You Like Me! You Really Like Me!


I am so freaking excited to announce that Whoorl and Hair Thursday won Best Personal/Family Blog and Best Shopping/Beauty Blog at the Just Spotted Orange County Blog Awards Party last night! I was totally shocked…in fact, they had to call out ‘whoorl’ a few times before it registered in my post-partum, pea-sized brain. A huge THANKS to all of you who voted! You made my night! However, don’t worry; my short stint with a big head lasted all of 30 minutes. Shall I elaborate?

My fellow blogging compadres Tera and Christina invited me to grab a margarita after the awards party to which I responded with a bit of drool dribbling from the side of my mouth. (I guess that means yes.) On the way to the restaurant, I called D to tell him the news.

D: Hello?


D: That’s great! So great………um, Wito has diarrhea.

Me: Not so happy. Not so excited. Not so King of the World.

D: Sorry, sweets.

Me: Hrmph.

D assured me that everything was fine (p.s. – believe it or not, this is Wito’s very first gastrointestinal issue in his 4 years of living, so we are totally novices in the barf/diarrhea department) and to have a good time. So I enjoyed my dinner and Celebratory Margarita™ sans kids. It was quite relaxing, I must admit.

I returned home around 10pm to a quiet house and busted out a brief performance art-based “I’m a WINNER” jig around my living room before retiring to bed. This girl was ready to saw some happy logs! And that’s when Wita, my perfectly consistent 8:30pm to 6:30am angel of a sleeper, decided to wake up at 11pm. And 3:30am. And 6:30am.

I now sit here with a 4-year-old diarrhea patient who is begging me to drink milk (NOOOOOOOO) and a spaced-out 11-week-old who is 3 hours away from receiving her first round of immunizations.


(But you like me! You really like me! Thanks again, all!)



  1. Congratulations on the big win! I love Whoorl and have been a reader for a few years since ‘the patient’ was a wee tiny baby.
    Mama in the City recently posted…Benjamins Birthday Bash in Blue and Green

  2. Thank you for allowing me to scratch off one of my Bucket List items…dine with a celebrity! Had a great time mom/blog chatting. Will need to do it again!

  3. Congratulations! Also? I would have put money on you winning.
    Mama Bub recently posted…Fun Fact Friday

  4. Haaa!!! Too funny, even if it is so sad and so true! Much congrats to you!! Loved seeing you last night even if it was only a second…you looked fabulous as always! :-)
    Shanna ~ My Favorite Everything recently posted…More than just a drive thru…

  5. At least he didn’t go ON you. Just trying to find the bright side. ;-)
    sizzle recently posted…Shop Til You Dropkick Someone

  6. Wait…your baby sleeps a full 10 hour stretch?? Please pleeeease come work your baby magic on MY 11-week old (she’s 4 days older than yours) who is more of the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 type. Oh, and Congratulations!!

  7. bishOp stu tu says:

    whOOrl gOOrl…

    YAHOOOOOO!!!! you da gOOrl. oh yes!

    hope ya snag a nap this afternoon….and the kids get back in the grOOve.

    yo dad

  8. Congrats! Kids will through you for a loop everytime and deviate from the routine when you make plans. You probably don’t need to hear this, but keep the little dude hydrated. It’s a good time for him to sneak some Gatorade out of you.

  9. I am so NOT surprised you won! Big Congrats!!! Love both your blogs.

  10. Major congrats to you for winning for both blogs.

    And hope Wita sleeps more and Wito can have his bowels calm down soon.

  11. Was there even a chance of you losing? You’re f-ing hilarious, witty & real. It’s a refreshing combo. Congrats!

  12. congrats!

  13. Congrats on the win(s)!

    Sorry for the invasion of Murphy’s Law.

    You’ll fondly remember this one day . . . one day . . . . really : )

  14. I knew you’d do it! :) xoxo
    Angella recently posted…I’m So Blue

  15. Congrats! You deserve it! (The success, not the poop.)

  16. Wow…. just, wow! i am so totally amazed….. at the fact that your 11-week-old consistently sleep for 11 HOURS A NIGHT!! That’s just…. I have no words. I have a 4 1/2 month old who rarely goes more than 3 hours at a time at night. What’s your secret… please share.

    Congrats on the awards too… they are completely and fully deserved. Love your blog!

  17. Congratulations on your awards! But yeah, I can see how vomit can ruin the moment. My children (without fail) develop an illness for every birthday, holiday, and anniversary. *sigh*

  18. congratulations! sorry about the kids being ill. boo.
    Isabel @AlphaMom recently posted…Autumn Apple Muffins

  19. Diarrhea is a little too debutante for my taste.

    (Well, come on, I sort of HAD to.)

    (Congrats! again. So well deserved.)
    Kerri Anne recently posted…You Know- People Underestimate The Value Of A Good Ramble

  20. Hooray! But, sorry about the sick kiddle.