A Profound Sunday Morning


“Sometimes, I think the everything bagels are baked with the cinnamon bagels.”

“Why? Because you can taste the cinnamon?”

“No…it’s not that I taste the cinnamon…I sense the cinnamon.”

“Wow. Okay then.”



  1. Very, very deep…

    Sometimes I get irritated when I can taste cinnamon in eggrolls. It’s not that I don’t like cinnamon, I just don’t think it belongs in an eggroll. Can I get an Amen?

  2. Hunh, that’s funny. Because sometimes, I think my cinnamon bagel must have been baked with the everything bagels…not because I can taste the everything, but because I can sense the everything.

  3. I think my sneaky son’s a b#%*^& make my blueberry bagels with the onion bagels sometimes. Just the slightest whiff of onions. Ya just can’t trust anyone!!!