Little Things That Go a Long Way (+$300 Target Sweepstakes)


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Have you ever had issues grounding yourself? No, I don’t mean being sent to your room while you sob and listen to Morrissey (LIFE IS SO UNFAIIIIRRRRRR), nor protecting yourself from actual electric shock. I mean pulling back your focus from a nonstop mind and back into your physical body. Sometimes, I can lose myself in my thoughts, which causes me to feel spaced out, dizzy, and pretty damn strange, really. Like a mini out-of-body experience. Anyone else out there feel this way on occasion?

Bueller? Bueller?

I remember the first time a friend recommended grounding myself by lying outside and feeling the Earth beneath me. I looked at her like she was smoking crack. First off, itchy. Secondly, bugs. Finally, what would the neighbors think? “Oh look, there’s Sarah lying in her front yard. She seems to be fondling the grass and dirt. I knew that chick was weird.”

So maybe I’m not the type to fondle grass, but I have discovered little things that I can do around my home that keep me in the present moment and off the mental hamster wheel, especially when I don’t have much time on my hands due to mom duty.

1. Checking in with your body. If you have 5 minutes to spare and are feeling overwhelmed, sit down, close your eyes and do a body scan. Notice how your body feels – your feet, your legs, your hips, so on and so forth. Divert yourself from mental chatter, and just notice any sensations you have in your body. Don’t judge the sensations. Just observe.


2. Not down with rolling around in a grassy field? Bring nature inside. I love to have beautiful flowers and plants in the home to keep me grounded. Just their presence alone makes me happy, but they also bring my attention to the present moment while caring for them. (Yes, sometimes I touch the plants. Because they are SO DIFFERENT FROM GRASS.)

3. Breathe. Inhale and exhale slowly, counting from 1 to 5 each time. For many months, I thought the whole deep breathing concept was lame. Deep breaths can’t touch MY issues! Well, I’m here to report that as much as you think slow, rhythmic breathing won’t help, it actually does. It just takes more than a minute for your body and mind to get the signal that it’s time to chill out. Try it for at least 5 minutes and then tell me how you feel.


4. Hold your kids. Look at their faces. Count their freckles. Scratch their backs. Look into their eyes and ask them to tell you something funny. Don’t try to sneak a chore when they are answering your question. (So guilty of this.) Be present. Like my dad always said, the best way to stay grounded is to focus on the love around you, outside of you. Forget the to-do list for a bit and take every bit of your little ones in.

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What little things do you do that go a long way? Leave a comment here and you’ll be entered to win a $300 gift card from Target in the Little Bit Goes a Long Way Sweepstakes!

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  1. I buy toilet paper and toiletries in bulk from Target! By buying in bulk and storing it, I don’t have to think about shampoo for a year!

  2. Such a good reminder Sarah. Checking with your body is a good one especially as I get older! And trying to be more present is a current goal of mind for sure.

  3. If I get overwhelmed by my kids (the noise! the questions! the whining!), I try to remember what my parents say: one day, they won’t want to be around you—it’s hard to believe I will miss the chaos! Also knowing that staying connected now will help with the connection when they’re older motivates me to stay present/focused. :)

  4. I use my crock pots to get the lion’s share of my weekday meals ready on Sunday. I have the kids help me, so we are spending time in the kitchen together, while accomplishing a useful task.

  5. Even just sitting down at night, catching up with a DVR’d show, making dinner for myself, or going to bed early help me keep it together!

  6. Thank you so much for these type of posts. I am working on calming down and listening to my body and you give a lot of great suggestions!

  7. Meal planning is the little thing that goes a LONG way in my house. Having everything lined up for the week means no Tuesday night errands or “what are we having for dinner?” freakouts.
    Ris recently posted…Book Review: Coincidence

  8. Jenn Halloran says:

    Prepping for the morning rush the night before, i.e. packing lunches & snacks, laying out clothes, planning breakfast, all help to ensure the mornings go a wee bit smoother in getting us out of the house on time. When I’m not frazzled first thing in the morning, it sets the tone for a calmer, more collected day.

  9. Hugs. Oh, hugs. They are my number one best way to feel grounded. Now that my little girl is here and quite the snuggler, my hug-tank is pretty well filled throughout the day…which has significantly reduced the number of awkward encounters I have with unsuspecting friendly store clerks (kidding…kind of). I love the body scan idea!

  10. I ask my kids to sit on my lap and I just hold them without an electronic device in one hand. That usually brings me out of my head.

  11. Multitasking is awesome and efficient but I have to remind myself NOT to do it when my kids are sitting on my lap, telling me a story, etc. Did I mention I love Target? Hubs refers to it as “the land of my people.”

  12. I try to make at least one large crockpot meal a week. There are only two of us and this can save me from making dinner a few nights and even lunches. Lifesaver.

  13. Just going for a little walk can help me so much. Something about the fresh air helps me clear my mind.

  14. I started meditating before bed to ground myself. I am using the Headspace App (thanks for the suggestion!) and LOVING IT!

  15. I like to take 15 minutes each afternoon for an afternoon tea break. It calms me down after my busy morning and lets me get focused on what I am going to prepare for dinner, going out for the night or the next day’s activities. I feel much more organized and that always makes me feel good.

  16. I count my blessings. Whenever I feel negative, I make a list of everything and everyone that’s awesome in my life.
    Laura recently posted…Happy Healthy Dosha

  17. I sew and knit, it gives me something to allow my brain to unwind from the business of the day and find a place of zen. Also, once I’m done with my project, I have a present to give to someone I love and that will last for a long time!

  18. I remember that the days are long but the years are short. The days can seem to drag and get overwhelming but the years seem to fly by so I try to stop myself in the middle of my impatience or frustration with my husband or children and remember that. Relationships are so precious.

  19. TRYING to not be so anal about every little household thing. “Trying” being the key word here.

  20. I love love love keeping fresh flowers next to my bed. It’s nice to wake up to something refreshing and beautiful every morning!

  21. I make sure that all of the dishes are done and the sink is clean before I go to bed. Coming home from work to a clean kitchen does so much for my state of mind, and makes dinner prep a lot easier!

  22. Trying to remember to stop and really talk to the kids, to try and share a moment with one of them, looking into their eyes and having a hug works wonders when the three of them together are like a mass of feral chaos!
    Also, if you ever want to really, really reeeaaalllllyy appreciate Target, I suggest moving to New Zealand for a year and a half. When you get back you might actually want to lie on the shop floor and ground yourself IN Target. Or lick the aisles, one or the other!

  23. Sometimes just turning off the music in the car, rolling down the windows and taking the long way to wherever I am going helps me focus and be present and calm.

  24. I buy supplies that get used up pretty quickly (paper towels, toilet paper, etc) in bulk from Target. That way the only shopping I do weekly is for food : )

  25. I go on a walk with my daughter. She’s 19 months and the whole world is just one big adventure to her. There’s so much to be discovered – so we hold hands, walk slowly, pet friendly dogs, tweet at birds, wave to trees, pick up pinecones… And then I’m reminded of the the really important, sweet things in life.

  26. a couple things I do to get connected with the present moment:

    1. sit in front of my fish tank and just breath and watch. so calming.

    2. watch at least part of the sunrise. connects me to whatever is out there.

