What Will Be A Short-Lived Experiment



I’m addicted to The Internet!

Must prove existence without The Internet!




  1. bitetherabbit says:

    Wow…good luck. I’ve thought about giving up the internet before but my addiction is too strong. Let us know how it goes.

  2. i am also an addict. if you find the cure, do share.

  3. Best of luck. Every once and a while, I try to ~walk away from the computer~ and actually CLOSE my laptop, so it’s melodious tones can’t lure me back with the possibility of an email.

    And I do fine. For about an hour. Or until I basically need to do anything apart from sleep.

    Cook a meal? Uhhh, no. Recipe is online.
    Go shopping? Why drive to the store if it might just be crappy? Can check online first.
    Go anywhere else? No. Not without Google Maps.

    Bonne chance, mon amie! Do tell, what is it exactly that you are doing in your unconnected hours?

  4. cocodrie says:

    Is this a belated April Fool’s? Al Gore’s Internet Whoorl go hand in hand.

  5. I say Good Luck, hope it lasts a little for you ;). My other thought is, why fight it? Just enjoy the gift of the Internet.

  6. There’s life without internet? Where?!! Do tell.

  7. Drug of choice: www or http://

    I have surrendered myself to its power over me.

    No blogs, no email, no mindless surfing, no nothing.

  8. am'ti b says:

    i am so very proud of you.

  9. Not that I’m suggesting that you have no will power, but seriously. I mean SERIOUSLY.

    Well, good luck.

  10. booooooooo!

  11. am'ti b says:

    i would like to change my comment- please don’t let your recovery prevent me (and others, but mostly just me) from seeing photos and reading stories of/about wito.

  12. You know what they say – Rehab is for quitters! Come back to us, Whoorl. Or at least let your adorable child blog pictures of himself for you!!!

  13. Isn’t it funny how so many of us can connect with this? I think most of us have tried to discipline ourselves more in this area, but it definately is difficult.

    Just to let you know, I came across this blog through Brian Gardner’s blog.

  14. I have literally only started blogging, however, I had a fairly decent internet addiction before that. Only this evening I said to myself ‘Okay – I’ll just keep computer time to a set period of time each day’.

    After reading this post, and the comments I am 1. soothed that I am not alone, and 2. scared – very scared! LOL!

    Found your blog via Flamenco Mom.