Home Tour: Whoorlita’s Room


Well well well, it seems I forgot a room in our home tour. Wita is VERY disappointed with my blogging.

To be fair, Wita’s room has been the most in flux over the past year – first a crib and glider, then onto a big girl bed. Here a few photos from the baby days.


crib. glider. storage.


elephant storage. boots. stool.


mobile. memory game. string animals.


kitchen. stuffed animals.


And her current setup.


bed. duvet cover.

All in all, a nice update to the original room from when we bought the house.


Hold me.

p.s. – Any locals looking for a glider? We are looking to sell the Room & Board blue one in the photos.



  1. I actually gasped when I saw the original photo!! Love her room now.

  2. This is so beautiful! Love both set ups. It’s actually kind of funny. Everytime I see a children’s room from America, the bed stands out from the wall. In Denmark all the beds in children’s room is against the wall sideways. Does that even make sense? Anyways, it’s a pretty random observation ;)
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  3. What a lovely, calming space. I have a question for you- Wita’s room is so tidy and the space is not overwhelmed by toys. How do you deal with the influx of toy detritus- the prizes from the dentist’s office, party favors, preschool rewards? It looks like you keep things to a minimum- what’s your secret?

    • Well, first off, those were professional photos, so we had the rooms in optimal shape. ;) There are PLENTY of days when it looks like a tsunami hit, I promise. However, I am a stickler and purger of sorts. I don’t hold onto much – clutter makes me feel a bit craycray, so stuff like you mentioned usually goes straight in the trash or goodwill bag.

  4. I can’t believe you didn’t write that blue bedspread into your contract!! Looks like you made do! Love the simple and elegant room. Especially that triangle table!

  5. LOVE your style! Seriously, all of the rooms in your home are amazing. Question about Wita’s bed…did you use a simple IKEA frame, and then add the hairpin-style legs? Or was this a previous bed carried by IKEA? If you added the legs, where did you find them? Sorry for all the questions—I’m kind of in love with her bed, can you tell? I have two little girls who are ready for a bedroom upgrade and this room is definitely my inspiration!

    • It was a bed style from a few years back – I guess they don’t carry it anymore. :( Thanks for the compliments!

  6. Annnnnnd now I will be heading up to de-hoard my daughters’ bedrooms. Trinkets, tschotskes, doll shoes. Heaps of it.

    Absolutely lovely space.

  7. Sarah C says:

    I might be interested in the glider. What are you asking for it?

  8. I’m interested in the glider and live in HB. Let me know if it’s still available and what you’re asking. Thanks!

  9. Simply lovely space! I love the art above her bed—where’s it from?
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  10. Victoria says:

    If the glider is still available, I am interested. I live in west LA. How much are asking?

  11. gabrielle says:

    It’s beautiful! Quick question– who makes the window shade? I’m in the market for something just that discreet for our house.

  12. Carrisa says:

    I have the matching dresser to that chest of drawers and it is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house. Lovely room you have there.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Love the art! Do you have an artist name?

  14. Ok, why do I love the wood wall in the before?
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  15. It looks GREAT! How is she doing with her big girl bed?

    We just created a nursery for my 3rd baby (a year after her birth… )




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