It’s Here! IT’S HERE!


I’ve been waiting and waiting and WAITING (months, I say!) for the brand spankin’ newly-released book of my very favorite artist’s illustrations. And it’s HERE!


It doesn’t disappoint, either. It’s huge! Do you see that nickel to the left? HUGE, I tell you!

Look at it open.


That’s four full-sized water bottles! (My first measuring attempt was with steak knives. Not very child-friendly, mi amigos.)

This is the greatest day ever. I feel like Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

If you’ll excuse me, I think I shall spend some quality time with my sweet Charley Harper.



  1. That really is a beautiful book. I love the colors. Now, does wito get to enjoy it? Or is it only for grown-ups?

    If Wito steps within 5 feet of the book, he’s grounded indefinitely.

  2. You’ll put your eye out!

  3. Oooh, jealous! So pretty! Its on my Christmas list (yes, I have already compiled one).

  4. Oooooo. I love finding new illustrators.
    Thanks for sharing. This looks like something I would dig.

  5. such gorgeous pictures! I’ve never heard of him (her?) but am dying to google more! thanks for sharing.

  6. He was an AMAZING modernist illustrator. He died earlier this summer – I’m so glad Todd Oldham put together this book. Isn’t his work the coolest? I wish I had a room full of his bird illustrations.

  7. I’m seeing some crayons add-ons in the the future!

  8. Stunning…and I love the water bottles for size reference! I’m familiar with his work, but certainly not an aficionado. I will definitely have to look for this book and get to know him a little better.

  9. oooo, I love it! You are a lucky duck and a half. Definitely going on my list of wants. :)

    Sheesh, what is the shipping on a book that huge?! That’s a biggun’.

    Free shipping from Amazon. :)

  10. Total book envy over here. Although I don’t know where I would put a book that large. Thanks for the water bottle point of reference.

  11. Cool, a new illustrator to enjoy! Thanks, whoorl. Enjoy your massive book!

  12. I think his visions are just delicious. Those colors! Those shapes! Ooooo and ahhhhh to Charley AND Whoorl for her always-keen eye for art.

  13. be sure to put this book at the top of your closet, covered with a blanket and no chairs or ladders for easy climbing.

    not that i’m speaking from experience or anything….

  14. Beautiful! That looks like an awesome book.

  15. You should have used Wito as a size comparison.

    Cute book, though. I love it!

    I totally was going to, but he was napping! ;)

  16. Haha, love the water bottles. Looks like a cool book! Never heard of him…but I swear i’m still cool. I’m hip. I’m jiggy with it. *insert that little Dr. Evil macarenaish Dance here*

  17. Now those illustrations would make a lovely nursery theme, don’t you think?? You are a genius. Buy two more and wallpaper Wito’s room. Or wallpaper Wito 2’s room. Not that you’re pregnant or anything. Are you?

    I love starting internet rumors.

  18. Yay Charley Harper! I just LOVE his work. And to Emily — I really have been considering incorporating a few of his illustrations into our new nursery — they’re just perfect for a child’s room. If you’re into all things modern, whoorl (as hubby and I are), I must send you some pics of the mid-century modern home we’re restoring right now….

  19. That would take me hours – yes, hours to look through. I love visually stunning books full of work like Harper’s.