I Have Died and Gone to Heaven




  1. That IS awesome! I’m in a football pool, and this would be a great thing to have. But since we don’t even have TiVo, I don’t think we’ll ever get this fancy schmancy Direct TV thing.

    Well, I’d better get back and see if my Bucs are winning!

  2. boo…. hissss… football sucks.

  3. SAJ,

    those are fighting words, little lady. you better watch your back…

  4. LOVE the tv, it’s so chic and flat! Yea STEELERS! :O)

  5. **gasp** and I thought having may laptop ion the backyard with two games on it was geeky.

    …now only if it produced beer and hot wings.

  6. Go Niners!!! Yee Haw, this may finally be our year again! ;)