Happy Anniversary





  1. Love, love, LOVE your dress. Those are gorgeous pictures! Happy anniversary!

  2. I was right! You guys both looked amazing! Thanks for the glimpse and happy anniversary!

  3. elisabeth says:

    Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys get out to celebrate today! Happy Bday tomorrow too! :)

  4. Oh! Look how beautiful you are! And dude, Mr. Whoorl is h-o-t! ;) Happy Anniversary!


    Here’s to many years of bliss…..

  6. the hammock pic is my favorite. :) happy anniversary!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing!
    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Absolutely stunning!! Have a wonderful day :)

  9. Wow, gorgeous dress. Have a happy happy day!

  10. Aww, this makes me teary. I love happy days. Beautiful pictures. Your excitement and love for each other comes through.

  11. Gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!

    I found my way over here shortly before Anders arrived. I love your writing and I’m so glad to get a daily dose of Whoorl this month. Thanks!

  12. Umm, has anyone ever told you that y’all are some really freaking good looking people?


    Love the pictures – Where was your wedding? Everything looks just beautiful.

  14. Makes me want to get married all over again. Stunning!

  15. Wow. Could you guys be any more stunning?? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary.

  16. We were married at the Mauna Lani in Hawaii. It was lovely. :)

  17. Gorgeous pictures. Looks like it was a wonderful day. Happy Anniversary!

  18. Wow!!! Those pictures are incredible!!! Have a wonderful many more ywars…

  19. That dress is amazing. All the best!

  20. Oh, those photos are just stunning. I love the hammock one! Happy Anniversary.

  21. Dear God, you’re both gorgeous! But I knew that already! (And D is wearing Groom Face! I love it!)

    Happy anniversary, S!

  22. Stunning!

    Happy Anniversary.

  23. What beautiful photos!! Thank you for sharing them, and have a very happy anniversary.

  24. Aren’t anniversaries the best? Are you going to post artful photos of the gifts you gave each other? I’m just remembering last year’s post of the anni-birthday celebration.

  25. nice to click on your page, the day i begin to plan my wedding, and see your wedding photos…of such beautiful wedding simplicity…happy anniversary!

  26. Lovely pics! Congrats!

  27. Who was your wedding photographer? The pictures are amazing.

  28. Happy Anniversary!! Your dress is gorgeous and thanks for sharing more photos, you shared some last year, but you added way more this year, awesome!