The Candy Man


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my dad’s glorious candy drawer on more than one occasion here at whoorl. Earlier this week, I received the greatest honor imaginable when my father asked me to accompany him on a candy-drawer-stocking expedition to the grocery store. I jumped at the chance to learn proper candy-stocking skills from the master. How does he do it? Are his purchases off the cuff or does he employ a systematic thought process? THE QUESTIONS.

A thought crossed my mind. I bet 6 of my readers would find a documentary completely riveting!

This video is for you, 6 people of the world.

Warning: This is 4 minutes and 55 seconds of your life that you will NEVER get back. Think about it.



  1. I, personally, found this delightful.

  2. I really, really sort of love your dad right now.

    Also, I am staggered by the scope and variety of that candy aisle. Manhattan grocery stores just cannot provide the same level of candy fulfillment as a big box store.

    Lawyerish’s last blog post..Win-Win

  3. Katie Abanson says:

    Your dad is awesome! I love his reference to rock bottom prices.

  4. A candy drawer? that is something i need. Thank goodness for your video so that I know how to stock up! whee.

    Lindsey’s last blog post..Drumroll please….

  5. This was a great thing to watch on a Friday morning! Now I want to go make my own candy drawer!

    Meaghan’s last blog post..Wednesday Wish List

  6. This made my Friday morning. It’s also made me realize that a) candy drawers are necessary and b) I really miss my parents. Shopping for candy with them right now would be a deeee-light. Have a great rest of the trip!

  7. You have an adorable voice and a cute hint of an accent.

    That was HILARIOUS. And awesome.

    $31 on candy. Video taping in a grocery store. It was all great.

    Did anyone see you taping? It’s be awesome to see their reaction to: “It’s for my blog.” :)

    ashley’s last blog post..Selling My Soul to Gap And Grinning About It.

    Yes, in fact, as we were checking out, I asked the cashier if she would mind if I videotaped the checkout screen. She said she didn’t mind, until my father told her we were from the competing store across the street. She didn’t find it funny at all.

  8. Love love love that I’m not the only one who makes fun of this organic obsession.

    Also, happen to love your dad.

    It’s an ongoing joke over here!

    jcristg’s last blog might be a crazy life, but it’s our life

  9. Your dad is my personal hero – he spent $30 on candy! I have to recommend Starburst Jellybeans for the next candy drawer trip. They are splendid. No longer available in Canada (where I’m from) though, so I usually buy ALL the packages at Target when I get to make a trip to the US.

  10. Your dad is sooo cute! Knows candy AND is a good sport. I found this documentary very insightful.

    Amanda Nicole’s last blog hazards

  11. Your dad is the coolest! Seriously! And wow to the candy selection, I would be very afraid to walk through that aisle. So I have a question for you . . . how did you edit your video and add music, etc.? I went to Vimeo (which seems to be very popular, how do you like it?) but they don’t offer anything for video editing. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :-)

    I use Apple iMovie . :)

    NicoleS’s last blog post..Memorial Day Weekend, day four – coming back home

  12. I loved all 4 minutes and 54 seconds of it! Your father is adorable and I love his thought process.

    And yes, dum-dums suck. Too much effort for such a little piece of crap. I was a bit dismayed to see the Candy Man walk past the Circus Peanuts without batting an eye. I used to love them as a kid, but now I’m a bit afraid of them.

    Oh, the Circus Peanuts were not ignored. However, that footage didn’t make the cut.

    TUWABVB’s last blog post..Your Inner Grill

  13. Adorable dad, southern accents, chocolate, Sammy Davis Jr?

    Jenn’s last blog post..Letting Them Eat Cake.

  14. Love it! Your dad is a great sport for doing this.

  15. That was the cutest!

    rosalicious’s last blog post..Funnels in the ‘hood.

  16. That was a lot of fun. I agree with many above, I need my own candy drawer – something I’m going to instigate when we move next week (lots more drawer space in the new house).

    Jessie’s last blog post..Father’s Day, Preemptively

  17. I find The Candyman’s glasses completely riveting.

    Kerri Anne’s last blog post..Two First Names, Two First Names

  18. Rebecca (Bearca) says:

    That was THE CUTEST. I love your dad. And his most excellent candy drawer.

    I especially enjoyed the typed captions reinforcing his points.

    Rebecca (Bearca)’s last blog post..

  19. Kristin says:

    4 minutes and 54 seconds of awesome!

  20. Kaleigha says:

    Hahaha. I like your dad.

  21. Happy Father’s Day to the Bishop. Would this be a bad (but bad in a good way) time to disclose that I work in the confectionery/candy industry? ;)

    Jamie’s last blog post..Justifiable? Yes. Deserved? No, NEVER.

  22. Loved it!

    If you are ever inspired to buy the Dum Dums send be the Bubble Gum flavor– it’s the only one my daughter likes!

