Palm Springs!


Well, it’s time to re-pack my bags and head out to Palm Springs for sun, swimming and a little relaxation. When I mentioned to Wito that we were leaving for Palm Springs to see his beloved great-grandparents, he dashed out of the room and returned looking like this:


I think he is more excited than his mama.

Have I mentioned that he refuses to stand within 5 feet of a pool without some sort of flotation device cocooned around his body? Unfortunately, he had a falling-into-a-pool accident last summer and “fearless” is not one of the words I would use to describe his poolside approach. (However, put the kid near the ocean and he’s balls to the wall. Go figure.)



  1. Sounds so much like my oldest son. He has to have a floatie around his waist even for our kiddie pool.

    Have fun!
    .-= Crystal´s last blog ..Making Relatives at Baskin Robbins =-.

  2. Oh my god, he’s such a big guy now!

  3. I have a never used life jacket that I can send you as my son sees it and runs the opposite direction. I tried forcing him into it only to listen to him sob, “Nooooo clip, no tight. No, mama!” I mean, HYSTERICAL sobs. In fact, I believe it’s the exact same one Wito is wearing the in picture,

  4. Jet setting here and there. Vacations back to back. Sounds like fun!!

  5. I totally get Wito’s aversion (when sans floatation assistance) to the pool yet comfort with the ocean. With the ocean, you get to ease into the water. The pool on the other hand goes from concrete to 6 ft in less than 1 second.

  6. Have a great time! I used to visit my grandparents in Palm Springs on every vacation! This was 25+ years ago!

  7. I’d probably prefer my kid was afraid of the pool. Less chance of them trying to go in when I’m not watching.

    That is, if I had kids.

    Good thing my cats HATE water!

    Have fun!

  8. Have fun! Sounds like Wito will have a blast!
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  9. I miiiissss you two!!!!!!!! Have fun in Palm Springs!

  10. Ha! He is READY! So, I started a candy drawer today and I totally blame you and your dear sweet father;)

  11. Enjoy the heat of the desert. Guess this means you’ll be in A/C or the pool most of the time. I know I would be.

  12. sounds fun! i have to say i wish audrey had one iota of fear near the water…fearlessness is a scary thing.
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  13. Safety first! is always my motto!
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  14. We fly to PS in Oct. Any tips on where to eat or shop ?
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