Thanks to the majority of y’all, I got me some baaaaangs last night.


Lord, I’m a sucker for bangs and ponytails, but the best part was yet to come.


I even like it the following day, all slept-on and such! (With some minor touch-ups, of course.)

Enough about hair, people.

Um, right. WHO AM I KIDDING? It’s becoming hair central over here.

Here’s the deal – Hair Thursdays will start next week! Each Thursday will include 2 participants, and so far, we have enough volunteers to last through the rest of 2007! However, by all means, keep the emails coming!

(And this is the part where I wonder what the hell I’ve gotten myself into…I mean, I’m not a hair professional, I just play one on the internet…oh shit, what if I suck and everyone hates my guts and tells me I’m a fraud and I pick the wrong hairstyle…ohmygodhyperventilating where’sapaperbag.)



  1. Ponytail bangs is my fave! Rock ON.

  2. Miguelina says:

    Confession: I voted against the bangs. I now see the error of my ways.

    And, 2 volunteers a week through 2007? WOW.

  3. Oh my hell, you are cute! Love the bangs!

  4. I love it. Congrats!

  5. Woohooo! They look great! I need to get mine touched up since I resorted to doing it myself (see here: ) My hair guy is in Houston, so I always have to plan way ahead… oy.

  6. Me too, I like the ponytail bangs.

    Good choice!

    (Psst! It was nice to catch up with you last Saturday. Paige is still cooing about Anders :)

  7. You’re lookin’ HOT! HOT HOT HOT!

  8. Well, damn! HOTT!

  9. It’s gorgeous!

  10. Mediocre Housewife says:

    Fantastic! They look great. And here I though that my sideswept bangs were getting somewhat old. Maybe I’m still in style? (accidentally or not). I’m still looking forward to some advice, though, I think I need it! :)

  11. Total fabulosity, those bangs.

    I looooooooooooooooove my hair guy, a hair architect, I call him. So maybe you can consult with him if you’re feeling like you need a professional to validate your hair advice.

  12. After seeing your pictures I now vow to never remove my baseball cap ever again. Your hair puts mine to shame.

  13. You look great! The majority rules! :-)

  14. They look fabulous! I have been having some bangs-related angst lately; I can’t get them to stay all swooped across my forehead. Maybe I should wait until you have had yours for a bit and then submit my own bangs to your hair expertise some Thursday in the future… I mean, yours even look great slept on!

  15. “She Bangs, She Bangs” The bangs turned out great!

  16. Even though I voted no to the bangs, I stand corrected! But you’d look great either way! Your hair stylist is a GOD. Not that you need a God hair stylist to make you look good….oh shut up.

  17. Ooh! I love them. And you’re right, ponytail bangs – love ’em! I think I need bangs now…

  18. I have bang envy…you look smokin’!

  19. I’m glad you got banged. Looks hot.

  20. Very cute, and I voted no! The ponytail is especially fun, although having that extra shit on my face with my hair in a ponytail would drive me crazy. My hair’s too curly for bangs anyways. :-(

  21. Yay bangs!!!!! You look great!

  22. Personally, I think you look better in the slept-in hair photo than in the just-from-the-salon photo. Very nice ‘do.

  23. I love them! They’re so cute! I’ve tried requesting bangs a few times, but they always ended up as side-swept layers that were too gradual, didn’t work right. They looked good for about a week or so usually.

    I can’t wait to receive my Hair Thursday prescription! :-)

  24. DAMN. Girl. You look hot!!

  25. What is the secret to getting bangs to stay side-swept?

    A cowlick on one side. :)

  26. Gorgeous!

  27. You bang, like Ricky Martin. Tre Chic.

  28. Oh so jealous! That’s what I went in asking for a few weeks ago. That is so not what I came out having. Gorgeous!

  29. Wow those are gorgeous bangs. What does D think about them? I so wish I had me some o your thick and gorgeous hair, but I must remain happy with what I have. Who know maybe after a few of your Hair Thursday’s I’ll submit my hair woes too.

  30. Gorgeous! Love them! Don’t they make the ponytail EVEN BETTER? YES! Love! Them!

  31. I don’t think I’ve ever SEEN hair that shiny. Love the bangs! And the large cranium.

  32. Wow! I actually don’t think it is possible for you to have a bad hair day.

    Those bangs are fine and the shiny straightness just plain gives me hair envy. I think your peeps made an excellent choice on the bang voting…

    Wait, that sounded a bit funny.. bang voting….

    Ok. I’ll stop.

    Your hair. It looks fantatico.

  33. Wow!!!

    The bangs look great!

    I especially like it when it’s in a ponytail!

    I’ve always liked the whole ponytail / bangs thing; it emanates effortless chic.

    I’m SO excited to see all the transformations you’re going to facilitate!


    It works.

    Anyways, keep up the good looks!

  34. You lead by example. Very, very nicely done, is what I say to your stylist. Hats off.

  35. Hotness! Now I need a video topic. Help! NOT HAIR! I haven’t washed it today and I’m all skanky.

  36. You have such pretty hair, but you are so cute that you could majorly screw up your hair and you would STILL be attractive.

