Holy Screaming


Wito is experiencing a shrieking phase. A major shrieking phase.

And not in an unhappy or bothered way, but in a blissful my-life-is-AWESOME kind of way. Time to eat? IIIEEEEEEYYYEEEEEEE! Time for a nap? IIIEEEYYYEEEEEEEEEEE! Time to play? IEEEYYYYYEEEEEEEEEE! Time for Music Together? IEEEYYYYEEEEEEEEE! Time for a walk? IEEEEYYEEEEEEEEEEEE!

You get the picture. At first, it was absolutely darling…the clasping of hands, the huge gummy grin, the excitement. But now, people, my ears hurt. The neighbors’ ears hurt. How can taking a nap be SO thrilling? As I type this, he is lying in his crib, shrieking with undeniable glee to the mobile.

I definitely do not have an emo baby.

I’ve added some shriek for your listening pleasure. It must be your lucky day.



  1. Am I a glutton for punishment? Because if I could watch a video of Wito shrieking? IIIEEEYYYEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Chirky, how about an audio file? I added one to the post. Enjoy. :)

  2. Jurgen Nation says:

    That? Is 17 shades of adorable.

  3. HAHA! I love it! Just think, he’ll be all ready to cheer on the Jayhawks- loud and proud.

  4. Sam had a phase like that, too. Isn’t it marvelous? Don’t worry, you will go deaf eventually and then it won’t hurt your ears.

  5. Oh the screaming. It doesn’t end. It just gets louder…and less happy. Oh, wait. I’m supposed to make you feel better and say things like, “The screaming will stop”

    But it doesn’t. Can I mail you some earplugs?


  6. bitetherabbit says:

    Harrison finally stopped his screeching about 4 months of shrieking hell. I was that parent with the screechy baby that everyone scowls at. Have fun…hopefully it won’t last too long.

    Also, Music Together rocks!!

  7. Bwah! I find the audio clip darling. But I am very, very biased.

  8. Jack went through/is going through this too. Gotta love it… all DAMN DAY.

  9. Kid’s got chops, Whoorl. Sounds like he was simply singing along with the music you had on in the background. Perhaps you have a little rockstar on your hands!

  10. I don’t miss the shrieking that’s for sure. I hope it passes quickly for you. I do have a girlfriend that thought it was fun, so now at almost two her little girl shrieks so much J won’t play with her anymore.

  11. If I could squeal all day long, I’d probably do it too!

    What’s best about this shrieking phase is when they learn the blood-curdling, will-probably-get-hired-for-horror-movie-sound-effects scream. And then you hear that one when you least expect it. I’ll have to say, it unnerved me as a parent when my kids performed their vocal “stylings,” but it’s funnier than hell when my nieces and nephews scream like that.

    Thanks for the baby fix today. I needed it! :-)

  12. That is shriek-a-licious :)

  13. Wow. We have a shrieker over here, but hers isn’t quite as high-pitched. Good times.

  14. Ha! That is way too cute. I’m really impressed with his pitch. Hide the Whoorlgarita glasses so they don’t break!

  15. Yow.

  16. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    I kind of like it when babies do that. It makes me laugh every time. I guess it’s a different story if you’re living with one of them, though.

  17. What a happy baby…he sounds as adorable as he is.

  18. sounds kind of like a bird…

  19. Wow! I am thanking my lucky stars we haven’t entered the shrieking phase yet. I don’t think our poor dog can handle any extra noise in this house.

    How do you guys like the Music Together program? We are doing a different type of class but am thinking about trying out a session of the Music Together.

    He absolutely LOVES Music Together. I’m not really a “Gymboree”-type person, but this class is wonderful. In fact, I got a little teary-eyed during our first class due to the sheer delight on his face. I highly recommend it!

  20. This is surely taking blogging one step further, with live baby sounds! Fun. I just hope the next post isn’t baby diapering videos.

  21. Ours doesn’t shriek at such a high pitch. She’s more a shouter, and she LOVES to do it when we’re in public, like at Target or the grocery store. People think we’re abusing her or something, but that’s just how she expresses HAPPY! It’s getting more and more fun by the day!

  22. That is one happy baby! Oh, if only there were a video (hint, hint). Yeah, I know I need to get out more. What’s your point?

  23. Wito on the banner fits the post so well.

  24. I’m always saying how emo my kid is. So it’s funny that you say yours isn’t.

    (and mine only emo because of his hair and not really his taste in music, as he’s really into Larie Birkner right now.)