On The Mend


Wito is feeling better. So much better, in fact, that he’s decided to add yoga to his daily morning activities. Here he is demonstrating the Downward Facing Dog Pose.



Who wants those thighs for breakfast?



  1. Oh, my…the THIGHS. How do you not bite and/or squeeze them all the live long day?

  2. OMG, the sweater vest!

  3. Okay, I read all the time and rarely comment…but I just spit my coffee all over my computer screen when I saw this post…


    Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Oh. My. GOD. That is so fricking hi-larious! I love it!!

  5. that is one hunk of burnin love. now all he needs is a mat!

    where have all the thighs on Rt gone?

  6. I love the downward dog. Oh and those thighs. I just want to give them a big squeeze.

  7. My eyes went straight to those things! Too cute. I’m glad he’s figuring out the whole mind-body connection. Next thing you know, he’ll be burning incense.

  8. I can’t tear my eyes away from the thighs. OMG. THE ROLLS. I want.

  9. Those thighs are killer!! Now, if only mine were as cute.

  10. Oh I’m quite impressed with the knees as well. Rodney Yee would be impressed with his form. NAMASTE Wito.

  11. These are hilarious. It amazes me that Wito is the product of you and D!

  12. am'ti b says:

    i am always sayin’…..

  13. Those thighs are AWESOME!

  14. I concur, baby thighs are a dangerous thing. You should totally have warned us before posting those pics. Dammit! Now my ovaries are waking up. See what you’ve done!

  15. Colleen says:

    OMG how do you resist not squeezing those thighs! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

    And the sweater vest…..too cute for words!

  16. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    The chub! I cannot look away from the chub!

  17. Ooo, delicious, lickable, tasteable thighs!

  18. looks like he needs some tickling to me

  19. That’s hilarious; he’s better at yoga than me! Aren’t baby thighs the best?

  20. The thighs: I have never seen their equal!

  21. Smoooooooooshable thigh goodness! I could just coat them in BBQ sauce and eat them! The sweater vest…so v. cute, may die of the yogi/tiny vest combo.

  22. Love the vest but, those thighs are delicious. Squeeze them and kiss them as much as you can as soon as they start walking and running the thighs are the first to go.

  23. From the thighs down you wouldn’t be able to tell between me and Anders.
    He is so sweet and I am glad, for all your sakes, that he’s feeling better!

  24. Business on top, party on the bottom half. Wow, those thighs have details upon details. They are AWESOME…totally and utterly kissable. So glad he is feeling better.

  25. omg, those are the most smooshable, kissable and squeezable thighs! work that yoga Wito! :)

  26. My baby does the same A pose LOL

    Just want to eat those cute legs!

  27. Me! I want thighs for breakfast!