  27. Getting some fresh air usually helps me stay grounded. That and having a good conversation with my mom or sister. They usually know best :) I really like your suggestions, too!
    Meredith recently posted…Happy Valentine’s Day!

  28. Knitting! It’s my new obsession. So relaxing.

  29. I just started using Gain Flings. Love them!!

  30. when i’m feeling like i need grounding i purge & clean the house…everything looks a little brighter with a clean, uncluttered house. :)

  31. When I get overwhelmed I turn everything off – TV, phone, computer, all back ground noise – and just sit in the silence for a little while and take calming deep breaths.

  32. Baking helps calm me.

  33. These are great tips that I will try using, for sure. Thanks, Sarah!

  34. Yes to breathing and getting outdoors! I need to buy myself some flowers and make a trip to the craft store.

  35. I couldn’t agree with you more on the deep breathing. I was the same way — I thought, oh, no, I’m way beyond BREATHING. Umm, no. And I’m finding that different types of deep breathing has different effects. Doing a different rhythm, breathing more into my stomach than my chest, etc — it’s all strangely different.
    Kristen recently posted…Why I’m done bashing Valentine’s Day

  36. Jessie Briggs says:

    I try to stay organized, that way my night time routine with my boys is less stressful. When I plan ahead and make lunches and layout clothes, I’m just making my life easier.

  37. I will go for a walk outside without any headphones, light a candle, or turn off the TV and turn on my record player.

  38. I keep a gratitude journal, it reminds me how blessed I really am.

  39. Things that keep me grounded on stressful days are a giant cup of coffee, running, and laughing with my family!

  40. Looking at pictures of my kids on my phone reminds me that in the scheme of things everything is just fine!

  41. These are great tips! Thank you!

  42. I too have a hard time turning off the brain. In fact, unless I am dead tired, I can’t go to sleep without aid. This is bad.

    Things I have been taught is even though I can’t turn off the thoughts, I need to let them pass through me – thoughts in and thoughts out. Acknowledge it but don’t let it take you over. Easier said than done but I have had some success with it.

    Looking at videos of my nieces and nephews is also a great distaction :)

  43. For me, it’s prepping the night before. taking the extra time to get everything ready for the next day. Usually at night, it takes me ten minutes and then it makes my morning a breeze. But if I don’t prep the night before ie: lunch, pick out clothes, straighten up. The next morning is chaos.
    Ashley recently posted…PowerSheets

  44. Kate Mitchell says:

    Love target! Great reminders, I always try to take time each day to be present with my kids and husband, sometimes life gets in the way but I try not to let it!

  45. Sheila Jones says:

    I love fresh flowers, flowy curtains and opened windows! Hiking connects me to the earth and makes me feel so alive, the peace and quiet makes me feel recharged and opens up my eyes to the world around. I love nature!

  46. Just being prepared for the week. Being organized. Easy meals planned for busy days/nights. And most of all remaining calm and being a better parent than what I had growing up.

  47. I agree completely with the deep breathing, particularly with thinking it couldn’t possibly help me in my more anxious moments. Now that I know it does, I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time being wound up in my own head. Also, buying myself or my home a little treat from Target occasionally to freshen things up is a little thing that goes a long way too!

  48. I spend 15 minutes at the end of every day to straighten up the common areas. Goes a long way in making me feel less frazzled the next day.

  49. I have a new routine in the morning which consists of exercise for an hour, then I have a a couple hours to relax with no one else home before I go to work. It is quiet and I really get to enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe a TV show I would like to catch up on and read a couple daily reflection book passages.

  50. To paraphrase Brene Brown the antidote to anxiety is gratitude so when I’m overwhelmed with anxiety I sometimes say out loud “Grateful Grateful Grateful.” Seems wackado, but it brings me out of whatever I’m worried about.

  51. I make pottery, on a wheel. Feelinf the spinning clay in my hands is like a form of meditation for me.

  52. Great tips, Sarah. The days are long but the years are short.

  53. I try to carve out a little time in the day to relax with a book, even if I only have time to read a few pages. It’s my favorite way to decompress.

  54. I too used to think deep breathing was the lamest. “You breathe deep while I go over here and yell,” that’s about how it went. And still does sometimes. I haven’t tried the flowers thing on a regular basis, but I do love cute and casual fresh flowers. During a tough period with one of our littles I would make an effort to pray for my attitude and perception towards that kid and sort of plan out how I would handle things. Cool post, thanks for the ideas!

  55. When I’m stuck inside with a long to do list, I love to open the windows so I can hear the birds chattering and feel the breeze – makes things so much cheerier!

  56. I get outside, preferably to the woods! Once I’m out there surrounded by trees, I feel at home in my body again.

  57. I work at home, I make it a point to leave my office in the middle of the day whether it be for 5 minutes or 45. A walk, reading a book, or flipping in the tv makes for a much saner afternoon.

  58. Dropping the “chores” long enough to join my Stinkers in dancing around the house for at least two songs…I hope they remember these evenings when they’re older!

  59. Having a “landing strip” – place for keys, etc. multiple phone chargers in convenient places, and a morning routine (coffee pot preset the night before, feed the cat, bathroom, etc.)

  60. Lately, I’ve been struggling with stress and anxiety and have found a hour treatment of acupuncture to be the self-care that I’ve needed. Just that hour a week goes a long way to sustain me through the week.

  61. I have older kids (17 and 21) so not nearly the stress of moms with little ones, but I still need that down time every day and try to be quiet for 15-20 each evening. Reading, staring out the window, journaling. Anything that helps clear the head and be with your own thoughts, reflecting on the day and what is most important in life.

  62. Listening to podcasts, petting my dogs, taking a long hot shower or bath, spending time outside now that it has warmed up help me relax.

  63. Going outside for a short walk and fresh air during my lunch break is always energizing to me (even when it’s polar vortex weather in Boston!).

  64. I love the idea of listening to your body! Such a great way to be calm and check in with yourself!

  65. Rebecca Timmons says:

    A long shower and reading seem to help me chill out. When I can’t do that a good old fashioned tickle war with the kids seems to put everyone in a happy space! A $300 Target gift card could do the trick too ????.

  66. My boot camp every morning is the one good thing I do for myself to start my day. I know as soon as I return home, it’s always chaos 3 kids up, mornings, ah. I need to breathe more.

  67. When I start to feel overwhelmed by life I turn on some encouraging music and meditate on God’s promises. I ignore the housework and errands and just focus on playing with the kids. :)

  68. A little thing that we do is read together before bed every night with the kids!

  69. Doing my PT exercises (I hurt my left shoulder) helps me focus on my body. Since working with a therapist, I now notice my tendons, my muscles. It has been an enlightening journey to recovery.

    One of my favorite things has been giving my kids a bath. They splash around, play with the bubbles… reminds me of how the smallest, littlest, silliest things can be soooo much fun.

  70. One of my goals this month I a to leave my phone and electronic devices out of the bedroom at night! I go to bed earlier and get more sleep which makes me happier! And oh, I always doubt the breathing thing to until I get really into it. It’ takes it a while for it to work for me but when it does, magicall!
    Jessica recently posted…Toms Shoes and Sustainable Shopping

  71. I try to only clean up the kids toys during naps and after bed. I used to go around behind them and do it, but it was completely futile.

