What’s In My Bag



Have you checked this out on Flickr?

You can really tell who has tendencies towards OCD (not ME, of course).



  1. you pack light. it would take a couple of pics to capture all that i shove into my big tote of a purse. :)

  2. you pack light! it would take a couple of pictures to capture the volume of crap i carry around in my big tote/purse. :)

  3. um, i guess i hit post twice? hee hee. i really wanted to make that point! ;) oopsy.

  4. Wow, your purse is much neater than mine. My husband jokes that he’s afraid to go into my purse because something may bite him from it’s large black depths.

  5. nice composition

  6. That’s the least amount of stuff I’ve ever seen in a woman’s purse of bad. They’re usually filled with junk from three years ago, sometimes even with old bras.

  7. I’m all sorts of streamlined, Neil.

  8. I love those sunglasses…the brand is Dita, style is called Lotus.

  9. undercover celebrity says:

    You may be my soulmate. Your purse contents are a vision of organization and a clutter-free life. LOVE IT!

    And, on a side note, what can you tell me about those sunglasses? I am on a constant journey to find the perfect pair — I have a weird fixation with where they hit my face in relation to my eyebrows… and the slightly-round, though inspired by a rectangle-shape looks like it may be just perfect.

    (no, I am not seeking professional help for my sunglass selection OCD)

  10. Jurgen Nation says:

    Ooooh…you have great taste in makeup. :)

  11. Whats in those other little bags, the pink and blueish green one? I think you should empty those out too, as well as the Trident pack – I want to know how many pieces of gum you have left and in what order you popped them out of the wrapper. :P

  12. The blue case is my palm pilot- I don’t know why I haven’t transferred all the data to my Nokia smart phone so I don’t have to carry both around. Oh yeah, I know. Because I am LAZY.

    Pink is my wallet- lots of receipts, credit cards, blah, blah, blah. (Although, the inside of the wallet is the best grass green color evah!)

    As for the Trident, I work from both sides inward. :P

  13. wow, i wish i was that neat and organized in my purse!

    omg. i need to do this one. however, i am scared to actually look at everything in my purse. it is like a hurricane in there!