  37. Gawd, how I *wish* my hair could look like that. Anything past my shoulders and splits off into eensy splinters.

  38. Alexis? Is that you?

    The bangs look really great. And I am definitely entering Hair Thursdays as soon as I get back from a trip to the wilds of Alaska–which will likely make me think I have good hair but will be a falsehood of course.

    I’ve had the same hair since high school. That fact alone should get me locked up in the Hair Hall of Shame.

    Plus, the wonders you did for Holly. I have to work next to that hotness every day! You have to share the love, Whoorl!

  39. Pretty, Pretty!

  40. the slept in look is great!
    isn’t it fun to know your bed head look is awesome?!
    also with the banged pony tail you will look cuter when you run (i.e bang ponytail is cuter then regular ol no banged pull back)

    I am curious to see how the bangs work with your waves. Photo session!

  41. The bangs are AWESOME! I’m so sorry for my previous comment about saying no to bangs. Visions of my own limp lifeless thin bangs intervened in my vote. By the way, can I be one of your hair makeover “subjects”?

  42. You look great! I’m bookmarking this post for when/if I get bangs, because this is what I’d want mine to look like. Congrats, headbanger!

  43. Gorgeous!!

  44. woooooo u look b-u-ti-full…

  45. That is the ponytail of my dreams. I’m not even kidding.

    I only wish I could have bangs like that, and sweep my hair into a messy-yet-distinguished ponytail. Love it!

  46. Natalie 42 says:

    Love it! You’re completely rockin those bangs.

  47. Love them.

  48. stacy kathryn says:

    I LOVE the bangs on you. I wish my bangs looked that good!

  49. Filtering Life says:

    Subtle, but hot! Good move. You went against the grain of new moms that chop their hair off and resolve themselves to be frumpy. You took it up a notch the other way. I love how they are graduated on the side. I need to get some photos to you of my straight and curly look because I am OVER my hair. I have basically had the same style for 10 years, just varying levels of layers and different hair colors. I need a 100% overhaul.

  50. you look gorgeous! not that you didn’t look great before.
    you make people want to have bangs…

  51. Super pretty! I love the next-day photo, after your hair’s been de-poufed a bit. (Mousse frightens and confuses me.)

    I think you’ve inspired me to try bangs again!

  52. Those of you who possess foreheads, take a note: THAT is what bangs are meant to look like. I’d looove to be a Hair Suggestion person!

  53. I voted no and I regret my vote! You look great!

  54. Christine says:

    Good Lord! You are gorgeous – LOVE LOVE LOVE the bangs! Totally rockin’ and hot (you and your hair…)

    Great choice!

  55. You are so pretty that you could just shave your head and look beautiful.

  56. Oh, you look just gorgeous! And I’m excited to see you work your magic on others.

  57. I love the new bang look. I’m now wondering if I should go back to bangs. It’s been over a decade.

  58. I have to ask, does it ever weird you out that so many people tell you how beautiful you are, like on a constant basis? Don’t get me wrong, you are gorgeous darling, but really the adoration you (consistently) get is dizzying!

    (And I mean this in the nicest possible way) :)

  59. Just updating my link info. I changed it awhile back…

  60. you may have encouraged me to get bangs again next week, ’cause yours look FABULOUS.

  61. Wow, your hair looks AMAZING, especially the ponytail. Makes me wish my hair wasn’t so short!

  62. Beauteous.

  63. The bangs are adorable! I am very jealous of the long hair/bangs combo. But mine is growing…

  64. I love it! It even looks better after sleeping on it! You can totally rock the bangs!!! Does that make you a bangsta!? haha…


  66. Love the bangs! I think you’ve inspired me to give them a try. I’ve always been scared of the “can’t keep them out of my eyes” epidemic that usually follows getting bangs.
    I found your blog via Friday Playdate and then while perusing your blog realized that we’re both from Oklahoma. Then I found Caroline and Little Miss Mel. And I even remember when you had your baby because it was right around the time I had my little girl. So there…nice to meet ya fellow Okie! Amazing what a small world the internet can be sometimes.
    Love your blog!

  67. looks fab!

  68. hey there, love the hair, can you show me a pic of where your cowlick actually is? three years ago, is about when i cut bangs and becasue i have two cowlicks, it never looked good. i think your cowlick is farther over than mine, so that might be why yours works. what did your hair look like before. i just grew mine out completely from that horrible do, now its all one lenghth and i want to hide my larger forhead and i found your shots. do you have bangs on the other side too? doesnt your colick dictate the direction they go? sorry for all the questions. i have an apt on tues and i really want to know what im going to do! how much of the rest of your hair is layered?? thanks!!! it really looks good.

  69. This is what happens when I got on vacation…I MISS OUT ON HAIR TALK!!

    I’m happy to be back and be catching up on this.

    (And also, LOVE your bangs.)

  70. So are you still loving your bangs? I am considering getting some to camo my huge forehead. my husband is anti-bang though. you look great!