  72. Jessica L. says:

    I say a thank you for something. In my mind or out loud, a thank you goes a long way on both ends.

  73. I’ve been trying to read before bed instead of zoning out in front of the tv. Much better for my mental health and sleep!

  74. Thank you!

  75. My 7 year old daughter and I do a sleep meditation for children every night. It helps her fall asleep easier and it helps me to just relax.

  76. I lay with my kids at bedtime and listen to them talk about their day. I ask questions and we just talk. This is best part of my day.

  77. Taking a break from technology is very grounding for me. I also use aromatherapy to chill out.

  78. Going to Target could help???

  79. I like to take my dogs on a little walk when I need to ground myself. I get nature, interaction with adorable little animals and a little music in my ears.

  80. I am pretty new to yoga, but I go to a hot yoga studio nearby and love it. I just started to practice a little at home too, and it makes the start if everyday so much better. Even if I do struggle to get myself in the mat sometimes. I’m always thankful that I did it.

  81. As a full time working mom, I use weekends to make the most of my time with my kids. We try to do something fun outside of the house on Saturdays and I use Sundays to get them involved in helping me cook for the week, they love to help vacuum. It helps me spend quality time with my kids, reenergize for the work week ahead and also get some of my housework done!

  82. Love this list! Also the yoga station on pandora is good for mini-meditations!

  83. I tend to get up a little earlier than I need to so I can get a load of laundry done before I leave for work. This way I don’t have to worry about doing it in the evening when I am tired.

    And I like someone above me with the “Going to Target” suggestion!!

  84. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’ll take a few minutes and do some deep breathing or a few yoga stretches. It really helps me to calm down and focus on what’s important.

  85. I try to think of something I am grateful for every day. It’s so easy to stress myself out about a number of things. But reminding myself of the wonderful things in my life slows down the anxiety.

  86. I still spend almost 45 minutes putting my son to sleep. He’s two, but he loves books. With being a working mom (outside the home), it is worth those lost chores to snuggle with him.

  87. Goes to show our grandparents had it right – take time to stop and smell the roses!

    A good night of catching up with girlfriends always re-charges my batteries.

    And times are tight – I’d love that Target gift card!

  88. i finish up my work for the day just before my 5 year old gets home from school, i take 5 minutes to move anything out of the way that might be a distraction for me–like my laptop, stack of mail, calendar etc. I guess i’m sort of mentally/physically pushing things aside so i am 100% present to hear about all the goings on at kindergarten. It’s made a big difference for both of us.

  89. I try to prep as much as I can for the following week on Sunday. It really helps me get through the week.

  90. tinathepow says:

    I make sure no matter what crizness my 3 kiddos have going on that I take a shower everyday. It may not be much, but I need it.

  91. My weekly acupuncture appointments were one of the few places I could totally let my mind be quiet for 45 minutes and just concentrate on my qi flowing through my body. It was such a peaceful time (too bad my favorite acupuncturist moved out of state).

  92. Keeping an uncluttered house keeps me feeling calm and peaceful. Cleaning up the kitchen every night is also important…the cleaning itself doesn’t feel therapeutic to me, but it prevents the depression of waking up to a mess. I also prepare for each day the night before…make my son’s lunch, make sure everything is completed, signed, and in his backpack ready to go, and lay it out with his clothes, shoes, and jacket in preparation for a stress-free morning. This also helps me sleep better, because I don’t lay in bed listing a bunch of things that need to be done just to get out the door in the morning. It’s hard to feel grounded when you’re late and in a rush!

  93. Such an important post. Spending REAL time with my kids, just talking, keeps my peace.

  94. I make sure and get 15-30 minutes everyday to stretch, roll out on my foam roller and get a little Pilates in. Helps me relax and keeps my body feeling good!

  95. I go for a run by myself and no music. Yes, it takes up time in my busy day but when I’m done I have so much more mental energy to deal with everything I have going on.

  96. I empty my dishwasher first thing before I run out the door in the morning — no matter how late I’m running — because then the dirty dishes go right into the dishwasher all day long and even though there are teenagers in and out — I don’t come home to a sink full of piled, dirty dishes in the sink — something that makes me oh so grumpy :)

  97. Lying with my littlest one at bedtime while she falls asleep on nights she is scared, fussy, or just in need of an extra cuddle always makes me feel good. :)

  98. Christina G says:

    Taking a shower, a long hot steamy one where I feel like every pore in my body is open and releasing all the junk that’s weighing me down. Also, I do my best thinking in the shower. =0)

  99. Your children are beautiful little spirits. What a gift! My kids also ground me. Nothing like two little eyes staring right at you, needing you to bring you back to the present.

  100. Just remembering that all of the phases, good and bad, pass pretty quickly helps me stay more in the moment

  101. I find, especially at work, that if I’m getting really stressed a simple trip to the water cooler, popping in my ear buds with some relaxing music playing or re-reading affirmations can instantly ground me and get me through the rest of the day, meeting, etc.

  102. I find sitting down with a cup of coffee for a few minutes each day with some worship music helps me stay more present.

  103. Thank you for sharing your tips. It is difficult to stay grounded in such a fast-paced, plugged in world.

  104. I workout, sure I sometimes don’t want to/don’t have time to but going to the gym always ends up making me feel better. There’s something so empowering about re-discovering that my body is strong and capable and for me that transfers over to my mental health as well.

  105. Being present is hard, but just hanging out with my kids and not doing ANYTHING else at the same time is very de-stressing. :)

  106. I breath in for 4 seconds.
    Hold that breath for 4 seconds.
    Let that breath out for 4 seconds.
    Then hold my breath for 4 seconds.
    Repeat again and again until I feel better.

    As I am doing this I envision a square’s 4 corners, since one cycle is a set of 4. (each breath is a corner of that square). If I am in my office and can’t close my eyes, I just look at a square on the ceiling and do this for a quick 2 minutes. Although I probably would would look less crazy if I just closed my eyes versus looking up.

    I’ve found that my mind is way to busy focusing on counting to 4 and picturing the square, that I can’t think of anything else. My energy healer taught me this trick for racing heart beat due to anxiety.

  107. Taking time to read something I enjoy at the end of the day always helps me. And turning off the TV & iPhone as well.

  108. When things get overwhelming, I have to stop and remind myself that it’s just one moment at a time. I can get through a moment. And then another.

  109. Just last night, my youngest (8) decided he wanted to sit in my lap to do his homework. Something so random and rare that it took me completely by surprise, but it made my entire week. I spent that time just smelling his sweet little boy smell.

  110. I used to go an lie (lay?) on the grass with a coworker during our lunch hour. We called it “doing savasana”, and it felt SO GOOD. She doesn’t work with me anymore, and I stopped doing it when she left – I guess it felt more comfortable with a partner in zen-crime? I should start again.

  111. I get up a bit before my kids and just sit for a little, enjoying the quiet.

  112. Such good reminders. I have a note on my monitor to BREATHE. It’s crazy how often I forget.

  113. I opt for the five minute walk. It’s easy to tell myself there’s no time, especially when things get busy. But five minutes rarely breaks my schedule and the fresh air/change of pace really does me good!

