Wordless Wednesday (Except With Words. On Thursday.)


I survived the hottest day in Southern California history. AT DISNEYLAND.

Wita turned 3 months old this week. She is truly the sweetest, most mellow baby ever.

Wito is totally going to rock skinny/straight jeans this Fall. (From H&M, yo!)



  1. I do believe that the hottest day in Virginia’s history was the day I was at Busch Gardens. Which means that the best shower I ever took was that very night.

  2. your children are so beautiful, I can’t even handle it!
    Laura recently posted…Fall 2010 headband trends

  3. side note: I’m pretty sure I’m going to rock the same outfit as wito this weekend!
    Laura recently posted…Fall 2010 headband trends

  4. Oh my word. Wito. There are no words.
    Kaleigha recently posted…A lot of Moxie

  5. Wito and I could have been twins last weekend! I wore a very similar outfit.

  6. Just seeing Wita reminds me of when Hola was that age. Both kids, everything so new, so fun, (SO TIRING.) Brings such a smile to my face.

    Enjoy my sweet lady! It’s the BEST ever. And Wita is just lovely. And Wito could do no wrong. (right? right?)

  7. dreamy right? uhmm i might have to break down and put habbibi in jeans this year and tell d i love the feltman bros outfit.

  8. When I saw your Disneyland tweet the other day I almost called 911 to pick you up!! Girl you brave!!

    I love Wito in his skinnies…he’s so B.A. and adorable and, well, Wita – she is such a beauty. A couple of little heartbreakers you have there, my dear.

    Carrie recently posted…Transition Inspiration- Isabel Marant RTW Fall 2010

  9. Your kids are adorble! And I don’t know how anyone is surviving in Southern California at the moment.
    Siera recently posted…Tired


    And I don’t even want babies.

    This is powerful stuff dude.

    And shit, I just became the creep on the internet.
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  11. happy 3 months little lady!

    and mama, are you never going to give us a birth story??
    jora recently posted…When Life Gets You Down- Try Some Panzanella

  12. Oh my! Your babies are GORGEOUS! Great photos of both your boy and your girl.
    I remember you once wrote a post about going to Kauai, well I’m there right this very minute. Any suggestions on where to dine sans babies?
    Mama in the City recently posted…Dinner and a Movie

  13. Seriously, you have the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen.

  14. Disneyland in 120 temps?? You are certifiable! I would have gone to the movies instead. Maybe we should give you a medal. ;-)

  15. Ah, those children are beautiful. But you knew that already.

    Also, when shall I come to see you again? It’s been far too long, my dear.

  16. wito is SO hip. wita looks so mellow in this photo. and thoughtful. gah. so cute the two of them.
    kat recently posted…things i love thursday

  17. i love the skinny jeans. and whats more i love h&m kids clothes. and forever 21–have you seen those beauts yet?
    bridget recently posted…guest post- travel the world

  18. Wito looks like a young Jared Leto in that outfit.
    martymankins recently posted…Scooter Sunday – Season 2 Ep 03

  19. Holy balls – Disneyland at 120 degrees?? We’ve been when it was over 100 – the line for that Grizzly River Rapids ride was REALLY long! Your kids are too cute – Wito looks like a little rock and roller here.
    Alice Q. Foodie recently posted…Wendis Apple Salsa

  20. just stumbled upon your blog…so cute. H&M kids denim is the best!
    Allison recently posted…live . love . books .