Whoorlito Update


We just returned from Wito’s 10-week checkup, where he had the immense pleasure of receiving 2 shots in each thigh. Because truly, why just one shot when you can drive another needle into the same painful locale? Brilliant!

Can you tell I’m a new parent? Bitter! Bitter, I tell you. Of course, Wito feels great. He cried for about 30 seconds and went back to blowing raspberries. I, on the other hand, pulled a total Rainman- pacing back and forth while repeating “Mama’s here, mama’s here…” on and on and INFINITELY on.

Pacing aside, our pediatrician confirmed what I already knew. Wito is huge (90th percentile for height and 70th percentile for weight). The nurse walked into the exam room and proclaimed “Now, THAT’S a healthy horse!” Uh-huh. Yeah. Big boy.

However, we can’t really figure out why. I guess D and I are both on the tall side of average, but nothing too crazy, and we both are pretty slight. It must be my impressive milk factory rack (patting my own back- take THAT, mastitis). Who knows where that buddha belly came from, but I love it. I think I might eat it with some fava beans this evening. Tasty.

Beyond the big and the happy, Wito might be under the assumption that he’s a werewolf living with his crazy werewolf mother.

Exhibit A (No, you did not eat crazy mushrooms. It’s the video):

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  1. Oh my God. I could so just eat him up. He is adorable. And the noises – too cute for words. Isn’t baby fun great?!

  2. He is just too absolutely adorable! Love the socks too.

  3. those could be the greatest socks ever.

  4. I’m pretty sure he waved to us at the end…

  5. Sooo cute!
    Who’s a lucky little werewolf? Anders is!

    Gawed, couldn’t you just die when they start crying or getting upset? I swear my body temp rises when little Elliott bear gets upset and I have no other option than to let her eat my hair! :) It makes her very happy and content.

  6. Chubby baby doing baby howls? WAY TOO CUTE. I definitely second the motion for Anders and Avelyn to have an international love affair. :)

  7. He is just beautiful (not to mention bigger than my nine month old granddaughter, I think). She finally hit 14 lbs 12 oz and is nine months. Ready to walk, but miniscule!

    Sorry about the mastitis. That is miserable, I well know, but it is obviously having little effect on Baby A!

  8. Oh man, he has the cutest little mouth!

  9. Baby Bug got all excited and was waving at the screen.

  10. Hilar. You’re not werewhoorls; it’s like you’re singing!!!

  11. he gets his buddha belly from his big ol’ aunt and uncle. i love his chubby legs and arms, i just want to kiss them.

  12. Umm, yeah, totally wanting another baby over here. What a cutie, and I love the baby-toe close up at the end!

  13. Best hair EVAR! Love it love it love it!!

  14. Ah-ooo! You go little werewolf. Very cute.

  15. Too. Cute. For. Words.

  16. Filtering Life says:

    He is ridiculously cute. It is amazing to me how moms stumble upon the most unique ways to entertain their babies. Who would have thought howling would be so stinking adorable! His lips kill me…super dooper cute.

  17. aaaoooUUUUU!

    oh, you guys. ;)

  18. He is such a chunky monkey. It’s so beautiful!