D’s foray into the world of meat-eating was taken to the highest level last night. Up until this point, he had slowly climbed the mountain of non-vegetarianism- spaghetti with meat sauce (Base Camp), a little steak (Camp I), beef and chicken chili (Camp II), but last night he reached the peak.

His first hamburger in 14 years. 14 YEARS! That’s like the age of most myspacers. Over the past month, we’ve discussed at length where the inaugural burger should come from. Fast food joint? Major restaurant chain? At home? The possibilities were endless!

We decided that my cousin, CJ4, would be the expedition leader. And did he ever take the reigns. These burgers were like 3 inches thick. I think little whoorlito was jealous (or maybe I should say BIG whoorlito- 6 months old and 21 POUNDS). However, the beef itself wasn’t enough for my brave D. Apparently, he wanted to completely rip his innards to shreds so he requested BACON on the burger. That was my job for the evening – official bacon maker. As you can see, I rocked a fantastic white-trash apron (aka paper towel) while completing my task.

The burgers were good. Really good. D ate every last bite and sported a completely rock-hard stomach (not in a good way) for the rest of the evening. But guess who’s paying for it this morning?


Not cool. Not cool. Although, I must admit my consumption of 4 different kinds of beer over the course of the evening could be a contributing factor. Here’s a helpful Sunday morning tip. Do NOT mix these beers and bacon burgers:

1. Pyramid Hefeweisen
2. Shiner Bock
3. Stella Artois
4. Heineken Light

This could cause major time spent in the loo. I hope you all have a much more pleasant Sunday.



  1. Poor belly. The Stella I say.

  2. Oh the cheese! You neglected to mention that cheese! That would’ve done me in, looks like 3 slices on each burger! How did you do it?!?

  3. Sounds like a dreamy dinner! The burgers looked gooooood!

    Nice paper towel bib!!

    I’m in love with the professional stove/range!

  4. It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of such a momentous occasion.

    And at the expense of over-extending to mountain climbing metaphor, might I just say that I suspect “Into Thin Air” might not have been the appropriate title around the Whoorl homestead this morning.

  5. but Pyramid Hefeweisen is sooooo good. damn, now i want a bacon burger!

  6. My stomach hurts just looking at it all. My brain thinks it looks very yummy, however. :-)

  7. D ate a burger? With bacon?! WOWZA. That’s truly noteworthy.

    Love that your back online. It was painful having your blog down! xo

  8. I made burgers very similar to that Thursday night for the boyfriend and I. I felt it too afterwards but he was the only one drinking the Shiner Bock. I’m glad that Shiner is available outside the state of Texas. There is a fabulous bread that you can make with it.

  9. dude, that is some massive beef, way to go D.

  10. mmm…i remember my first post vegitarianism burger…so delicious yet so painful.

    nice to have you back whoorl, your site looks lovely.

    it’s nice to see another baby with cheeks as big as my 6 month old! anders just got cuter while you were away (as if i need to tell you that).

  11. Wow. I’m stunned! I can’t believe a veggie of 14 years ate a friggin’ burger!! How did he not puke it all up the second he put it in his mouth? Very impressive.

  12. Damn. Bacon AND a burger? He’s already more of a meat-eater than I am! I’m impressed.

  13. You must get him to In-n-Out, no?? By the way, I love your “Essential Du Jour.” I couldn’t agree more with your first 2 choices — by the way, have you tried the Skip Hop Pronto (it’s a changing pad/diaper carrier/all in one smart, slim 007 design)? and the American Apparel tank tops for babies? Charlie lives in his!

  14. Onion rolls! Did you have those glorious cheesy bacon burgers on tasty onion rolls?!
    *dies of jealousy*
    *awakens from the dead to have another Sonoma Diet lunch sans refined flour or cheese*


  15. Mmmmm….burgers….They look fabulous!

  16. Oh, the glory of a bacon cheeseburger. What a way to come back to burgers. Hope you feel better soon, though, you crazy beer mixing woman.

  17. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    I so want a hamburger right now. Oh, who am I kidding? I’d settle for a handful of browned ground beef.

  18. Wow, those are huge burgers. And so yummy looking, so much so that I am thinking of ditching the roast that is currently in my crockpot, digging out the bbq from the snow and firing up some burgers… with bacon at that. I will pass on the beer for now, but will be thinking of it :).

  19. Beer!!! Man, I miss that!

    I guess this means that you stopped breastfeeding?

    I’m trying to do the same, what formula are you using?

  20. My first burger after 11 years of veggieism was from In-N-Out. A cheeseburger and I drooled over it much to the shock of my husband AND myself.