5 Years, Baby!


Well, well, well. I guess with all of this nursing and cooing and diaper changing, I missed my 5-year blogging anniversary last month. 5 years, y’all! That’s quite a lot of rambling.

I’ve been reading through my archives lately; mostly to compare my newborn experiences (strikingly similar minus most of my first-time neuroses), and as much as I hem and haw about what and how much I should include in my posts, I am so glad I have those snippets to walk me down memory lane.

When I started this blog in 2005, I was a childless newlywed who spent the majority of my time wearing J. Crew suits and sipping decaf lattes and/or wine, depending on the time of day. I occasionally dabbled in performance art.

Now? This best represents my life.

And I love it.

So, guess what? I just found out that whoorl was nominated for Orange County’s Best Personal Blog by the lovely Kelly and Collen of Just Spotted! And the icing on the cake? Hair Thursday was nominated for Best Beauty/Shopping Blog too! Dude! I don’t think I’ve ever been nominated for anything! (For good reason, right? Wait. Don’t answer that.)

Would you all take a second to vote for my blog(s)? You don’t need to sign in or anything, just click here and make your choices. Of course, only if you think I’m deserving of A Major Award. I must say, it would be a perfect way to celebrate 5 years.

(p.s. – I don’t have a chance in hell, but hey! Positive thinking!)



  1. Happy blogiversary!

    Also, I love that photo! Wita is all “ROCK ON, INTERNET!”
    Kristabella recently posted…Yes- I’m Still Talking About My Trip To Portland

  2. I know! She was like “BLOGGERS UNITE!”

  3. Happy anniversary! I remember the old days, esp. whenever I thin of Anne Curry’s hair.
    Miguelina recently posted…Last Days of Summer

  4. Well I would have voted anyway, but since you quoted A Christmas Story, then of course I had to :-)
    Home Sweet Sarah recently posted…Dear Sarah- What is the meaning of life

  5. Oh my word, they look so much alike! And go Whoorl!
    Kaleigha recently posted…Being honest

  6. Congrats! I don’t live in Cali….would it be weird to vote for you? I do love to read your blogs!
    p.s. I say this often but….CUTE kiddos!

  7. YOU don’t have a chance in hell?? I saw that you were nominated and was like “Well, it’s an honor just to be nominated!”
    Mama Bub recently posted…First Day of School

  8. Yay for 5 years!! Whoorl and Hair Thursday rock it, voting ASAP!!

  9. congrats! I’m still catching up on your archives, but love your blog and just voted for you!

  10. i voted.

  11. Done. Good luck! And Happy 5 years. :)

  12. Voted! Happy blogoversary.
    verdemama recently posted…Long Weekends Are the Best Weekends

  13. Happy Blogoversary and voted! May not be from OC, but I read yours and recognized some others in other categories.

  14. Just voted for ya!

    P.S. Wita looks KICK ASS in the pic. Literally :)

  15. Happy anniversary! And good luck. I can vote 100 times, right?

  16. Happy! Five Years, babe.

    So glad we’re in this great big Internet (and beyond!) together.
    Kerri Anne recently posted…“Can you move” “Only my lips”

  17. I voted for ya!
    Rebecca (Bearca) recently posted…I cant believe Im posting this

  18. Just voted! Congratulations on the big 5. And that photo is fantastic! You are all gorgeous.
    Gabrielle – Design Mom recently posted…Garnet Hill Fall 2010

  19. Voted! You rock. And I adore that photo.
    Suzanne @ pretty*swell recently posted…Beach bum babies

  20. happy five years lady.
    you completely ROCK.
    just sayin…
    joslyn recently posted…Scenes from The Weekend