Everyday Look: Silk Blouses



What’s your everyday look? Although I attempt to keep things fresh (but seriously, when will I realize that day dresses are a personal pipe dream?), I do have a mainstay ensemble combination that gets me through most days.

Blazer + Silk(y) Blouse + Denim + Flats = Happy, Stylish, and Comfortable

This is my personal style equation, and I’m a huge fan because you can really change up the vibe with different items from your closet.

Today, let’s talk about silk blouses. (Or shall I say “silky” blouses. Do you think I’m going to wear dry clean only items all the livelong day? No thank you.) Although I do own a few 100% silk blouses, a lot of mine are actually made of rayon or polyester, which give them the silky look, but are machine washable. It’s a win-win, me thinks.

I love the way silky blouses drape on the body, and they are equally as lovely dressed up or down. Pair the blouses with pencil skirts, wide-leg trousers, or denim…the sky’s the limit, really. Here are some of my current favorites.


1. Silk Floral Tee, $112

2. Striped Studio Top, $99

3. Elephant Print Tank, $74

4. Peter Pan Collar Top, $49

5. Silk Petal Blouse, $128

6. Draped Pocket Tee, $34

7. Asymmetric Top, $69

8. Silk Paisley Tee, $112

9. Slit Neck Top, $27



  1. I too love silk-y shirts! I also like buying them a size up and feeling like an olsen twin.

  2. I love the elephant print blouse !

  3. Love the Kelly Green blouse! Silk(y) blouses are my go-to work uniform. I work with a lot of heavy samples for design, and a simple pant and blouse combo is easy to move around in. Bonus-they can be relatively inexpensive to replace if torn.
    I would love to know what you look for in a day dress, as I wear those almost every day as well!
    meagan elizabeth recently posted…Etsy Art Love

  4. Ha! The very first thought I had when I saw your post was, “she is crazy, I can’t wear silk blouses as a new mom. Who can afford the time/effort to constantly dry clean!”. And then I read your post, and it all made sense:) I love #8.
    Stacey recently posted…I’m Done Having Babies

  5. Still loving that little umbrella print! It’s like polka dots…the sequel.
    Traci recently posted…Try Gratitude Instead

  6. Loving #3…I have a pair of red suede flats that would just love to be pals with that cute top.

  7. Ever since you posted about what you wore the other day I’ve been wondering about where/how to find good “silky” tops and jackets/blazers. I think I need to try this look – I feel so un-put-together and frumpy most of the time. So thank you!


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