At 1 week and 11 weeks.



  1. That just totally blew my mind.

  2. Awesome! What a great comparison. When you see your own baby everyday it’s hard to notice the changes. Wow, though, has he ever grown. Your milk must be about 57% milk fat, like melted ice cream or something. :)

  3. I might have to copy that – it is way too cool :)

  4. Too Cool!!! I love that!

  5. Yeah, super idea. He’s sooo big!!

  6. Aren’t you glad he’s not in your belly anymore?

  7. Thats an awesome picture! So Precious! You can also tell that the blankie is a little faded from loving use. Or maybe its just the light. :)

  8. Whoa is right!

    I just saw this linked on Mimi Smartypants, btw, and it creeped my shit out. So, I promptly came over here to tell you:


  9. I can’t believe how big he has gotten! And yes, adorable too. Not that he was ever NOT adorable. You know what I mean.

    Can you tell I’m totally sleep deprived?

  10. My God! MY GOD! He’s a different baby!

  11. WOW! That’s amazing. Whoo, I love wine. I just wrote “amazine.”

  12. You’re apparently taking to this ‘mommy’ gig!

  13. *sigh* They grow so fast! I love the comparison.

  14. wow! That’s an awesome comparison.. you must be feeding that kid some healthy breast milk, haha!

  15. Filtering Life says:

    No more polio legs. That is incredible. Very cool way to document growth. I agree with the others, that is some kind of breast milk you are making.

  16. oh my lord, i’ve never seen baby growth shown like that.

    make him stop. ;)

  17. Breast milk…does a tiny body REALLY REALLY…good. Love the new ‘post-partum’ header. V. cute.

  18. Damn! That’s a huge difference. And yet he still looks so tiny!

  19. Holy Moly! That is amazing!

  20. how much does he weigh now? they grow so fast!

  21. New banner = excellent.