    And now I need a candy drawer…

    Stephanie’s last blog post..It Suits You

  23. That really made me miss my dad.
    What an amazing video!

    Kim’s last blog post..It’s Snackin’ Time!

  24. My five year old just said “This whole movie is about buying candy?” Then he laughed uncontrollably for a good 3 minutes. Then wanted to watch it again.

  25. My kids were drawn to this like moths to a flame. They were sitting on my lap asking me all sorts of questions. Who is that? Who is that candy for? and the like.

    a madhouse wife’s last blog post..Why Were We So Fug?

  26. I love it. Will never have to wander the candy aisle at Target in a state of dazed confusion again. You (and your dad (and your dad’s adorable glasses)) rock.

    Ami’s last blog post..Mysteries

  27. Brooke Raymond says:

    His candy drawer must be HUGE! More like a candy pantry.

  28. I would love to see a pic of the actual drawer.

  29. holy hell could your dad be any freakin cuter???!!!

    joslyn’s last blog post..Blogger’s Favorites Part II – Emily of Wide Open Spaces…

  30. That was hysterical. Thank you for posting such a cute Friday treat–and clearly it appealed to more than 6 of us!

  31. …you and your dad together shopping for candy…adorable!

  32. That was just too good for words.

    Crystal’s last blog post..A Day in the Life

  33. That was hilarious!! I loved your candy video and your dad is really funny! “like Viagra but only lasts 3 minutes!”
    I didn’t know that you could still write a cheque for groceries either.

  34. dude best video EVER. the candy man music was such a great touch. fun insight into the non cali whoorl persona. enjoy your visit! :)

    sunny’s last blog post..How to: Megan Fox Sexy Ponytail using a CLAIRE’S Hair Piece!

  35. Miguelina says:

    Your dad’s right…worms ARE organic, and thus healthy!

    Miguelina’s last blog post..You Are What You Eat…

  36. Mary Sue says:

    This video is darling! And your dad is the cutest!

    I also usually have a candy drawer, although right now it is more like a candy bucket. Currently mine is pretty citrus candy-centric: lemon drops, lemon heads, chewy sprees, and skittles.

    I recently went on vacation with my mom (and, obviously, brought my candy bucket full of yellow-colored candy) and she brought out her stash of candy – all red candy including red hots, red licorice, and hot tamales. I was explaining to my boyfriend how weird i thought it was that my mom and I both show up with color-themed candy and he responded, “You don’t think it is weird that you both bring your own private candy stash?” Uh… I guess not everyone is obsessed with candy!

  37. I see that you get your sense of humor from your Dad! He’s a natural, and the video was great fun!

  38. Awwww…i loved this!

    Loved the viagra for 2-3 minutes comment. What a ham!

    And your voice was NOT annoying. Very smooth interviewer. ;)

    kat’s last blog post..commitment.

  39. Miss Virginia says:

    Hahaha! This is priceless! I don’t even know where to begin w/ the hilariousness. Loved the typed captions, esp. “Fondle the candy!” The editing, the music, ALL. OF. IT! How big is this candy drawer??? !!

  40. SQUASH!

    Next time I drive up to Oklahoma, can we just hang out with Ron instead of going shopping?

    slynnro’s last blog post..Babies for Sale!

  41. Jennifer says:

    This was so awesome! Made my day!

  42. I thought the video was cute, you looked lovely, and your Dad is *adorable*!!!

  43. Meagan S says:

    I love your Dad, he’s hilarious!

  44. That was wonderful! You and your dad seemed to be having a blast! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  45. WELL i am about #50 who watched that video and i loved it. i want to shop with your dad and YOU! :)

    ps what about reeeses?!?!

    Rose’s last blog post..Today in history…

  46. Great, now I want… nay, NEED… a candy drawer.

  47. And THIS would be why I LOVE your blog…

    Bethany’s last blog post..Cancer Free – TWO YEARS!

  48. :( Makes me miss my dad! I think he and Ron would be great friends :) Except that he lives in London…and gets teased constantly for his deep southern accent…and love of candy.

    Amy’s last blog post..the carolinian summer has arrive [1]

  49. Loved the video! Your dad is so cute. Love the Johnnie’s reference and loved the Viagara comment. So something one of my parents would have felt the need to say on camera.

    What’s up with sugar free round jolly ranchers? Really not okay.

