Don’t Forget to Watch The Rachael Ray Show Today!



Click here for a short clip!



  1. Miguelina says:

    Great job ladies! You’re both naturals!
    .-= Miguelina´s last blog ..Joining the Minivan Elite =-.

  2. I just saw the show and it turned out so well. Love the haircut options!
    .-= lindsey´s last blog ..lovely lilac =-.

  3. Wow, that was incredible! I love her new ‘do. You did a great job too…you definitely did not look like a d-bag as feared! And I may just have to make that sweet and sour pork for dinner…

  4. caroline says:

    are you going to be able to post a video of your segment? I can’t find the show today :(

  5. Yes, I will have a video up soon.

  6. Your segment was fantastic! You did a great job, and most importantly, you had great hair. ;)
    .-= annettek´s last blog ..this should have just been a bullet post =-.

  7. I hadn’t checked my blog ready before I turned on the TV today so I was surprised to see you on there but I thought it was a great segment and her hair turned out fanstastic!

  8. so exciting!

  9. Loving it, Sarah. I don’t want to hear you saying anything negative about yourself. You really are amazing, a natural, and you looked perfect.

    Great job, Mama.
    .-= Y´s last blog ..4th of July Photo Tradition =-.

  10. Yay Sarah!! So fun to see this and be a part of it.
    .-= Rebecca (Bearca)´s last blog ..happy birthday, baby D! =-.

  11. that was so fun! look out, your waiting list is about to get looooooooong!

  12. Congratulations, you look amazing!
    .-= Karlie´s last blog ..Please don’t climb on the sculptures =-.

  13. bishOp stu tu says:

    whOOrl gOOrl,

    WOW!!! The fam is so proud of you.

    It won’t be safe to go to the Piggly Wiggly w/o disguise… STAR POWER!

    yo dad

  14. Hey i loved the show!!!! I tried signing up for your website and it wans’t letting me:( I need help with my hair!!

  15. You were great! And you looked really nice!

    And I am making the sweet and sour pork for dinner tomorrow night LOL
    .-= Kim Yamaguchi´s last blog .."V" is for Victory part 4 =-.

  16. Tammi Marie says:

    I thought you did great and you looked great too! Congrats. I think the reveal came out nice too.

  17. makin us proud & lookin good, whoorl!
    .-= sunny´s last blog ..Heidi Klum inspired BALLERINA BUN using a bun shaper! GORGEOUS GLAMOUR & ELEGANCE =-.

  18. Yay for you! I watched the show last night. You were fantastic!

  19. AAAHHH look at you go, rockstar! That was so exciting and fun! It was very cool of them to link to too! Loved it. Congrats, Sarah!
    .-= Bethany´s last blog bucket list…draft one =-.

  20. Wow Whoorl you looked great and Rebecca’s hair turned out beautifully. I can only see the clip on the web so didn’t get to to hear you actually say anything, but I am sure you were brilliant.