Whoorlito: 4 Month Update



I can’t believe it…4 months old. Jesus, what a geezer.

I never planned to be a monthly-baby-updater-person, but I just realized that if I don’t document here, it will definitely be lost in the dusty recesses of my noggin forever. So, essentially, this is more for me than you. Feel free to vomit from boredom.

So here goes…where to begin…

How about the fact that Wito weighs 17 pounds. Um, yes, he is large and in charge. He loves to eat, and when I say he loves to eat, I mean he loves to eat in a screaming-banshee-head-butt-your-mama-in-the-face kind of way. Honestly, the only time he screams like he is in some sort of painful agony is when I stop to burp him in the middle of the feeding. I’m pretty sure the neighbors think I am hanging him by his toenails over here.

He has been such a good sleeper the past two months- we are so blessed. He pretty much sleeps 10-11 hours every night and doesn’t fuss for more than a couple of minutes when we put him down. However, currently we have had some hiccups in the sleep department. Ever since I’ve returned to work, he has woken up at 3:30am and fussed for an hour. I find this extremely funny. Not funny in a ha-ha kind of way; more in a jab-baby-spoons-in-my-eyes kind of way. Far be it for Wito to wake up in the wee hours when I am on maternity leave and can take catnaps during the day myself. Nope. Not so much. Let’s just wake up and cry when mom has to be selling pharmaceuticals to highly analytical physicians at 9 the next morning. Sweet.

I keep telling myself it’s his way of trying to spend time with me since I’m noticeably absent during the days. Yeah right.

Currently, we are in the process of releasing the swaddle. My hottie pediatrician told us it was time to quit swaddling him. WHAT? You should have seen the fear in our eyes when he told us this information. You mean put him in the crib UNSWADDLED?! With his ARMS just FLAILING about?!! HUH?! WHAT?!

Um, this unswaddling thing is hard. Poor Wito just looks at us like “What in the hell am I supposed to do now?” and starts vigorously flapping his arms up and down like a crazed bird. And then some crying begins. Loud crying. Screechy crying.

Anyhoo, we are taking it one limb at a time. We are currently in a right arm swaddled, left arm free, legs swaddled at night but not in the day mode. Kind of sounds like Twister, The Not Fun Edition.


He has the most darling giggle, loves to be tickled and sung to (ABC song) and has extremely strong legs and long fingers. He gives himself the hiccups when he becomes overly excited. His favorite place in the house is his changing table because hey, the kid likes to be groomed and fussed over (just like his father). He also is utterly transfixed with these Ikea woven panels in his room; like, he smiles and TALKS to the panels. Kind of reminds me of a little girl who thought a pie-making queen lived in her bedroom curtains.

This week he started rolling over, turning the book pages when I read to him and pretty much refusing the twins.

Yep, Wito likes the bottles. And it’s pretty amazing how quickly my supply dwindled when I returned to work. But I am still breastfeeding in the morning and evenings, and it seems to be a mutually satisfactory partnership.

It’s truly amazing how much this child grows physically and mentally every day. I swear, when I walk into his room in the morning, he actually LOOKS bigger than the night before.


Oh my goodness, I’m in love.

Now, back to the regularly-scheduled intermission. Bye!



  1. great stats! thanks for sharing! He’s such a happy little one, well done! :)

  2. glad i checked one last time today, now i can return to bed happy because in two weeks i will be hangin’ with the little (big) guy. i am so excited!

  3. Oh my goodness, I’m in love, too! What a handsome guy you made.

  4. Those eyes! So gorgeous! I can’t believe it’s been four months already.

  5. I can’ believe how big he is. My little girl is 2 months old and doesn’t weigh that much. Goodness. He is real cutie. I love the pic in the white towel.

  6. Wow, Anders is a house. Good job with that (well, I guess it’s really your rack I should say that to, but, yeah). He is gorgeous and contented-looking.

    Also, not to alarm you but he might be some kind of infant genius – did you say he can turn the pages of the books you read him?? That’s mad skillz for a 4-month-old!

