Update — Shuchita


Here’s an update from Shuchita!

Hey Sarah,

It’s been ages since you posted suggestions from me (volume 3.25) and after weeks of deliberating I finally went in for a slightly shorter version of the Penelope Cruz style. It’s super-easy to maintain (I air dry it 99% of the times) and can be “neatened” with a hair-band or pony-tail.

Thank you so much for the suggestions, I think once you posted aboutt me, it was like throwing my hat over the fence. I couldn’t keep sitting after all those people took the time out to vote !! Maybe once I muster up some more courage, I’ll try the rolled under bob – but right now, I’m happy with this.


Thanks, Shuchita! (I love your tunic, by the way.)



  1. she has such LOVELY hair. and it still looks so pretty!

  2. Shuchita, you have beautiful hair, but it looks like you went for a longer version of the Penelope Cruz cut. I think you need to cut another few inches off your longest layers.