  114. Instead of doing one major cleaning of the house every so often I clean a little every day. Wiping down the sinks (every other day with scrub) and toilets, kitchen counters, and once a week I vacuum and clean the tile floors. That way the mess is kept at bay and cleaning never gets overwhelming

  115. Love all the plants in your house… if only I could keep mine alive!

  116. Allison Roehrich says:

    Breathing deep is sooo great – in through your nose, out through your mouth. My mom used to tell us this all the time as kids, and I always thought she was crazy. Turns out she’s smarter than I ever wanted her to be :)

    Also, I’ve started doing yoga – a formal class just one evening a week, and then I do some stretches and poses randomly when I need to just center. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten odd looks as people walk by my office while I’m rockin’ the warrior…

  117. I love your tips :) The most obvious one I do for myself is a weekly yoga class. I leave there feeling centered and relaxed. One I do with my girls (ages 12 and 13) is we write down “5 things that make us happy” and read them to each other. It can be big things or small and we do it several mornings a week. It helps us all focus on the good things in our life.
    Alicia recently posted…Click of the Wild: Love

  118. I like to take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. It’s good for clearing the mind.

  119. Love the pics of you and your kids…and of course, Target!

  120. I do weekly meal planning to make sure we eat healthy and not to waste food while staying on budget.

  121. i find that escaping my desk for some fresh air really helps – bonus if there’s sunshine. but looking away from a screen – mobile or desktop – allows me to be more grounded to what’s going on around me. thanks for a fun giveaway!
    kat recently posted…this weekend was for:

    fun day
    slug life day
    productive day


  122. Sundays are snack days, we make breakfast and snack items for the rest of the week. An hour in the kitchen with the kids and we can do waffles, muffins, granola bars, cookies and occasionally crackers. They have fun and learn and get to pick what they want to snack on. I get to relax a bit on school mornings knowing they are eating healthy and I don’t have to actually MAKE waffles at 6:30am!
    Rebecca recently posted…Mariner’s Ridge

  123. I’m so bad about trying to spend time with my daughter, but doing something else during it. I’ve got to work on that. And I want house plants. For years I thought I couldn’t have them because I have cats and I really hated the idea of the cats digging up the plants and having to clean up the mess, but I’ve had a little aloe plant my grandma gave me for a few month and the cats have chewed on the leaves a little, but no digging. I’m going to get some plants soon. yay.

  124. I keep myself grounded by spending some time alone after work while hubby makes dinner (no kids yet!) I turn up the music and sing along while decompressing from my day. Then we sit down and eat together. It keeps me from getting short with him just because I xan be tired and hungry by that time of day. : )

  125. Oh, how I can relate! I live on the, ‘mental hamster wheel’ and the idea of, ‘fondling the grass’ made me laugh–THANK YOU! It’s always nice to know that we’re not alone.
    I’m at the opposite part of life, my kids are grown & gone and I’ve been on disability for 4 years–the isolation has become almost worse than the illnesses. Thank God I have an amazing husband of 30 years, who makes me laugh everyday and helps to keep that damn hamster outta my head!

  126. I take my dog for a walk when I’m feeling overwhelmed. And every morning on my way to work I stop and look at the moon which reminds me to look for the beauty in life, to not stay focused on the ugly and the negative and the ickyness that can consume us. The moon in the morning grounds me.

  127. Thanks for the post, it is one thing to hear these things and to know them, and entirely different thing to actually DO them! I take time to disconnect.

  128. To stay grounded I take a deep breath and a long walk. I try to s-l-o-w way down and focus on what I’m doing in the present moment instead of being in my head. Loved your post!!!

  129. I have “forced” cuddle time with my girls…studying their sweet faces and still-dimpled hands. I love watching them grow up but want to remember every part of them as preschoolers/toddlers.

  130. Since I’m kidless my focus is on my dog–he gets so happy with my undivided attention it makes me so happy in return. Just 5 min. is a great stress relief!

  131. I’m with you on the breathing. Amazing the difference it makes! I love the checking in with your body idea.. Going to try that!

  132. Headspace is amazing! I’ve been at it for 7 months now. It is changing my life.

  133. When it’s not too cold, I try to spend an hour outside every day. Whether it’s eating lunch outside, or taking a walk, I’ve noticed it really boosts my mood and keeps me centered.

  134. I like getting lost in a book. I almost never have time for it, but when I make time, I feel so much more me!

  135. I like to go sit at the piano for a short time and sightread a piece. Just allowing myself to get absorbed in notes and rhythms and phrasing really stops my mind from churning. Making music is good for endorphins too. :)

  136. PLANTS! Living here in the freezing cold Boston area, I go stir-crazy during the winter so I keep lots and lots of beautiful plants around the house. Just sitting near my table full of green helps keep me calm and serene while I wait patiently for spring to arrive. Awesome added bonus: there are so many lovely plants that double-duty as natural air filters that take toxins out of your house environment!!!

  137. I need grounding quite a bit as my mind is always running, trying to figure out things constantly. I do what you pointed out–I close my eyes and breathe deeply and let my mind settle.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. Vanessa Florez says:

    I use the tasks and reminders app on the iPhone in order to keep on track. I save so much time by the end of the day, it’s wonderful!

  139. Trails. I need them to stay grounded. They help remind me how beautifully diverse this world is and how beautifully small I am. Also, I write notes to friends and family [postcards are especially fun to send], and I’ve taken to sketching bits and pieces from any time spent outside-little things I want to especially remember. I never expected it to be, but sketching is soothing.

  140. Yes! Breathing is so important! I never realized how much anxiety I can rid myself if by simply realizing the moment and breathing through it. I love combining deep breathing with essential oils like lavender or Young Living’s Peace and Calming blend, too.

  141. Great post, again. Trying to stay in the moment and not sneak chores is totally me. My shortcut is to anticapte for the coming week and have everything on hand and scheduled out so there is no chaos, or at least minimal chaos. Who am I kidding when you have kids?

  142. I sew or read. Both help me focus and let all the thoughts swirling in my head settle.
    Hanna recently posted…Best Books of the Year (Probably)

  143. Drinking a whole cup of tea – while not doing anything else!

  144. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I like to read.

  145. Trying to make my health and fitness a priority instead of pushing it off to the side if I have time. Happy mom = happy family :)

  146. Reading helps. Reading outside on a beautiful day, even better!

  147. Spending a few moments near the ocean. There is something about the change of scenery and vastness of the ocean that reminds me how much bigger things are than me and my issues (frustration, anxiety, frustration, exhaustion, frustration).

  148. I relate to everything in this post and gained much from it as well as all the lovely comments. Well, for me it’s my two cats. Somehow their singleness of purpose and total devotion to me as their human (yes, I’m still talking about felines here… I know you’re thinking canines…) just slows me down and centers me. There is qualitative evidence that having pets reduces both morbidity and mortality.

  149. Good reminder…

    I get outside. Fresh air is a must. It’s too easy for me to stay inside and do “chores” or catch up on my shows. Just being outside makes me feel awake/refreshed/renewed.

  150. Acting silly with my two little ones is so enjoyable and relaxing, there is nothing like watching them laugh…best therapy :)

  151. I’m a big fan of crayons and coloring with the kids. They don’t always let me do what I want to do, but we get to play together and I get a bit of down time in my brain.

