The Birthday Menu


Iceberg wedge with homemade blue cheese dressing

Oven-roasted chicken

Chili Roasted Potatoes (alá Rachael Ray)

Sprinkles cupcakes (strawberry for me, milk chocolate for D)

And for starters…Grey Goose Pear Vodka! (It was on sale at the grocery store!) (Hell yes!)



  1. delicious.

    so are you coming to my house on the 21st to make this dinner for my birthday as well?

  2. Cricket says:

    Iceberg Salads are amazing. But I’m a ranch kinda girl. I’m so jealous of your yummy menu!

  3. I’m all about iceberg wedges… with avocado goddess dressing is the best!

  4. You’re making me drool…

  5. WOW. . .I just checked out that “Sprinkles” website and I’m about to cry that there aren’t any in freaking Austin. SAD! But great menu!

  6. my birthday is on Sunday, how nice of you to offer to cook for me!! :)

    Happy Birthday!

  7. I am full from dinner, but my mouth is watering now. Sounds delicious!


    i raise my glass of rasberry vodka in your honor!

    and chicken?

    did i miss something?

    Did I forget to tell you? After 16 years, D said bye-bye to vegetarianism!

  9. ah! we’re driving through LA on friday on route to sunny san diego and i already insisted we stop for a sprinkles break!!!

  10. Are you going to sprinkle bacon bits on top of the lettuce wedges? That’s what Paula Deen does and she is my cooking oracle.

  11. I don’t understand how one eats a wedge salad without cutting really big bites and still manages to get dressing evenly distributed. So I avoid them, like a good problem-solver.

  12. Did you get all these wonderful dinner ideas from your buddy Rachel? sounds yummy…

  13. yum!

  14. natalie says:

    Wow! That’s so unheard of! 16 years and now he’s a meat man?! Crazy.

    I just made roasted baby red potatoes with onion last night …so delicious. I have a lovely homemade herb butter recipe if you’d like it. I would rub it all over my body but, people would stare…again. It goes really well with all kinds of veggies, potatoes, roasted chicken (ahem) and I also put it on my Turkeys at Thanksgiving.

  15. natalie says:

    PS – Wedge salaaaad *droool*

  16. Sounds devine!

  17. why is there no sprinkles cupcakes in northern california? why oh why? the unfairness of it all. i suppose the closest we have is kara’s cupcakes…

  18. I just looked and the Sprinkles website and drooled all over my keyboard. I should move back to Dallas–apparently they have one there and I never knew it! I lived there for YEARS! This is a crushing blow.

    The birthday dinner sounded scrumptious as well!

  19. Do you do anything special to the chicken (herb rubs, beer cans jammed in it’s hind end)?

  20. Seriously – how did he do leaving vegetarianism? I have not had meat for 12 years, but sometimes I think I am just sick of it. (I know, way to have integrity). Did he get sick at first? Did he start small? Is he at all still grossed out by it?


  21. Happy birthday!

    I am now feeling the pangs of remorse. My boyfriend’s birthday was also June 19 and I didn’t make him dinner. He specifically forbade me (he doesn’t like it when I set my hair on fire/slice my fingers open/make him meals where every dish contains garlic/etc), but still – feeling the pangs. Your dinner sounds lovely!

  22. Oh, I LOVE iceberg wedges with blue cheese! Yummmmmmm.

    Happy Birthday, D!

  23. Happy birthday! Your celebration menu sounds divine….and I’ll be stopping by Sprinkles on my way to Huntington Beach next month! Thanks for the link….I love new discoveries such as this.

  24. Happy Birthday! Your dinner sounds devine.

  25. I love blue cheese! A favorite snack for my 3 year old and myself: Sliced pear with bleu cheese crumbles on top. The combo is FAB. And how cool is it that my 3 year old likes bleu cheese?

  26. Love the Blue. Love it! I was also going to comment that since I’ve started reading here, D has managed to become a meat lover AND a father. Yeah pear vodka! PS…Would like to compliment D on his lovely skin – you two are just picture perfect.

  27. I could have sworn I left a comment yesterday?
    Am I truly losing my brain????

    Anywho, Happy BELATED Birthday D!

  28. It’s like you’re tempting me to come out there. I’m sure it’s like some secret ploy to get me to fly out. I mean cupcakes? Pear Grey Goose?? All you have to do is say “HB, will you please come to California” and I’ll do it. See? Easy.

    Moving along. Happy belated Birthday D.

  29. Mmmmm. Wanna mail me the leftover potatoes? Mmmm. Happy birthday to D!

  30. hey, since i know you love lip gloss, i thought of you when i saw this:

  31. am hungry. still have leftovers?