I need you all to send virtual hugs to my parents- they are having quite a shitious day.

My mom recently got a brand new car (I bought hers, remember). Some asshole ran a red light (he said it was yellow and didn’t get ticketed) and pummeled her this morning. Luckily, she walked away unscathed but he caused $18,000 in damage.

18,000 DOLLARS.

They haven’t even received the title yet!

I’m trying to look at the big picture, but man, this kind of crap makes me sick.



  1. Thank God everyone was okay, especially Mama Whoorla. I think something lunar is going on today – folks are acting strangely all over the place.

  2. Yikes. Thank goodness your Mom is fine. But, really $18,000 damages and the guy walks away without a ticket??? Even if it was yellow, don’t ya think he was cruisin’ pretty fast?

    Sending the hugs their way today.

  3. EXACTLY, BeachMama! “No Fault”, my ass.

  4. Wow, that’s craptastic…SO glad your momma wasn’t hurt. It is amazing how much damage can be done to a car in the blink of an eye – I had an accident a couple winters ago and on first look, the body shop said $9k in damage…but once they got into it, it ended up closer to $14k. If your mom is lucky, she will get the insurance adjuster to total the car out so she can just get a new one. Unfortunately insurers usually require that the damage exceed 70% of the worth of the car in order to total it.

  5. That totally blows. So glad she’s okay!

  6. Please tell me they bought gap insurance with the car. Either way I’m sending a huge virtual hug their way, because that really sucks! Glad to hear your mom is okay though, because it could have really sucked a lot more.

  7. I’m SO glad your mom is OK. Now, about this red light running mofo…I am feeling some ass-kicking rage coming on.

  8. thats horrible. just be glad she is ok. that is all that matters. today has not been a good day all around me.

  9. I’m so glad she wasn’t hurt. I clicked your link to the picture of her car, and I shed a tear for such a beautiful thing to be damaged like that is so sad. Your parents have nice taste in vehicles.

  10. Thank goodness your mom is alright. How scary! Better $18k in damage to a car than a person you love.

  11. SO GLAD she’s OK. But no ticket? Seriously? Regardless of yellow or red, if she had the right of way and he hit her, HE’S AT FAULT! What drugs was that cop smoking?

  12. I wish there were more cameras at stop lights so people wouldn’t get away with this type of BS. I don’t know why people feel entitled to go through yellow lights?! Where is this rule in the driving manual?!

    I hope that your mom is okay and I know that the car is new, but at least it did its job and kept your mom safe.

  13. That totally sucks. Nice to hear that your mom’s okay! Brutal that the guy didn’t even get a ticket. What’s up with this world?

  14. Lame. People suck sometimes. Thank goodness Whoorlmomma is fine, though!

  15. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry. I’m glad your mom is okay. Sending good vibes your way.

  16. Oh no! Poor Whoorl’s mom. :(

  17. This has been a rotten day and all of your hugs helped so much. I can feel every one of them.

  18. Wow. I’m so glad your mom is okay! What a load of crap that the guy didn’t get a ticket, though.

  19. i hate to hear this about your mom but sooo glad to hear she’s okay. i say don’t accept anything less than a total! from experience shit falls off when your driving otherwise.

  20. Glad to hear your mom is ok. So scary.

  21. That’s so incredibly frightening; glad to hear that your mom is fine.

    (The $18,000, however? Total bullshit.)

  22. Scary stuff there. I am so glad your mom walked away from that accident. Sending good vibes from Canada!

  23. he didn’t even get a ticket!? ugh!

  24. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    $18,000?! That’s almost as much as my car is worth!

    Ugh, sorry.

  25. I don’t care if she didn’t have a scratch on her – she should have grabbed her neck and writhed in fake pain. Make that a-hole pay for messing up her new car.

  26. I agree with Lyndsay. In fact, sometimes, the pain doesn’t start until a few days after the accident anyway.

    Sorry Whoorl’s Mom!