Attention Fabulous Lovelies


Do I have a new link for you! This chica is simply a fantastic photographer. And okay, possibly my best friend. But I would still think she was extremely talented even if I didn’t know her! I fucking swear! (looking around for Mormon Joe)

You know this gal. Remember my pregnant cupcake extravaganza? Ode to my bitches? The Chargers game? Dirty martinis?

Enough already…I give you the fabulous Caroline Cohenour Photography.



  1. Yay Coco!

  2. cocodrie says:

    Whoorl, your eye for talent is truly astounding! (ha) Thank you for being such a fantabulous writer, such a hip and modern girl, such a wonderful mommy, and such an awe=inspiring friend.

    (Seriously, kids, this one not only chows down pizza with you at 4 am, but she also supports the arts!)

  3. Her photos are gorgeous! Off to find her Flickr page…

  4. For some reason, I can’t see it from work. :-( Can’t wait to see all the great photos… thanks.

  5. WOW. Amazing talent!

  6. Very cool, Caroline really has a good eye. And you are such a supporting friend.

  7. Yeah Caroline!!

  8. absolutely incredible pictures she takes. wow.

  9. What a BEAUTIFUL, and I mean gorgeous site. The creativity..

  10. Way to go CeCe! So glad you are online now! Great work. :)

  11. They are beautiful. I’m jealous of her talent!