  152. I am organized, I have specific loads of laundry and chores I do on specific days of the weeks. Secondly, I read to my 7 month old daughter as much as she will let me.

  153. This is a timely post, since I’ve had to do a lot of “grounding” work lately. Something I find myself doing a lot is just pausing to take a deep breath and really just remember that “now is now.” A purposeful breath can go a long way!
    Allison recently posted…25 Great Chapter Book Series for 8 to 12 Year Olds

  154. Making sure to check in with my husband on more than just a “how was your day” question in the evenings and actually listening to what he has to say…and he does the same back to me, which is an awesome feeling knowing your spouse genuinely is concerned with how things are going :)

  155. I try to unplug when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed. A day of simply doing what needs to be done – chores and physical labor, but no email or television or social media – helps me get back into a good groove.

  156. I think if everyone just learned to disconnect from the world for awhile they wouldn’t have all these issues. I raised my kids before the ipads, iphones, twitter etc., We were able to stay more present without those distractions. I enjoyed my kids, made time for myself and my husband. They say that all of this technology is making people dummer and that we no longer wonder – we can look things up in an instant. We can’t get time back – don’t waste it spending with technology instead of humans.

  157. I just try to take some some to myself to work out and stay sane. Just a walk outside when weather permits (Hello WI winters!) is wonderful! With 3 little kids, a simple trip to Target alone is pretty awesome. I’m lucky I get to do that often on my lunch hour!

  158. great advice! i have found that spending time outside unplugged from everything while getting my body moving is a godsend. carry on!

  159. I take a shower every day, even if it is just for 2 minutes (which might not seem like a lot, but I’m taking care of two under two all by myself most days, so… yeah, it’s a lot!) – close my eyes, inhale the steam, and let the hot water relax my shoulders… I also try to get outside and walk whenever the weather allows! Yay for sunlight!

  160. Getting everything ready the night before work the next day goes a loooooong way. Helps to get me and the kid out the door on time. Organized mama equals less stressed mama :)

  161. Becky Joyce says:

    I love this. And as someone who has followed you a long time and feels kind of like a “friend,” I love how well you are taking care of yourself these days! Your posts are inspiring and full of joy.

    Oftentimes, I’m so exhausted and beat down at bedtime that I just want to rush through the motions. But, after my kids are asleep, I will sneak back into their room, smell their heads, kiss their cheeks, say a little prayer of gratitude. It always grounds me.

  162. I do little “tidy-ups” during the week, like wiping down the bathroom sink while I swish my mouthwash at night, emptying my catch-all tray by the front door, etc., so when I do my weekend chores, they don’t seem so overwhelming.

  163. Love your post! I try to choose my outfit for the next day before going to bed. I am not the biggest morning person, so something little like that helps to ensure many more stress free mornings.

  164. I don’t do mornings well, but am a total breakfast person. So I make a week’s worth of breakfasts that freeze and reheat well on Sunday nights. Which makes me feel 1 trillion times better about my life by sleeping just a few minutes more while still having quick, nutritious breakfasts throughout the week.

  165. meal planning, it usually keeps trips to the grocery store down to once a week, saves money, saves times because I don’t have to try and figure out what we are going to have for dinner and it also helps me to try new recipes.
    sarah recently posted…snow, glorious snow

  166. Playing outside with my toddler reminds how important being present it and cherishing the moments with her! I use lots of little shortcuts to be more efficient in my daily routines so I can make time for the things that matter most :)

  167. Leaving my house. I get stuck in the home do loop.

  168. I basically have a Target next door (we walk there when it snows!) – so I buy everything I can there!

  169. I think the most important step can be just realizing when I’m not being present. I find if I’m not careful, I can waste SO much time in a selfish and sometimes anxious thought life. Who said day dreaming was just for teenagers?! Prayer is just the best when I get lost in stressful thoughts etc. and truly helps me stop and know that God is God, and that his presence is with me.
    Also, I heart Target. Amen.

  170. I like to go for a run, or cook. something about chopping vegetables is very therapeutic!

  171. I go to the gym to get some “me time”

  172. ah, mindfulness and self-care — so important for happy parenting and happy children. we were JUST talking about this today at our new mama’s group.

  173. love reading these posts about your journey. they have been so helpful as i’ve traveled a similar path myself. making the effort to really put down the technology and focus on my kids helps me stay grounded. yoga classes at my gym and just pausing to have a cup of tea and do something i enjoy, even for just 20 minutes helps me tremendously!

  174. Plants. Journaling. Reading. Writing. Deep breathing. So many ways to get through the hard moments.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Tiny Quilt, Finished

  175. taking a bath is a huge one for me. also, drinking tea. and taking a walk. love your bringing nature inside idea! must do that too.

  176. Taking some time to read with my kids forces me to slow down and be present. Or Target breaks!

  177. I like to prep food on the weekends for the week!

  178. I love to take Epsom salt baths. Very relaxing, very invigorating. (Make sure to keep hydrated & not stay in too long!) They go a long way in helping me de-stress.

  179. I try to be in bed by 10pm (not tonight, however!)

  180. Counting freckles, boo boo’s, hairs, whatever. Just taking time to *see* my kids without worrying about how they look, whether they washed their hands, finished their homework, or minded their manners at school today. Yes, those things are important, but more important is seeing our children and loving them every second we can. Dear friends of ours lost their 4-year old two weeks ago to cancer and it REALLY woke us up – no matter how difficult – staying in the present is all we have. Any shortcuts available to help us sort through the other fillers in life (laundry, meals, shopping, housecleaning, etc.) – is greatly appreciated! Thank you P&G, for all you do which enables us to do all that we can do.

  181. Laying out my outfit for the next day goes a long way with me. I LOVE myself, and I’m often rushing out the door to work. Having everything laid out prevents a panic attack in the morning.

  182. A good workout calms me, but also, I try to stop take a deep cleansing breath, and in my head (and sometimes out loud) tell myself to just “be kind.” It is a simple reminder to myself that what I say and do impacts everyone around me, even myself, whether at work or at home.

  183. Yoga! Lots of yoga! And when I can’t do yoga, any task that requires extreme focus, like knitting, sewing, even scrubbing tile grout.

  184. Getting outside, a little fresh air goes a long way.

  185. Now that we have a kiddo, free time is a luxury and since I still crave it I make sure to ask for some “me time.” Whether it’s to get a pedicure, go to dinner with friends, or just go shopping…asking for some time to myself every now and then goes a long way in helping me feel a bit more relaxed!

    My husband needs his “me time” too, so we take turns and try to provide that for each other.

  186. Little things that go a long way… plastic containers to pack my lunch in; cuddling with my dog and husband to unwind; cute coffee cups.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  187. a deep breath and a hug from my kiddo – he is 18 months so he is always ready to give a hug that lasts forever!

  188. I try to workout in the mornings so I have my evenings free for other activities and errands.

  189. tight hugs & going on walks

  190. I use Tide Pods to save time and love them! I also wake up early on weekdays to work out before everyone gets up. It allows me to spend more time with my family.

  191. Yoga with my daughter, neighborhood walks, yard work are the best medicine!

  192. Getting outside for a walk around the neighborhood or to the park does wonders for me and my three very active little boys!

