Performance Art 2007 – Shut Down


There will be no von Whoorlie Family Performance Art this year during our annual Spring pilgrimage to Santa Fe. While my father and I might perform the infamous Endless Love duet, my mom and The Magnate might shake a tail feather to some Motown oldies, my sister Lala will not be part of the massive drink-a-thon because she done got knocked up.


Can you BELIEVE the audacity? Two years in row, the whoorlie sisters have put a stop to the performance art! No more Britney escapades, no more re-acquainting ourselves with NSYNC dance moves (via a VHS tape from 1994), no more karaoke…WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?!

This year, I will have the pleasure of joining the cool club, while Lala will be the lonely outcast, partaking in a lot of this.

Well, there’s always 2008.

Wito’s going to be a cousin! Congrats to Lala and The Magnate!



  1. Congrats to your sister! I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy :)

  2. congratulations lala!

  3. Awesome news! Congrats Mr. Wito! And Auntie Whoorl!

    Now. I myself happen to dabble in some performance art, so if you need someone to make an idiot out of yourself with, I am totally open to being invited to join you in Santa Fe. I luuuuuurrrv it there.

  4. YAAAAY! how exciting. congrats to auntie lala.

  5. Congrats to Cousin Wito, Auntie Whoorl and most of all, Mama Lala! More serene-eyed, perfectly faux-hawked babies! Hooray!

    However request that next year Whoorly sisters do a duet AND put it on YouTube or Vimeo or something to make up for our deprivation these last two.


    the gorillabuns household is quite happy for her!

  7. When I first saw the ultrasound pic, I thought “Whoorl is pregnant AGAIN?! Holy crap!” Not that it wouldn’t be awesome, but can you imagine?!
    Congrats to your sis and the whole family. :)

  8. Oh my little Lalaness. Can it really be? It seems like just yesterday she was using your fake id. Such major congratulations to the whole family. So happy.

  9. Aw, shoot! Well, dadgum it all! That is fantastic news! Congratulations to Lala, Whoorl, Wito and the rest of the fam!

  10. Aw, Wito is a cousin and you get to be The Cool Aunt (a title I have proudly held for 15 years now – ACK)!!

    Congrats to the Lala family!

  11. Yay! Another one for the Beautiful Team!

  12. Way to go Lala! Niiiice work.

  13. Lala done got knocked up – Should we start placing bets on whether YOU will be the same come 2008? ;)

  14. that’s great! :)

  15. I, too, thought that the ultrasound was yours . . . & breathed a tiny sigh of relief for you! Bring on the margaritas!

    Congratulations, Lala!

  16. Babies and booze!! Not together- seperately. Now that is a family vacation!

  17. Hooray! Congrats all around!

  18. Congratulations! I, too, thought at first YOU were announcing something :)

  19. Congratulations to Lala!! That is exciting news. I hope your Spring pilgrimage is a great time even without the performance art and booze (well, no booze for Lala, but Whoorl can drink, no?).

  20. Congratulations!!

  21. Also guilty of immediately jumping to the conclusion that you were the one who was knocked up….

    Congrats to Lala and The Magnate, and of course, future cousin Wito.

    I really don’t think that pregnancy is a worthy excuse for skipping the performance art. Maybe you could get her to drink a couple bottles of Glucola – surely the headrush from all that sugar would be good for at least one YouTube worthy tune!

  22. Aww! Congrats LaLa and The Magnate. And of course Auntie Whoorl and the whole bunch!

  23. Yay for more beautiful babies!