Must Focus


Yet another perk of a SAHM- watching every single tourney game on my DIRECTV March Madness package.

In preparation for tonight’s main event, I must keep my focus on basketball. Thus, I leave you with a short prayer sent to me by my Jayhawk partner-in-crime, Kimmer.

Our Father, who art in Lawrence,

Hallowed be thy Game.

Thy tourney come,

Thy championship will be done, In Atlanta as it is in Allen Field House.

Give us this day our deserved victories.

And forgive us our turnovers,

As we forgive Roy who double-crossed against us.

And lead us not into defeat,

But deliver us from East Coast bias,

For Kansas is the basketball kingdom,

And the tradition,

And the glory,

For ever and ever.




  1. can i get a big amen!?!?

  2. AMEN

  3. Now I sit me down to view
    Those dear Jayhawks, that grand KU.
    Guide me through tense free throws and rebounds,
    and wake me when we are in the second round.

  4. And now we lay Duke down to sleep
    I pray the Lord our Jayhawks to keep
    When they win the final four
    National Champions they will score.


  5. How about a little KU haiku?

    My Kansas Jayhawks
    Are giving me an ulcer
    Please start the game soon

  6. Are you from Kansas? Me too, me too!

    I’m not from Kansas, but I am a KU alum. Go Hawks!!

  7. Rock chalk Jayhawk.

    (in honor of you, my husband and my in-laws – all from Kansas!)

  8. I have to admit, I have Kansas going to the Sweet 16, but then I have them being upset by Virginia Tech. But then again, I’m completely insane because I have Memphis winning the whole thing. Please don’t ban me, Whoorl!

    And holy crap, did you see the score of their game against Niagara? Did Niagara just sit down in the second half and let Kansas shoot baskets or what? I’ll bet even the commentators got bored: “Kansas scores. Kansas scores again. Kansas is up by 20. Kansas scores. Kansas is up by 30. Kansas scores. Um, we’re going to the bar now.”

  9. Kansas Dispatches of Niagara, 107-67, in NCAA Tournament – ‘Nough said

  10. I live in NM so I could only watch the KU game by way of the little score update at the top of the screen. Pretty wild to see them up by 40 all of sudden. I did get to see them play Texas the last two sundays – those were gooood games.

  11. Amen. (And well written, Kimmer!) I pull for your Jayhawks in lieu of my beloved Sooners…

  12. Longtime lurker. Tar Heel fan. Thanks for donating a great coach to help us win 2005 Championship. See you in the Championship game, and powder blue will be holding the trophy!

    In all seriousness good luck to KU. I love your blog, and will be posting about your site soon Whoorl. :)

  13. My team lost in OT in the first round. Again. It’s becoming a habit.

    Go JayHawks.

  14. YAY for College Basketball! I’m an Indiana U Alum and avid Hoosier B-ball fan.