I’ve Got Nothing


Good thing I have this cute baby to exploit.




  1. Those eyes, they slay me. What a handsome devil!

  2. Is he practicing his kung fu moves?

    Annika, that or his opera technique. ;)

  3. Love his natural lip gloss! :) darlin!

    Is he getting into EVERYTHING yet??

  4. Cute baby pictures are enough for me!

  5. Shots 2 and 3 (I think, or 3 and 4??) look like Anders is giving a persuasive speech, and then serenading someone.

    And I’ll say it again… THE EYES!!

  6. i can see a budding thespian in him. ;)

  7. loving the turban.

    and yes, is he getting into everything yet?

  8. Beautifull eyes!! the cuttest baby in the web…

  9. Yes, YES. He is getting into everything, flipping side tables on top of him, trying to stand up without holding on to anything, etc. He accidentally bangs his head on something every hour of the day. HELP!

  10. So, he gets exponentially cuter at the rate of, what, every five minutes?

  11. Look at those eyes. So, so cute…

  12. I will never see a picture of him and not think, “My god! those eyes!” and be genuinely stunned every time.
    And I am so glad to hear he’s bashing his head every hour of the day, I thought there was something wrong wtih mine!

  13. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    Yes. Yes, you do.

  14. He’s a cutie, fo sho!

  15. the chunk. and the blue eyes. he gets cuter every picture…

  16. What a doll. Love his do-rag!

  17. Painfully cute.

  18. Oooh so cute, delicious really.

  19. I love him.