Sally Must-Haves (+ Gift Card Giveaway!)


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sally beauty must-haves

Pssst…you can get a lot of bang for your buck at Sally Beauty Supply. Here are a roundup of Sally must-haves, and they all totaled less than $45. BOOYAH.

1. Tangle Teezer – If you haven’t used a Tangle Teezer on your little one’s hair, run, don’t walk. This has saved Wita (and myself) many, many tears.

2. Beautique Long-Wear Automatic Eye Liner – I adore these liners – the colors are classic, and I’m always a fan of not needing to use a pencil sharpener. My two favorite colors? French Roast and Raisin.

3. Beautique Automatic Lip Liner – I have found the perfect nude, your-lips-but-better lip liner and it’s called Dusk. Do it, trust me.

4. Mr. Pumi Pumice Bar – Sandal weather means we all can see those heels of yours. Stay on top of any dryness or cracking by buffing your heels frequently in the shower.

5. Shower Detangler – While Wita loves the Tangle Teezer, I can’t live without this shower detangler. Gets all my tangles out without any yanking or snagging.

6. Femme Couture Super Juicies Lip Gloss – I love all the Super Juicies shades, but Creamy Pink is my favorite. Bonus – it tastes like cake frosting, and since I’ve cut virtually all sugar from my diet, I’ll take what I can get!

7. Face Secrets Deluxe Powder Brush – Keep shiny summer skin at bay with this brush.

8. An adorable tote, which is FREE when you buy $45 worth of product at Sally Beauty. BONUS.

I bought all of this for 45 bucks, and Sally Beauty Supply has graciously offered a $45 gift card for your shopping pleasure. Just comment on this post before August 8, 2014 and you will be entered to win! Additionally, the winner will receive a free beauty consultation with me on what hair, skin and makeup colors I think would work best for them. (I’m feeling a little Hair Thursday nostalgia right now…)

Sally Beauty is also running a contest on Pinterest.

How to enter:

During the contest period, follow Sally Beauty on Pinterest.
Create a “Sally Beauty Boho” board and repin the contest image.
Add $45 worth of product from to your “Sally Beauty Boho” board.
Email the board to by August 29, 2014.
Contest dates: August 1, 2014 – August 29, 2014
Prize: Five (5) Grand Prizes. Five Prize Winners will receive a $45 Sally Beauty gift card
Official rules are here.

Good luck!

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  1. Sally’s makes my absolute favorite bobby pins!

  2. Beth G from South Jersey says:

    First off, props to you for cutting virtually all sugar from your diet! Secondly – I would love that tangle brush for kids! My daughters hair is super straight BUT gets unbelievably knotty – it’s painful brushing it!

  3. I like the wet brush for tangly hair! Hope your moving ventures go smoothly!

  4. I’d take one of everything!! Seriously need to make a beauty run.

  5. Gift cards is great (and I agree – need the tangle teezer!!), but the consultation part is where it’s at! (Good luck with the move btw!)

  6. Ooh I’m gonna need a shower detangler asap!
    Ris recently posted…Book Review: Help for the Haunted

  7. Thanks for the detangler recommendations. I’ll be off to the store right away.

  8. Thanks for the Sally recommendations! I could definitely use a Whoorl beauty consultation Hair Thursday throwback :)

  9. This is embarrassing to admit – but I thought Sally Beauty was one of those places that was only for beauticians. I can’t wait to check it out!

  10. I love Sally Beauty! All sorts of fun hair stuff and makeup :)

  11. Sally’s rocks! And the employees are always so helpful!

  12. Sally is awesome, and so is this giveaway!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Love Sally =)

  14. I ???? Sally Beauty! They have the best sunless tanner, too! The detangler brush is just what my 10 year old needs!

  15. I love sally Beauty. Emoticon didn’t come out as I had hoped. Not a big surprise with my luck! :)

  16. Ooh, love the combs.

  17. I love the nail polish!

  18. I could use some new eyeliner. I’ll have to check out the Beautique!

  19. Okay, that Tangle Teezer is going in this curly girl’s bag ASAP! Why did it take me 30 years to learn about this?

  20. Oh how I love Sally’s (nearly as much as a trip to The Container Store!)- I always find tried and true products in their aisles. I love that lip gloss!

  21. I need that hair detangler. Lots of summer swimming has resulted in a matted mane!

  22. I’ve honestly never been in to a Sally before – and there is even one virtually right down the street from me – but I’ll have to check it out. Better than a store though, I’ve got to say it’s the “consult” with you! Especially since I just recently went brunette from my lifelong blonde. Makeup needs to change!

    Hope the move and the vagabond lifestyle are treating you well!

  23. Jesse B. says:

    I love Sally’s. I definitely could use some makeup updates!

  24. Hair detangler and a consultation with you sounds fabulous.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Would love a consultation! I love Sally’s and could really use the detangler for my little one!