  193. Holding my son, rocking him back and forth and just breathing deeply is the best way for me to let go of stress and get back in the present.
    Stacey recently posted…How to Wear a Full Skirt

  194. I prep lunches the night before and plan ahead for dinners. Last minute meals usually result in take-out so it’s important I stay organized.

  195. I keep something sweet around constantly. Chocolate and candy are just little things that go a long way to brighten up any gray day!

  196. I remember something you wrote about once to try and be a “B+” parent. This has done wonders for me! I am a Type A all day long at work but at home, I keep that B+ in mind and try to have more fun and worry less about everything being perfect.

  197. Great advice! Thanks.

  198. A big bundle of fresh tulips does wonders for me. I need to bring more of these great ideas into my life! I am ready for the renewal that Spring seems to bring.

  199. i talk about everyone’s day in my family

  200. I make my bed every single day. Even in hotels.
    Janssen recently posted…Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

  201. I love to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. So I try to spent 10 minutes daily enjoying the sky colors.

  202. Mmmm, laundry detergent is one of my favorite smells! Weird, I know.

  203. Every night before I go to bed, I make sure the kitchen is SPOTLESS. That way I have a completely clean slate when I wake up in the morning.

  204. I make sure that I exercise daily. This is what keeps me sane. I feel like I can make choices better and more effectively in every aspect of my life when I am physically active. :)

  205. I try to clean up my house every Sunday morning. Even if I only have a little bit of time before heading to brunch, I find that a some minor cleaning goes a long way and makes me more likely to keep the house clean for the duration of the week!

  206. I like to go outside and sit in the sunshine during my breaks at work rather than sitting at my desk.

  207. So many good & helpful suggestions here. What you wrote, Sarah, about that disoriented, spicy feeling that can come over you really resonated with me. I think a good, long workout concluded by stretching is my best antidote to feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control.

  208. Exercise is my simple thing that works wonders.

  209. Morning walks with my dog, a cup of afternoon tea while listening to ‘Fresh Air’ (NPR) wandering bookstore aisles, treating myself to a daiquiri ice cream cone at B.R., riding my beach cruiser around the neighborhood.
    Laurie Ann recently posted…S N O W !

  210. Stephanie P says:

    A shared family calendar that’s on both of our phones… never have to question what’s going on!

  211. Just started yoga. That’s been huge for me. Also, taking a nap, reading, a pedicure. Doing something nice for myself.

  212. I’m loving your recommendation of the headspace app lately! A little a day goes a long way! Thanks so much for the tips!

  213. I sneak away to my craft room and create something that inspires me. It’s an instant mood booster and then I can go on with ‘life’ :)

  214. Watch our fish eat all their food in their own little world

  215. Every night before I go to sleep, I scan the room and pick up / put away anything that’s out of place. It only takes a minute and keeps the place manageable. I do need to take some time and just exercise… spending 3 30-minute sessions per week will really go a long way for me! but i’m just so lazy!

  216. Emmabel Orendain says:

    Reading helps! As does prayer =)

  217. Cups of tea and my clutter box. (OK, sooo we accrued enough what-should-we-do-with-it mail and little tidbits that now we have two clutter boxes.) But it’s been beautiful to have a halfway place for things that isn’t the kitchen counter.

  218. In moments like you describe, Sarah, I exercise and get my body working harder than my mind. Like you, I get stuck in my head from time to time. Okay, who am I kidding, it happens a lot. So I workout five to six times a week for mental clarity.

  219. Excellent advice!

  220. shop at costco (: and recycle!

  221. Such great advice! I will certainly be trying out some “grounding” techniques to help my weeks be more productive. Love it! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

  222. I stick my face in front of my kid often…I work long hours and I only get a few hours a day with him. I don’t him to forget me and I don’t want to forget him!

  223. Taking a moment before the day begins to drink a tall glass of water and set my intentions for the day. Remembering my intentions throughout the day has drastically reduced my anxiety.
    Thanks for the introduction to Headspace!

  224. I love Gain Flings!

  225. I try not to procrastinate, as having to rush to get something done always stresses me out.

    When I need to let off some steam while driving by myself, I crank the radio and sing along at the top of my lungs without caring who can see me. Always leaves me in a better mood!

  226. Mandy Ruch says:

    Having three little boys (3yrs, 22mos & 3mos) the two tiny things that make all the difference for me are fresh flowers- especially in the winter when everything is dead and dormant and drying my hair. Both feel like SUCH luxuries, but can totally impact my day!

  227. We all sit down together for a family dinner every night after I get home from work. I try to engage my son in conversation to hear about his day. Being mindful of the conversation and hearing about his day helps me let go of some of my own stress from the work day. I also love a good walk outside to help me de-stress.

  228. My laundry detergent is from Target. Up & Up. This could ALOT of detergent.

  229. Dog treats. $300 buys alot of dog treats….and shoes.

  230. I get down on the floor and cuddle the dog. The wagging tail and the way he headbutts me to cuddle closer make me happy, even if I am getting dog hair all over my clothes :-)

  231. Coffee and the Atmospheric Indie Pop station on Songza.

  232. I read – blogs, a magazine, the Bible, spirituality books, anything.

  233. Pretty much anything outside…fishing, hiking, camping..

  234. I take time to deep breathe!! It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself.

  235. Anna Schmohe says:

    Having unhurried days at home where we read books, build forts, and just have a lack of an agenda. And for just me–getting up earlier than the kids (SO. HARD.) to take a shower or do any kind of self-care. When I can do it, it really sets the tone for the day in such a positive way!

  236. I always write down in my planner which chores I do on which day. It helps me feel accomplished by writing down what I do and helps me make sure I am cleaning everything often enough/not cleaning too much!

  237. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I plan my outfits the night before.

  238. I love leaving little hidden notes for my boyfriend. I leave them everywhere its so fun. In his shoes, inside his favorite coffee mug, even on his rearview mirror! It always puts a smile on his face. I think its the little ways you can show someone you love them that mean the most to me.

  239. Breathing does work!

  240. Michelle Harrison says:

    Getting the kitchen clean every night really helps me.

  241. Deep breaths, stretch backwards, opening the ribs and chest and just breathing. Also sit down with a novel for a bit. And touch base with best friends.

  242. I’ve been spending a little more time meal planning and recipe browsing. It has really improved my meals obviously but also the budget and attitude around food shopping. That little bit really goes a long way!

  243. Make my own laundry detergents, use old towels as rags to clean, make own cleaning spray and dish soap while clipping coupons.

  244. Walking my dog…a little bit of outside time with my buddy goes a long way to keeping my life in check.

  245. I find that a quick trip to Target sometimes brightens my whole day!

  246. Nice photos and your kids look so cute! Also, going to Target is one of my most favorite things. It’s almost therapeutic.

  247. I take both of my kids in my arms and hug them with all the genuine love in my body. With complete presence, I inhale their magical toddler/infant smell and remind myself of how grateful I am for everything good in my life. Nothing grounds you quite like an appreciation for the present moment. :)

  248. Holly Stewart says:

    I take 5 minutes at the end of the night to play a game of sudoku. Even if I don’t finish it, I still enjoy doing something that is just for myself. Throughout the day, I will ask my little man for a hug which reconnects the both of us. Not sure what I’m going to do when I go back to work in July, but I used to take a minute here and there and just look at my family picture.