  7. Sweet Jeebus, that kid is adorable. Thanks for sharing! (Why am I tempted to write “He’s a handsome little Focker”?)

  8. he’s absolutely adorable. i am dying for asher to reach a little more interactive state… actually, scratch that – i just want him to stop screaming.

    glad too that you’re doing ok with the new breastfeeding developments. how’s the nanny working out?

  9. He’s adorable. And yes, the time flies like you wouldn’t believe when they’re this age. If you blink too long, he’ll be walking!
    I love the closeup pics of him, what camera did you use for those? Digital SLR? Please say some kind of Point & Shoot. My wife is convinced that she needs an SLR but looking at them makes my wallet sob incessently(wow, that’s a big word, did I even use it right?).

  10. i give that report an A+.

    :) S

  11. Maybe he’s not ready to be unswaddled yet? I remember all too well the terror of putting my baby down unswaddled the first few times. Gah! Scary!

  12. He is beautiful! I know that’s not a common adjective for a boy, but really, he is just beautiful! Those eyes get me every time. So glad you’re back, by the way! The internet is dull without you. :)

  13. my goodness, he is a handsome little buggar, isn’t he? *sheesh* those eyes! and thank you for the update – my own little bun has 2 more months of cooking left, so i love hearing from someone who’s been there, done that already…and seeing Anders gives me so much to look forward to!

  14. Oh My! He is so very handsome! :O) Thank you for sharing him with us.

  15. He is just gorgeous! And I swear I’m not just saying that. The kid is going to be a lady killer.

  16. Awww maaaa gaaaaaah. He is beautiful…like I need to tell you but damn, he is ca-ute.

  17. The girls are going to go crazy for him in high school!

  18. Oh. My. GOSH! The cute!!!

    Are you trying to kill us!?

  19. Beautiful photos, Whoorl.

  20. Thanks for sharing. You are blessed, he is a gorgeous baby.

  21. So. Unbelievably. Beautiful.

  22. Thank you. I needed this on my most dreaded first day back at work. I called to check on Hank & could hear him babbling in the background. I had to hang up because I couldn’t compose a sentence through my tears.

    Counting the hours until 4:30 when I am released from this hell.

  23. What a beautiful baby boy. He’s just a pound shy of my almost one year old. Sorry about those sudden night wakings, ugh. The woman I babysit for said that her daughter started doing the exact same thing when she returned to work. She thought it was for some extra mommy time, so maybe Anders is doing the same thing? Too bad the doc says no to swaddling. We skipped all that torture and just put babe to sleep on tummy, like an all over body swaddle.

  24. Oh, but he’s edible. I particularly love the profile shot of him (wearing hat). That is a beautiful picture of a beautiful little guy. He’s big, for sure, but doesn’t look at all huge, if you know what I mean. Nicely proportioned is what I’m trying to say.

  25. He’s just adorable. Those eyes! That hair! The chubby cheeks! Awww. On another note, my cousin (who is 5’4″ and maybe 100 lbs soaking wet) and her husband (who is similarly short and trim) had a boy who weighed 25 lbs at 5 months. Yep. TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS at 5 MONTHS. He was so fat. We would all just stand around not understanding how such an enormous child could come out of two teeeeny people.

  26. Um, I think he passed up my skinny runt baby.

  27. I swaddled my wee-one until 9’ish months- basically until she “freed” herself throughout the night…that’s the only way she would fall asleep. We would take a giant receiving blanket, fold it into a triangle and wrap her like a pig-in-a-blanket…eventually, she grew so much that only her legs would hang out and her arms were wrapped…Ok, now I am just getting reminiscent and downright, boring. Sorry!

  28. He is so, so cute. Good luck with work; I bet it’s so hard to balance both.

  29. Ooohhh, we did the unswaddle thing for a few days when she was about four months old and completely gave up. I thought i’d just teach her husband how to wrap her up really tight in the comforter.

    Turns out I didn’t have to. At nine months she finally gave it up but ooh, dawg, it was a bitch. Good luck and I hope it goes much better for you than it did us!

    P.S. GAWD could he be any cuter? No. Of course not, silly.

  30. He is so beautiful! You are smart to write down what he is like right now because it goes so quickly.