Maybe I Should Get Some Fresh Air


I’m not obsessed with Wito’s daily activities.


I swear.

I think my upcoming trip to Mexico is warranted.



  1. O.M.G. This post just gave Vicki a HUGE “I told you so” moment. For the first 4 weeks after Lauren was born, she was obsessed with filling out the log sheets of when she pooped, when she peed, when she ate, on what side and for how long…..I played along for a few days but then I tried to make her see how insane she was for being so anal. She had start and end times to the minute, and obsessively worried about whether the baby was gaining enough weight.
    I finally got her to see that she was being ridiculous and no one else in the world did this kind of thing. Then came this post.
    Thanks, Whoorl, thanks a lot.

  2. It’s a DISEASE, man. A DISEASE, I TELL YOU!

  3. HAHA! I did this for about a month and a half and then my 4 year old told me to “stop typing about sissy’s POOP” and I quit :P

  4. you are crazy! i attempted this for like two days before deciding it was too difficult to keep up with. i also couldn’t think of any good reason to keep trying ;)

    don’t bring your laptop to mexico!!

  5. Oh my god. I would have so loved this back in the beginning (a whopping 4 mos ago – sheesh) when I couldn’t keep track of jack-diddly squat. I’m still half tempted.Hmm… Yeah, I need a life.

  6. We had a ghetto version of this: a yellow legal pad with columns for time, pee and poop… we then wrote down the time and checked off the appropriate columns that applied to each diaper change.

    You, my dear, apparently DO need a vaca. With margaritas.

  7. LOL, that is a pretty cool tool, but I can see how you can get obsessed with jotting everything down all the time!

  8. If I had known about that kind of website with my first, I would have gone nuts :)

    You need a vacation ;)

  9. Holy crap that is dedication.

    For a minute there I thought you had some kind of robo-baby hybrid that recorded its own poop times automatically.


  10. It’s time for the momma to get out for a long while. Enjoy Mexico!

  11. You are not alone. Hunter is 4 1/2 months old and I am on my third spiral book (started new one yesterday). I feel so out of control but I can’t help myself. I get his sheets from daycare and write feedings and naps. I also track when I pump and how much I get… and yes… what side.

    Yes, it’s a disease.

    Can I go on vacation with you?

    /runs off to join trixie tracker…

  12. woah talk about organized!

    mexico will do you good. you can’t help but be relaxed there. i miss it.

  13. I do this with cats. I see no problem here.

  14. Wow! thats commited! i did this for a while but only because i had twins and after a bit i forgot who was eating and when. hahaha

  15. Hello whoorl, I followed a link from Amalah’s site. I’ve read a lot of your archives and I really enjoyed my visit. Congrats on the new whoolito.

  16. Oh sweetie, go to Mexico. Stay away from the computer!

    If I knew about this for the first few days of Ellie-bear’s life, I would have been obsessed. A friend kept track of everything in a notepad for weeks. We gave up after the home health nurse looked at our checklist and how dedicated we were to it and said, “she’s fine” and no gold star so we gave up.