  249. Your daughter is the cuuuuuutest!

  250. Breathing is huge for me. Focusing on the love in my life; what I love , who loves me, etc . Yoga. Going for a walk when I don want my coworkers to think I’m nuts for deep breathing for 5 min. Love your list & the comments. So many awesome examples!

  251. Susan Christy says:

    Keeping my house clean and tidy – it makes me feel so good!

  252. Courtney nelson says:

    That’s a great little mindfulness exercise! Thanks for sharing.

  253. When life gets hectic and I need to reconnect, I try to center myself with deep breathing. “Disconnect to Connect” is a saying we have in our home. I try to be mindful of that and it usually helps to ground me to the present.

  254. I’m so ‘not grounded’ that I cant remember if I already commented or not! Excuse me if I duplicate myself. I am consciously trying to spend more “fun” time with my kids. I don’t want them to remember a nagging mother! Step in the right direction – skiing together all day yesterday! Also, I have adopted “Comparison is the thief of Joy” as my mantra – try not to compare to those that seem impossibly perfect.

  255. I need some fresh flowers in my house pronto!

  256. I try to work out every day–even if it’s only 20 minutes!

  257. I sit down with a cat curled up in my lap and concentrate on the purring. It’s my form of meditation :)

  258. Sherri Gonyier says:

    We have six girls so when the Grandsons come over, I sit on the floor with the Boys and we have all the cars and trucks out and we line them up and make noises and play and play, mess them up and start all over!

  259. Running does it for me each and every time!

  260. We like to do dinner dishes after the kids have gone to bed so we have more time to spend with them!

  261. I’ve found a cluttered house makes my stress levels go up immensely. So I take 15 minutes to clean up the kitchen and put all the random clutter from the day away before I go to bed. It makes such a difference to wake up to a clean house. I also make sure to make my bed as soon as I wake up so I’m less likely to get back into bed. The other part of my day is getting in 20 minutes of yoga. It combines deep breathing with body awareness and stretching. It allows you to start the day relaxed and focused. My days are always better when I make morning yoga a priority.

  262. Like others who have commented, clutter creates chaos in my head. Picking up does wonders for me. I also LOVE your number 4. Being present and loving up my littles makes me feel as if I was lying on the grass. Ladies, we must practice self-care!
    Tanya recently posted…Week in Pics (Including The Vukojevic Wedding)

  263. I love natural light and fresh air in my home or lamp light if the natural has gone away. It creates the most peaceful atmosphere. I also like to have as many plants in our home as possible, and as out of reach of our two kittens as possible. I love just taking a few minutes to sit quietly in the the sunlight coming in through our big sun room windows to peruse my Kinfolk cookbook and just breath.

  264. I walk the dog. It never seems like the thing I want to do but getting outside and walking- even a little- always makes me feel better. It is also a clever way of getting out of the house during a crowded/loud/stressful situation. “oh look- the dog is crossing her legs. Got to go.”

  265. Walking my kids to school. I feel better and my day starts off well with a walk.

  266. Reading to my kids. So simple but the gift of time is one they really appreciate.
    Naomi recently posted…Secret Extensions by Daisy Fuentes

  267. Elizabeth G says:

    List-making. Simple, quick, life-saving.

  268. For me, it’s the little rituals that help calm the chaos, I take my 4 year old out for “special treat fridays” and we usually end up at the ice cream shop, sitting at the window watching the world go by, talking about our day and enjoying each others company. Also I think baths are important for me, I just had a baby about 2 weeks ago so I am counting down until I can take baths again (about 4 weeks to go!) but I love settling into a sea of bubbles, soft music playing and peace.

  269. Definitely breathing. And baked goods.

  270. GiraffeSara says:

    I try to take a walk around the block before I come in the house. It allows me to have a few minutes to myself before I jump into the joyful (and sometimes not!) chaos of home.

  271. Going for a run when I just feel like I can’t take it anymore. I come back a calmer person and feel like I can be a better mom.
    Amy B recently posted…Gut/Rut

  272. Dishes done the night before and a relaxing with a cup of coffee before starting my homeschooler morning….

  273. Melissa J. says:

    Going for a jog. That 30 minutes by myself works wonders.

  274. I like to finish things before I lay my head down at night.

  275. When things get chaotic around here, I like to go outside. Whether it be going for a walk, playing on the playground, or coloring on the sidewalk with chalk, the fresh air seems to do both me and my kiddo good. We come back in feeling calmed and refreshed.

  276. After homework is finished, I give my kids one hour each of uninterrupted “Mommy” time doing the activity of their choice. I’m getting to be pretty good at MarioCart!
    Heather recently posted…ROR Sitemap for

  277. Love, love, love me some Target! Please give me the gift card! ;o)

  278. Turn off my computer, cellphone, and other distractions, pull my grandson into my lap, and rock and read to him. Bliss for both of us!

  279. i run…sweat it out and return feeling more energized and like myself!

  280. We’ve got a little basket in the fridge labeled “EAT ME FIRST!” that keeps all of our about-to-expire items. I go through the fridge once a week to weed out the older stuff and this helps us not to miss/waste anything!

  281. Kristine Laird says:

    I do the dishes every morning, a load of laundry each day and one whole room each weekday. It is SO EASY if I keep up with (1 hour a day tops!). It leaves me plenty of time to work on school during the day, my clean freak husband doesn’t have more work to do when he gets home and my kids have a safe environment to play in. Then we get to relax in our nice clean home all weekend long!

  282. I put all of my items that cannot be dried in a delicates bag that can be set aside after the wash cycle.  That way, if my husband is doing laundry and I am not home he doesn’t accidentally dry my “hang dry” items. A lot of my clothes don’t have tags to read washing directions.

  283. Tending to my plants is calming and definitely pays off in beauty.

  284. I go to yoga. Get my kids to bed and go to a late yoga class and breeeeaaaaattthhhee. It’s the best thing I know of for me. Totally grounds my mind, my spirit, centers me in prayer with my Creator!

  285. Great giveaway!

  286. Whenever I pick up some pretty Trader Joe’s flowers my week is automatically better. I’m in a better mood and it motivates me to keep my whole house cleaner. Thanks!

  287. I send my grandma postcards. I may not call but I want her to know that I am thinking of her.

  288. I like to unplug and write in my journal, and help my kids write something or draw something down too. It helps pull everything back into perspective and it’s time focused on one another!

  289. Hmm. I love sitting outside (in a chair) when the sun is out. When I come home from work, I love to lie on my bed, on my back and close my eyes, to just be… I don’t do this enough.

    Writing in a journal is also something that helps me to let go of stuff and unwind.

  290. I am a complete extrovert. And because of this I get energy from others. So most of the time, I will call a good friend and grab a drink or coffee. Just some good friend time can make a world of difference.

    Of course, a good run can help as well.

  291. Such a nice giveaway!
    Molly recently posted…Saturday Six

  292. Laura in LA says:

    I work in an office with no windows. Just being able to sit outside with the sun on my face does wonders for restoring me. Ahhhhhhh.

