Another Profound Weekend


This might become a regular series – our weekend conversations are deteriorating by the minute.

I’ve recently started running again and my right ankle and hip have been giving me trouble. As I was lying on the floor, trying to remember the exercises my former physical therapist taught me, I mentioned how cool it would be if D was a physical therapist. Free therapy and adjustments for life!

He looked up from his magazine and without missing a beat, said, “It would be even cooler if you were a hooker for free.”



  1. Hahaha, thanks for the morning giggle :).

  2. Excellent! Man of few, yet profound, words.


  3. That is too funnY!

  4. My hips resemble that of an 80 year old as of late. No amount of stretching has lessened the pain. If you remember/think of something (in your spare time, when you’re not learning how to become a hooker) let me know.

  5. HA! SO something my husband would say. Men :-)

  6. wouldn’t they all want us to be hookers?

  7. What’s the hip thing? I have a hip issue too….i’m 27! Wtf?

  8. Oh my goodness, that just made me almost spray coffee all over the laptop! D is just hilarious.

    As for running, well, if I can get back into it this fall, I am sure I will be crying in pain with you. Hubby runs and is always in pain, I keep telling him to choose a different sport.

  9. What a comeback! At least he didn’t ask you to pole dance – that would be tough with a hurtin’ hip!

  10. HA!!! Love the story! I’m delurking to share a similar story from my husband…

    We were on vacation in China and at what we nicknamed “The Temple of One-Thousand Challenges” and there was this little bridge that if you crossed it in 9 steps holding the hand of your partner you would be together not only in this lifetime but also in the next. I said, You want to? and he answered without missing a beat, “You’ll probably come back as something cool like a monkey and I’ll just be a lice on your skin.”

  11. cocodrie says:

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful!

  12. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    Oh, SNAP! That man is hilarious!

  13. Woman with Kids says:

    Well, I mean, he has a point. Exchange of services and all that…

  14. While I appreciate D’s sense of humor, I need to correct him with his logic, because if the hooker is really doing it for free, then she wouldn’t be a hooker, would she?

  15. Charming. Sounds like something that would come out of Roger’s mouth just before I shot him “the look.”

  16. So, what is it that would be different if you were a hooker? The tight pants and ciggies?

    I guess nothing, considering my daily getup resembles Sandy’s outfit at the end of Grease. :)

  17. Hooker. Such an interesting word. Bossy is trying to connect the visual with the job title but can’t make the link.

  18. I love the word hooker…especially when combined with “dirty pirate”. Bethany – I’m 27 and my hips are also falling apart. I don’t know why…but apparently this is The Year That Your body Rebels. However I suppose if you become a hooker, the hip issues either resolve themselves via ‘work’ or become exponetially worse.

  19. Ha. That story made me laugh. Out loud. I love your blog, by the way. You bring a joyful light to my day.

    Re: hip pain – I had 80 year old hips in the beginning of my pregnancy. It was UN REAL. Anyway, I found that sleeping on a wedge worked. a little. food for thought.

  20. Classic male response. Made me laugh :)

  21. Very witty. Made me laugh out loud. =)

  22. Such sweet, loving, sweetness. HA!