    Robin’s last blog post..Life lessons from a 4 year old

  50. Love the video!!! Your dad is adorable.

  51. I loved at the end when your dad asked “did anyone follow me?” He and you are adorable!

  52. How do I NOT know of this grocery store? Is it an Edmond original? Damn, I’ve been gone too long.

    I liked this, even more so since I thing your dad is just lovely.

    little miss mel’s last blog post..bye bye ba ba

  53. Can your dad please start a blog?

    Amanda Brown’s last blog post..Back To the Future

  54. i’m with someone else above, HOW CAN YOU BYPASS THE CIRCUS PEANUTS???? they are daumn, good.

    or maybe, i’m so white trash, i don’t even know it.”)

    gorillabuns’s last blog intentions

  55. Shannon says:

    That? Was 4 minutes and 54 seconds of awesomeness. I thought MY dad rocked!! He’ll have to take 2nd place to the Bishop when it comes to the candy drawer…..but if we’re talking ice cream? My dad is the Man in the Know. :-)

  56. 1) That was the best

    2) A theta with cheese please.

    Heather B.’s last blog post..Pride

  57. I love when you go to visit your parents.

    One of the things that bonds my mother, my daughter and myself together is our shared disgust with the circus peanut. And I’m with your dad: The only thing that should have the bubble gum flavor is actual bubble gum.

  58. This is BRILLIANT!


    I LOVE your Dad!!

    Danielle’s last blog post..Sarah

  59. Yum. Wonderful video- such fun- so much candy in just one trip.

    We have a candy drawer too. Fire-hot Jolly Ranchers for my husband. Chocolate in the drawer from Trader Joes. And double salt licorice from my daughter. Put those in the front and most people dare not dig further, leaving more for me!

    Again, what a great video- isn’t it funny how some of the smallest traditions in a family are the most treasured?

  60. Loved the video – thank you for sharing!

  61. Loved the video – thank you for sharing!

  62. Kimberly says:

    That was just great. Maybe it’s the proximity to Father’s Day, but I’m a little verklempt that your dad is so great and sweet (mine definitely is… neither of those things).

  63. Frantabulous says:

    Okay, that was hilARious!!!

  64. First of all, he is just one of the most endearing dads I’ve ever seen (besides my own!)

    Second of all, I lurve your OK accents.

    Third of all, THE CANDY! It’s divine! What fun!


  65. um, that was hilarious! and precious.

  66. Lyndsay says:

    Love the Oklahoma inside joke. Theta burger, anyone?

    Lyndsay’s last blog post..It’s like Deja Vu All Over Again

  67. Laughed my a$$ off at that! AWESOME!

  68. Oh, my goodness, I love your dad. As a daughter of a fellow candyman, this has a big spot in my heart. Love it.

    Amy’s last blog post..Chug, chug, chug!

  69. Hilarious! Thank you for the entertainment. I enjoyed it immensely. Your dad is the best!

  70. I love your dad. He kind of looks like my dad, whom I lost when I was in my twenties, so watching that is kind of bittersweet for me. My dad loved candy too, but was more obsessed with ice cream. It was dangerous to send him to the store.

    Can I ask how you got your wavy hair to look cute instead of looking like you just forgot to do it? I am trying to figure out how to give the blow dryer a rest on weekends and vacation. I think you and i have about the same hair texture.

  71. Anonymous New York says:

    Hilarious. You two are cute together! Nice job with the candy selection, except Whoppers. Yuck.

    Anonymous New York’s last blog post..Chicken Soup Thoughts

  72. Your dad is cute (in a Kevin Spacey AMERICAN BEAUTY sort of way). Plus, he reminds me of my uncle from Texas (sort of a know it all about stuff not many people care about). I know someone who edits film in New York, and all the drawers in the post production house are candy drawers (Literally…I wish I took pictures). Nice video.

  73. Your dad is awesome! I want access to that candy drawer! My mouth is watering with thoughts of the sugary goodness that I witnessed tonight. Thank you for the hard work ya’ll put into that video!! Now, when I put together a candy drawer, it will be done expertly. The problem will be being able to stay OUT of said candy drawer. :)

  74. Ha!!!!

  75. He’s like a candy savant. Solid selections and theories for procuring the right stuff. Impressive, to be sure.

  76. Okay, your dad is hilarious and adorable.

  77. Um, so, that video totally made my life. I’m sitting here totally busting up laughing, all by myself, which isn’t awkward at all.

    “Is anyone following me?” Muaha! I love it!

    Also, with a candy drawer like that, how is your family not morbidly obese? Seriously, I need your genes. Or the ability to not devour an entire (huge) bag of M&M’s in one sitting.
    .-= wishcake´s last blog ..on being Monica Geller… =-.

  78. LilSass says:

    Am I the only one that found it hilarious that your father paid with a check? WHO USES CHECKS THESE DAYS??? My mother also continues to be that person in the grocery line writing a check. She explains this habit like it’s a skill she needs to keep up. Like check writing is this dying art that she’s going to carry to her grave.


  79. Thank you for this video! I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of me and my dad. He has kept a very proudly, well stocked candy drawer for years. I’m temporarily staying with my parents right now and have blogged about how awesome it is to live with them and their infamous candy drawer. Check ours out:

    Thank you again for sharing this!!
    .-= Vanessa´s last blog ..Guarded Trees =-.