Guys and dolls, this is awesome.

The gist? It’s a book that highlights more than 100 subjects that are totally fading into obscurity, such as:

1. Mix tapes (I made some rad mixes in my day; 78% of which included this song.)

2. Getting lost

3. Porn magazines

4. Camera Film (Still buying 35mm for my Holga and DAMN PROUD OF IT. Take that, Obsolete!)

5. Cash

6. Operators (Remember dialing 0 on the phone? And, like, a REAL person would look up a number for you?)

7. Body hair (Haaaaaaa.)

This book won’t disappoint, you have my word. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more.



  1. I firmly believe that it’s not a mix unless The Cure is on it.
    .-= Amy — Just A Titch´s last blog ..A brief update, family style… =-.

  2. I so need this book.

    I was just telling a friend I cannot believe how often songs from The Cure are playing as instrumental, elevator music EVERYWHERE.

    Makes. Me. Feel. Old.

  3. I was watching Adventureland this weekend with my parents and sister, there is a scene where he hands the main girl a mix tape and I mentioned how odd it is to me to live in a world where mix tapes don’t exist anymore.

    Now its play lists and if you want to keep it old school a mixed cd. So not the same thing…putting together a mix tape was a project it showed dedication and determination to impress the recipient now its as easy as drag and drop.

    That makes me so sad.
    .-= Jossie Posie´s last blog ..Pardon the interruption =-.

  4. Ooo, this totally sounds like something I’d like. Going into the Christmas list (yes, I’ve started mine).
    .-= Amanda Nicole´s last blog ..~ =-.

  5. OMG, that is so weird! ‘Obsolete’ is one of my students’ vocabulary words for this week. Must tell them about this book. :)

  6. I just bought film for the first time in years, for the Holga I found in my mother’s kitchen- I am so excited!
    .-= AbbieBabble´s last blog ..The Purple Balloon =-.

  7. Sounds like you made some pretty awesome mix tapes :)
    .-= HollyLynne´s last blog ..Reading =-.

  8. Confession: I still have my walkman and I still listen to my old mix tapes. Am old. Also, somewhat deaf.
    .-= Bumbling´s last blog ..Back by popular demand =-.

  9. I used to *be* that “dial 0 for the operator” operator. That job was so much fun, but when I left it 20 something years ago, it was already on the way out. Too bad too.
    .-= Kim Yamaguchi´s last blog ..Create Polaroids from your photos at http://www.rollip.com =-.

  10. I was at Staples earlier today and they still have an entire aisle dedicated to filofaxes and planners. It was a bit surprising how much time I spent looking at the leather covers and rulers and plastic pockets and stuff we don’t have to carry anymore.
    .-= Miguelina´s last blog ..The One Where I Get To Quote Betty Draper =-.

  11. I think I am going to have to get that book.

    My husband and I don’t have GPS, so we still get lost sometimes.
    .-= Lady in a Smalltown´s last blog ..Let me distract you with magic =-.

  12. Without mix tapes, how does the person you *like* know it?
    .-= Elisa Hebert´s last blog ..Blogs You Should Be Reading: Joe. My. God. =-.