Humming Burritas


Here is the album art for our upcoming single release.


The big question: What should we name our band?



  1. Wuthering Whoorls? Blowhard Brunettes! Just kidding! Just kidding! I would never call you a blow hard. How about The Bitchin’ Beauties.

  2. Hot mamas. Because you are…

  3. Rock Chalk Mamas, sweet southwest serenaders.

  4. The Whoorly LaLas

  5. The Whoorlala.
    (Kind of mystic, like The Who, but with more flair.)

  6. that picture rules.

  7. One With Hat, One Without

    I would definitely buy this album, based just on the cover. I hope it isn’t country and western, is it?

  8. You know, it’s rather hard to come up with a name when we DON’T KNOW what you sound like….


  9. bitetherabbit says:

    who’s who? You two look so much alike. Just when I think I’ve figured it out, I take another look and I can’t decide.

    I like the Whoorly Lala’s

  10. Forget the name, just use the photo. It speaks volumes. You could be the first band/group that doesn’t have a name and becomes so famous.

  11. classic pic. i bet you have been asked a dozen times this week if you are twins. and wito gets confused…which is mommy, which is auntie la la?
    okies bitching brunette beauties…
    lets here the tunes!

  12. I was thinking that your post title says it all… The Humming Burritas. That’s my vote.

  13. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    Senoritas Loco.

  14. i really just wanted to comment that you are both completely adorable. so chic! as for a band name? um…how about “The Fertile Myrtle’s”?

  15. I still think you guys are twins! Whoorl Girls? La Whoorls? Or how about just HAWT?


  16. I love Amanda’s idea; The Whoorlala is perfect. I do, however, have a suggestion for your follow-up single to this (undoubtedly successful) debut. You guys should cover that classic 80’s tune, “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night.” Your remake, though, should be entitled: “We Wear our Sunglasses At Night (But Also During The Day. And Occasionally With Funky Hats. Because That’s How We Roll.)”

    Catchy, no?

  17. I am partial to “Sand be Damned” or “We think that we know that you know that we are two hot chicks”….I know I know…it is a little long, but it covers all bases and opens you up to singing what ever genre you darn well please. Seriously, good picture, great lighting.

  18. I like the suggestions. I was thinking Shiny Hair but that’s only because I went on a hair product bender this weekend, thinking of you while I was handing over my life savings to Aveda. Thank God for Be Curly!

  19. am'ti b says:

    i love your hat, you are turning into a little hippie chick(which i love)-it is very keri russell at sundance.

  20. I vote for Whoorlala too! That is SUCH a cute pic.

  21. Brittany says:

    It’s a Shangri la la whoorl

    Lalapawhoorla (like lollapalooza)