  26. I want it all!

  27. I love their Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque so $45 would come in quite handy!
    ChrisB recently posted…OUT

  28. Jennifer Hubbs says:

    The tangle teaser saved my daughters hair!! Love it!

  29. Christina says:

    And now I want to go on a beauty shopping spree! I would especially love a consult from you :)

  30. Tulsi Shah says:

    I am in major need of shopping for beauty supplies! I would love to have that extra $45! And a consult from you is a bonus :)

  31. Got to try that detangler. Thanks for the suggestions

  32. Marissa Johnson says:

    Thanks for the recommendations!!

  33. Oooo-so many amazing products there!! Love it!

  34. I think I need a Tangle Teezer. Elise sobs when I comb her hair and it’s only going to get worse as it gets longer! I am obsessed with having smooth heels during summer season and those pumice bars are the best. Although I think your offer of a consult is even better than all the products available. ;)

  35. Joey Lea says:

    Would love all of these things for my birthday that’s coming up! Gotta start year 29 off right :)

  36. That’s great, we must try the tangle teaser, thanks for the suggestion!

  37. My 8 yr old daughter and I NEED the tangle teaser!

  38. The eyeliner is intriguing

  39. Sally’s has some great finds, always my stop for hair care :)

  40. Beauty consultation with you? I’m way in!! Have always needed a little direction with Sally’s too!

  41. I so desperately need help that I’d be lost at Sally’s without a consult first, so thanks for putting those together! This would be such a happy win for me!

  42. It’s been years since I’ve been to Sally, but methinks I need to go back!

  43. What an awesome contest! I never realized Sally had so many makeup options…I guess I just saw them more as a hair supply place. Not sure why….anyways, so excited for a chance to win! I’m following along on instagram–best wishes with everything!!

  44. Laura Williams says:

    I want to try the eyeliner! I am on a neverending search for cheap yet good!

  45. I am going to Sally’s tomorrow to buy the tangle brush!! Thanks for the advice. I’d love to hear your hair and make up advice too. :)

  46. How weird is it that I spent approximately two hours on Sally’s Beauty Supply the night before you post this?! I have to admit this was after I tried figuring out a way to be able to shop at Cosmo Prof (not happening without a license)…..anyhow, were you aware that Sally’s carries generic versions of shampoo & conditioner’s with the ingredients to both versions listed side by side? I was amazed, I also made a huge list of products to try from there! So excited!


  47. Love the pummice!

  48. My daughter NEEDS a Tangle Teezer!(And I need a gift card for a shopping spree at Sally!)

  49. Catherine says:

    Really enjoy reading your blog! Great tips!

  50. I need/want ALL OF THOSE!

  51. I need to try that detangler!

  52. What a cool giveaway! Thanks Whoorl and Sally Beauty for offering it :)

  53. I am currently obsessed with Mr. Pumice Pumi Bars. If we’re going to rally and bring back the Birkenstock, for the love of all things holy,m please pumice your heels. It is not chic to rock a Gizeh with cracked, dirty heels. That sets the Birk movement back to the days of patchouli in place of bathing.
    Lyndsay Holder recently posted…Silver Linings

  54. Oooh, this would make for a fun little birthday shopping spree. :) Thanks for the giveaway!
    Jessica recently posted…Star Crossed: Episode 12 Recap

  55. Good to know about the eyeliner – I’ve been looking for a good one!

  56. Thanks for the tips and giveaway!

  57. Need to try that tangle brush for my toddler’s hair!

  58. Pick me! Pick me! I miss Hair Thursdays. :)

  59. Love these tips! I need the detangler options and am interested in the lip liner!

  60. Sally Beauty had the most giant round brush that works great for blowdrying my hair. The thing is enormous! Love it

  61. I love Sally’s!! Thanks for all the great recommendations – my little niece needs the detangling brush!!

  62. Asha Dornfest says:

    I would spend $45 on Tangle Teezer for my daughter’s long, curly, amazing hair.

  63. Wendy I. says:

    Ohhh I’ve heard good things about the Tangle Teezer and have been wanting to try it out, particularly for my 5 year old daughter’s tangled hair.

  64. Why is sharpening my eyeliner one of my most dreaded tasks?? Sally, help a girl out! :-)

    PS: Hope the move is going well, Sarah!

  65. I have a toddler at home, and I’m expecting number two early next year. Needless to say, I haven’t spent a lot of time, money or effort on my appearance lately. I miss Hair Thursdays, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE your opinion on what the hell I can do to get my mojo back. Ugh.
    Jamie recently posted…Tornado

  66. Rachelle says:

    The Tangle Teezer is not only amazing for tender-headed little ones, but also those of us with long curly hair!! It keeps “rat nests” at bay and does no damage!! I love Sally Beauty supply!!

  67. I would love to win the gift card! I Love Sally’s!

  68. I just want the consultation from you! I never know what to pick and you always look so put together and awesome :)