The Story of Farts


Of course this would be Wito’s new favorite book.

The moral of the story? You better PASS THAT GAS, PEOPLE. (Just not around me.)



  1. That is some good reading/story telling! He’s adorable, that fart-lovin’ boy.
    sizzle recently posted…Giving My Best

  2. That’s equal parts adorable and amazing. I know you’ve told his he can read, but that’s real reading he’s doing! How very cool.
    Miguelina recently posted…Last Days of Summer

  3. My son found that book at a Goodwill one day and insisted we read it right away during lunch at a nearby restaurant. We both learned a lot, I think.

  4. He’s TOO adorable.

    P.S. I was super impressed when he said “large intestines”! Does he know what large intestines are?!?! What a smart kiddo!

  5. That book is the story of my damn life. Wito and I should hang.
    slynnro recently posted…Blah

  6. 1. you gave us this book-so you must secretly like it more than you profess.
    2. i see ellie the elephant made her debut on the blogosphere (is that how you spell it).
    3. we got our thank you!
    4. see you 4 soon.

  7. My son’s favorite book when he was that age (he is now 14, mind you) used to be Walter the Farting Dog. It was awesome and ridiculous all at the same time… Maybe you should get it for Wito to enjoy!!! :) You are welcome!!
    Allison recently posted…All aboard the craft train to crafty town

  8. Wito is just like his mother!!!

  9. wow! I didn’t even know kids that young could read – he’s a genius!

  10. My child would dig this book…toot!
    Mama in the City recently posted…Its Playtime!

  11. “however they dont smell much at all”

    oh my word, SOOO CUTE that boy of yours

  12. This is so cute. I can’t even handle it.
    Laura recently posted…Boots for Fall 2010

  13. Sheer awesomeness. That is all. And he is just the most precious thing ever.
    Rachel S. @ Pencil Shavings recently posted…Sneak Peek- Bonus Room Re-Do