Tea Party Retaliation


Hey, anybody got any snacks?


No? No snacks? Oh well, this ball will do.


BB: There he goes with the eating again. Now’s the perfect time…


BB: Didn’t like my tea party, did ya now?! You mess with the bull, ya get the horns, bucko!

Wito: (muffled) Heeellllllpppppppp….


BB: Just kidding, mom! Just giving him a hug!

(That’s what they think. Suckas.)


Wito: Little does she know, I found her SNACKS. Victory is mine!


Hope everyone had a great extended weekend. We did!


p.s – 6,000 views? Y’all can stop watching the video now.

Seriously. Paranoia Self Destroya.



  1. cocodrie says:


    (also, I miss you!)

  2. hmmmm looks like bb got the aggressive hugging trick from me…

  3. You two have some super-cute babies! Love the pictures.

  4. Too cute!

  5. So Stinking Cute! All of you! The tackle pic is priceless.

  6. ….hahahaha..delicious…
    Okay i’ll stop now..

  7. natalie says:


  8. Nice tackle! Sweet and petite, but powerful.

    I like the spy cam “cameo” in photo #4.

  9. Cutest cubbiest arms EVER!

  10. We can now make that 2,001 views. That’s so cute!

  11. 2,002! You guys look like you are having so much fun. Your kids are just so scrumptious.

  12. metalia says:

    The entire time I was reading this, I felt like I was watching one of those nature shows, where you watch the cheetah stalk a gazelle. This was infinitely more entertaining.

    Also, the babies are unreasonably cute.

  13. I think Wito and Baby Bug are two old souls. They seem to just…know. You know?

  14. Those two are too adorable…as are you two.

  15. I saw a little boy hug a little girl and it looked like he was giving her a massage. It was so cute. Nice quality pics!

  16. Aw! What a couple of cuties!

  17. Cricket says:

    You’re baby is just so cute A friend of mine has a little boy, who grew up really quick too, so you’re not a lone! I love your blog, you write some very hilarious entries, and have made me start up my own blog. It sucks at the moment, but hell, at least its’s a start! Thanks for the insparation (sooo didn’t spell that right…)!

  18. Those fat cheeks are adorable and look familiar; My 12 pound baby boy was 24 pounds at 6 months, and is now a strapping 23 year old – 6’4 and 230 pounds. Going to work in a suit, and still adorable……