I’m a Twit


I remember reading about Twitter’s SXSW win and thinking, “WHY would that website win such an award? Who would use that interface?”

Apparently, I would.



  1. hahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHhahhahahahah! Yay! I love company.

  2. I already hate the fact that you have one more “friend” than I do.

  3. I spy another obsession coming my way…

  4. OK. I took your advice and signed up. Now it’s YOUR TURN to be the wise one. What do I do now?

  5. Ha I was telling Neil the other day that my status has been “Hilly is silently judging Twitter” for awhile now.

  6. am'ti b says:

    how about, i just finished putting pics up of my family so my other fam can see b/ we miss us some wito,d and whoorl!

  7. You and SAJ both, too funny. I have to admit that I don’t really get the twitter thing.

  8. Funny, my friend sent me an invite weeks ago, and the whole thing puzzled me. She finally broke it down for me, and I signed up today.

    I think I’ll be fascinated with it for like 3 weeks and then will abruptly dump it – much like my behavior as a single girl. :-)

  9. twittering is an addiction. i got my first direct im today and answered it without the special doodad coding and answered publically rather than direct. i swear you’ve never seen anyone read the FAQ as fast as I did. -=)