather Ben says:

    Me please!

  252. I’d love to get some cowboy boots. . . as long as I didn’t have to take a long road trip with two small children in order to wear them!

  253. Would love a pair of boots! And … whoorlita is PRECIOUS!
    Vanessa recently posted…You think they’re cute- don’t you

  254. I’d like some boots please. Merry Christmas to me!

  255. I’d LOVE a pair like the ones you have, so adorable!

  256. Those boots are gorgeous. GOR. GEOUS. They look like the same color as my favorite boots ever, which I owned when I was in third grade. I think it is only fitting that I should have at least one pair of shoes in my closet that make me as happy as a pair of shoes did when I was 9. I must remedy that!
    fairydogmother recently posted…Deliciousness

  257. Those boots are delicious. Butterscotchy delicious. I think I need my own pair!

  258. Yay, boots!!

  259. Great boots!

  260. sadie clifford says:

    love them! pick me!

  261. Your family is beautiful! Love Wito’s pants in the Outsiders pic. Also LOVE the boots!!!!

  262. Santa Whoorl,
    May I please have a pair of these boots?

  263. Love the boots!

  264. I’ve lived in Texas four years and still don’t own boots! Fingers crossed

  265. Ohhh I love me some cowboy boots. I have some fancy shiny pointy-toed ones, but I would love to have some that are a little more everyday appropriate. Living in Nashville pretty much demands it.
    brandi recently posted…Good Things in November

  266. Boooots! Yes, please.
    Nancy R recently posted…Back- But Not Really Refreshed

  267. I’ve never been able to afford a pair of NEW cowboy boots, so, yeah, a pair right in time for the holidays would be awesome!

    And before there are ew’s – yes, it’s gross to wear used shoes… but one overlooks it living on a student’s budget. And bleach is cheap!

  268. randy saunders says:

    Nice boots! I am a grandpa who wears boots year round, but mine are worn out and I desperately need a new pair! I’ve been good Santa, Honest!

  269. we had 4 kids with croup on thanksgiving. we were quarantined to our house while 19 other family members enjoyed each others company. the kids were pretty sad. but at least I didn’t have to drive. sorry that you did.

    those boots look adorable on you! I’m convinced my size 10 feet would look like boats in cowgirl boots. only one way to find out. and since tomorrow’s my birthday, maybe the birthday fairies at will pick me.

  270. I don’t own a pair of cowboy boots…yet…but whoa, they could really spice up my boring wardrobe.

  271. I’ve been wanting a pair of cowboy boots for a looong time. Adorable!

  272. Those boots look so ssooofffftttt!


  273. This Okie would love some new boots! I hope you pick me!

  274. It’s my birthday. Maybe I’ll be lucky ..

  275. Oh those boots are too cute! I’d love a pair… It’d be something to wear instead of raggdy old tennis shoes… Pick me! :)

  276. Beautiful babies and beautiful boots! I’d love to win a pair (of the boots that is).

  277. I grew up in Texas but never took the plunge for the perfect boots. Now that I’ve moved far away from home, I’m craving a little cowboy boot lovin’ to jazz up life on the East Coast :)

  278. Always wanted a pair of cowboy boots! And these are CUTE!

  279. these are fabulous!
    paula recently posted…The Long or Short of It

  280. I could definitely use a cute pair of boots

  281. looove looove looove these boots!

  282. Great family picture!
    Would love a new pair of cowboy boots!

  283. I’m a total Frye girl, but would love to try a pair of Ariat’s, as I’ve heard lots of good things!

  284. I am a true Frye boot kinda of gal but open to change!

  285. Wita truly is a baby doll. She’s beautiful.

    I’ve lived in the Southwest my whole life and don’t own a pair of cowboy boots. What’s up with that?

  286. appropriate footwear for Israel? doesn’t matter, I’d wear them anyway
    Sarah recently posted…If you are in Istanbul next week…

  287. Cowboy boots, thick tights and winter socks. Yes, please!

  288. heather morris says:

    So off topic from boot’s, but I just have to say I love the picture of your little doll in the red and white hat. Great photo and adorable baby!

  289. Ooooh, driving to NM on a road trip is on our bucket list. And is there anything cuter than a cute baby in a hat like that.
    I haven’t had cowboy boots since I was a kid.
    Michele Renee recently posted…Thanksgiving Travels

  290. Very lovely boots!

  291. Great boots!

  292. Would love to have these awesome boots!

  293. I’ve wanted sassy cowboy boots since I was a child! Those are FABULOUS!

  294. I need those boots!

  295. Would definitely wear these walking around Chicago!!

  296. Whoah! Beautiful boots. I almost wrote boats. I don’t know why boats came to mind because cowboy boots and boats don’t usually go together. I used to work on a boat but now I am on land and boots are something I cannot get enough of. I think I want a pair of those!
    Gillian recently posted…SALTS

  297. Lacey Cutchall-Soto says:

    EVERY girl needs a pair of cowboy boots and Ariat’s are the best !!!

  298. I live in Texas without cowboy boots! Please help!

  299. I’ve never had cowboy boots before, but I would love a pair!

  300. Yes, please!

  301. BOOTS!!!! Please pick me. I am desperately seeking boots.

  302. I would LOVE these

  303. This would be fantastic!!