Shots Suck Shit


Wito’s fever broke last evening and we put him down at 7:00 pm.

My 9-hour-sleep-stretch-for-weeks-on-end perfect sleeping angel proceeded to wake up at:

9:30 pm
10:30 pm
11:30 pm
12:30 am
3:30 am
4:30 am
5:20 am

It is currently 6:18 am and he’s still awake.

Completely typical that this happens the night before my mother arrives from Oklahoma. She’ll be here in 8 hours and we have a disgustingly dirty house, a baby on cocaine and absolutely no sleep.

What the fuck.



  1. You jinxed it by writing about it! Maybe do what I do and write the opposite of what’s happening in the hopes the baby will get the idea!

  2. Good plan!

    Something along the lines of, “My baby most certainly ISN’T acting like a raving lunatic- eyes darting around, jumping at the smallest noise, grunting, crying and clawing his eyes out”.

  3. Poor baby. Sorry Anders is reacting to badly to his shots. Maybe a dumb question, but have you given him any baby Tylenol? I usually give my girls some just in case the injection sites are sore. My younger babe had large welts on her legs for a week after her first shots.

  4. Shots DO suck. For both mom & baby. I am so not looking forward to going through it again!

  5. It sounds like your mother is arriving just in time. Enjoy the extra set of hands. Grandma’s have a magical way of putting babies to sleep.

  6. Ohhhh… the shots do suck. Hopefully it’ll be over soon. My little guy has his 18 month shots next week. Good times!

  7. just keep giving him crack and let your mom coo over him while you take a nap.

    i SWEAR it will pass but not without a fight.

  8. I think writing about it does jinx things – like the sling. You would think I was placing Beaner in a medieval torture device after his day of bliss in it. I suggest Tylenol or Benadryl – for your sanity. It’s not like you’re grinding up Ambien – just a little Diphenhydramine to ease him to sleep and keep his eyes safe from his little claws.

  9. tell lini i am jealous (and hello), i wish i was there to help. i agree with the jinxing, i like to keep everything hush hush, you don’t want to spoil a good thing. about giving baby the meds, t was really into that (road trips, flights, and when she just wanted to sleep) and i don’t think leelee and i are 100% all there! i’m just sayin’.

  10. I think it’s perfect timing – your mom will either take the baby or clean the house, and you’ll get to relax a bit! That’s what moms are for, don’t go getting all stressed out.

  11. You poor things. Hope it’s all just history by today and that you’re having a great visit with your Mom. While I’m sure you wanted the house to look fantastic, take my word on this…much as she loves you and much as she may like your home, she’s really only there to see Anders.

  12. I’m sure your mom will be happy holding and playing with Anders while you take a nap. That’s what Grandmas are for! Hope you’re having a great visit with her.

  13. Hope Anders returns to being his normal Angel baby self soon. I always found it took a few days for the effects of the shots to wear off. It’s all for the good though.

  14. aaaw I’m so sorry, my heart is breaking for Anders and you. Poor little guy, not being himself. Your house will go back to normaly one day and you will get sleep… eventually… hugs and kisses to little Anders

  15. Serenity Now says:

    I hope you are having fun with your mom and Anders is back to his bubbly, smiling self ;)