Shitty Shit


Does anyone have 1.8 million to spend on a cute little bungalow by the beach? (What? Too much? But the owner re-introduced it to the market for $80,000 less! C’MON! WIMPS!)

Great! Could you buy it and continue to rent it to a very nice couple with a very big baby?

Thanks a million.



  1. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    Oh, no! Not again! Gah. I’m really sorry.

    We have a second bedroom in the new place.

  2. Lyndsay says:

    Hopefully $80,000 less wont be that much of an enticement to buyers.

  3. oh no. i hope you don’t have to move. that house sounds like a gem!

  4. Yikes!

    Start buyin’ those lottery tickets, babe.

  5. Ohhh, I’m sorry! It sounded like Mr. Greedy Landlord gave up on his quest.

    Gaw, that’s a lot of money… even with a whole $80k reduction.

  6. That’s totally shitty. I hope you find a much better house, so you won’t even miss this one.

  7. Only $80K less?

    I think you’re totally safe. This is the WORST time to sell, especially for an asking price like that.

    Perhaps he could be enticed to sell it to you guys for a batch of Whoorlgaritas?

  8. There’s a house for sale in Windsor Square (fancy LA neighborhood) that I drive by frequently. It’s gorgeous and it’s for sale and I totally want to go to one of the open houses just to dream. But one day I saw a new for sale sign as I drove by. “REDUCED! $100,000!” Yeah, my father’s house is twice as big as this one and cost $90,000. And yes, he has to live in OHIO, but sweet baby Jesus. I do NOT want to know what their asking price is that they could knock off a hundred grand.

  9. Oh, I know it won’t sell. I’m more concerned with the constant barrage of realtors traipsing through the house while Wito’s napping, the “last-minute” showings on the weekends, etc…it’s cool, we’re officially actively looking as of today.

  10. Wait. Was there some sort of picture on this entry that I can’t see because my employer has blocked my ability to see internet images? Like, Flickr, specifically?

    Because if there’s not a picture, I don’t get how people knew that something was wrong. I was just imagining that you wanted to live by the beach. In a bungalow.

    Am so desperately confused.

    Hey Jes! So yeah, we already live in the bungalow by the beach. And it’s perfect. And we love it. And our landlord is attempting to sell it for the second time- I wrote about it last year when he tried to sell it for the first time…so that’s how people knew something was wrong. WILL YOU GET WITH IT?! I MEAN, HOW DARE YOU NOT REMEMBER THE DETAILED INTRICACIES OF MY LIFE?!

  11. what a pain! i totally forgot that was happening.

  12. Good luck with the search…it took us an eternity but we found a house we loved…the market is great for renters trying to buy, not only are prices dropping, you also don’t have to sell your house. Use that when you negotiate!

  13. Noooooooooo!

  14. *Writes out check for Whoorl* Now, just don’t cash it until December 2098.

  15. Not again!

  16. I was wondering whatever happened with the impending sale. I would HATE having random people going through my house at will.

  17. Ugh…This happened to me in the house I was BORN and grew up in till I was 13 or so. Greedy landlord waited until we (finally…with our own scraped-together money) re-tiled and carpeted our entire house – and than put it on the market. Selling points included, “brand-new tile and carpet” – and we had strangers traipsing through the house for months.

    Hoping you’ll find a great new house soon!

  18. cristen says:

    On a completely random subject…I assume the google ads are random and you have no say in what runs? It’s so funny that there happens to be one for “Conservative Blogs” and then two spots down “George Bush Quotes…Is Bush the Dumbest President?” I might click on the 2nd.

  19. I had wondered what happened to the earlier sale. I was secretly hoping that you guys were able to make a purchase. I hope it all works out for you guys and that you aren’t bothered by to many agents. They just give me a rash.

  20. I think you need to get a lot of cats and dogs and make them pee all over the house, pronto. Surely no one will want it then! Now, you might not want to live there either after my plan. Surely someone on this blog can come up with a more clever form of sabotage?

  21. So, are you saying that the old “this house is haunted” trick won’t work, like it…oh wait…it never worked on sitcoms, either. Dang.

  22. Yikes. That blows.

  23. Dude, but your stuff looks SO GOOD IN THAT HOUSE. Where are you going to find another place where your stuff looks like it BELONGS?

    Sadly this is not ever going to be an issue for us. We could move into a dumpster and our stuff would still look pretty good.

    Now back to exercising my drunk face for BlogHer.

  24. NOOOOOOO! Hope he comes to his senses fast :-)

  25. With regards the the detailed intricacies of your life, I don’t ever recall reading about your road trip home and the Texas State Trooper/Ranger…I was looking forward to that post. I hope you don’t have to move.

  26. natalie says:

    That is some shitty shit. But look on the bright side…at least you don’t live in Ohio. *points to self* Yeah? I knew that would help, always does.

  27. Oh, Wito can totally help you with this. Any time there is a “last-minute showing,” or ANY showing really, just leave one of his stinky dirty diapers somewhere discreet, so that the house reeks like shit and no can see it. And let him go all Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter on the living areas so that your joint is a mess. Maybe it will discourage potential buyers.

    Or you could just go straight for the heart and leave a framed 8X10 glossy of Wito’s sweet face on the kitchen counter, along with a childishly scrawled note that says only, “please don’t take my house away, or I will have to live in the car and the car makes me cry.” (Make sure the Lexus isn’t in the driveway or this sympathy ploy might fail).

  28. I don’t understand why you are not a stylist to the stars and raking in 1.8 easy piesy.
    the hair advice, the delicious margarits, the cute & funky necklaces?! forgetaboutit!
    speaking of booze, can you post the whoorlgarita recipe – or am I missing it somewhere? gracias.

  29. Ugh, that is so lame. I thought it was a done deal the last time he took it off the market.

    Hope it takes forever to sell and you find something WAY better in the meantime. :)

  30. Hi Whoorl,
    That sucks–I’m sorry! I remember you mentioning it a while back and wondered what had happened. Hope you guys find something more stable or that he changes his mind before all the intrusive showings.

  31. Come to the dark side… there’s a house on my street for sale! :)