  293. I spend time trying to think of things God has provided for me and thank Him for it! :-)

  294. Divya Vikram says:

    Yoga and tea help me retain sanity..

  295. I love planning mid-week dates with my husband to give us a little boost of happy (and no cooking!) to change up the everyday routine we get so used to.

  296. Becca P. says:

    1. Make myself a cup of tea and mindfully enjoy it.
    2. Write a letter to someone—and learn to think outside myself.
    3. Sit outside and listen to the rain or the sound of the ocean.

  297. Two words: Shower. Beer.

  298. Katherine T says:

    I make sure to take a full hour of lunch during the workday, so I have time to refocus and take a much-needed mental break. It definitely helps me get through the rest of the day!

  299. I like to cook. It helps me relax and eat healthy :)

  300. Taking time for myself each day keeps me sane.

  301. I become distracted when I have a lot on my mind. In these cases I deep breathe and remember to stay in the moment. This helps me concentrate on the task at hand and provide better interaction with the kids.

  302. When I feel the day start to get away from me, or my mind start spinning into a dark vortex of worry and negativity, I turn on the kitchen radio and have a quick one song dance party with my three year old. He loves it, it takes me out of my mind and into my body and the present moment. Something about my little boy shakin’ his thang is the cure for all ills…

  303. I like to read, draw, and watch a little show.

  304. i love laying down on the floor and listening to a whole album front start to finish. whether it is classics like the last waltz or something more current like beyonce. it’s the perfect reset and so rare to appreciate a full album vs. an easy itunes download of a single

  305. phinniesgirls says:

    After the kids are in bed…a glass of wine and a book in my favorite chair. If the kids are awake…locking myself in the bathroom with a handheld game of solitaire for five minutes!

  306. As a new mom, I am finding playing with the baby is so much more rewarding than cleaning dishes. Typically I pull out the vacuum the most because it puts him to sleep also! My reward to myself is indulging in a bubble bath once my husband comes home-then he can check on the babe as necessary!

  307. reading a book every. single. night. after my 3 year old is in bed. if i didn’t do it, i’d lose my mind!

  308. Christina says:

    Meal plan. Every week and stick to it. It makes late afternoons and evenings go so much smoother.

  309. I know this sounds weird but the power of smell goes a long way. My kids both have a very distinct scent – especially in the morning. They both have their special brand of morning breath (I know, I know). But I inhale their scent each morning and try to remember it when the day seems to overwhelm me.

  310. When I feel disconnected from the moment I try to remember my five senses. There’s something about stopping and getting on tune with my body and mind that does wonders!

  311. Jeanette says:

    Sitting on the floor & giving my dog belly rubs grounds me. She looks so happy just laying in the sunshine or getting petted. Makes life seem simple for a moment.

  312. I am going to have to listen to Morrissey so I know what NOT to listen to when I am down! …or maybe what TO listen to so I can get the crys out when I need to… hummm.

  313. In the mornings I use The Book of Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals by Shane Claiborne and a few sun salutations as soon as I roll out of bed. It doesn’t take long but it wakes me up, gets me focused, and makes for a much more productive and less stressful day.

  314. Nicole Kong says:

    My clothing has always been perfumed with the scent of Tide mixed with fabric softeners. I use to love inhaling the clean, fresh scent of my clothes! It’s great to see how detergent has evolved into more concentrated, but smaller dosages. The pods are convenient and take the guesswork out of measuring.

  315. Kristen says:

    I’ve found that just simply singing a fun, pop song out loud totally changes everything. If I’m stressed, it takes my mind off what is worrying me.

  316. corrina says:

    I tuck my kids in every night with a song and a prayer. Many nights I’m tired and done and it’s the last thing I want to do, but I know it goes a long way in my longterm relationship with them.

  317. When it’s the middle of the night and I’m rocking my baby, (who seems to never sleep through the night), I remind myself that soon she will not need to be rocked, and that I will miss it more than anything.

  318. I pull out my jogging stroller for my three year old, put my chunky almost one year old in a carrier, and off we go!!! Sun and wind in my face, my kids are safely contained and this mommy is free!!! I am so different wen I get home I scare myself:) ooooo I love target!! Please let me win:)

  319. I am the organizer of the Girls’ Night Out for my friends. Everyone is so busy. We are a difficult group to get together but it is so worth it for our mental health.

  320. I read when I get a chance. Turn everything off and just get into the book.

  321. Danielle F says:

    Deep, calming breaths, being in the sun, holding a hand, smelling flowers, looking at pretty things, listening to classical music, and dancing in my car (seat dancing). All of these things I do to center myself and bring myself back to what really matters in life.

  322. I sit with my cats and let their stillness become my own. They don’t worry about what’s for dinner – they just are.

  323. My husband and I use the app Wunderlist to keep shared grocery, shopping, and other lists. Saves time and makes communication and getting things done easier!

  324. When I need a moment to get grounded… I take the dogs outside to play fetch. The fresh air, chasing them in the yard and the natural playfulness of dogs make me smile and able to move forward.

  325. Charlane says:

    I clean. No seriously, I clean up as I go. I throw in laundry on my way out the door to work then change the loads when I get home, dry by dinner and folded away by bed time. I also wash the pots and pan and tidy up the kitchen before I serve the meal, that way there is no huge mess to tackel with a full belly.

  326. holly dart says:

    I snuggle up with one of my kids and just have a conversation!

  327. I turn on music as a background. Even if my head is on the chore, hearing something pleasant in the background makes it all bearable!

  328. Love ways to make clean up easier!

  329. Everyday I do one small thing for me, be it listen to the waves or just spend some time with the cat, before I get going for the day. It does wonders for attitude.

  330. Over the weekend, I lay out my clothes for the week. It makes mornings so much easier.

  331. I love making lists…writing them out helps me visualize what I need to get done so I can budget my time better. :)

  332. I use Amazon prime for diapers, wipes, dog food, baby food, and anything else that they sell and I need. Love having my necessities shipped to my door, so I’m not wrangling a giant box or bag of something while also wrangling a 6 month old.
    Lauren recently posted…Baby Food Combinations

  333. My morning walks with my dog not only keep us both physically healthy, but also set me on the right track mentally for the day.

  334. Pick out what I’m going to wear the night before; it makes everything so much easier!

  335. Pick out what I’m going to wear the night before; it makes everything so much easier!

  336. YOGA!

  337. Meal planning! Always going to buy groceries from Target with a list and a plan!

  338. Dusting the house clears my mind lol idk why;) also just laying back n drinking tea. Or taking a walk outside with baby in the stroller helps a lot 2:)

  339. I read before bed to relax!

  340. I cut roses from my rose bush outside and place in my kitchen. The flowers from my garden outside allow me to remember to take a deep breath and acknowledge the simple things.

  341. Dinner, at the table, with the family every night that is possible through the week.

  342. I always go home for lunch! It is a great way to break up the day and feel refreshed for the afternoon.

  343. meal planning and clothes planning, huh, I wish! :)

  344. I stop in our coffee shop everyday on the way to work. Great atmosphere!
    Rachel recently posted…Studio Update

  345. A short nap can go a long way in helping me get through the rest of my day.

  346. I Enjoy the Rain, it makes everything better, I Walk in the Summer Rain on the beach barefoot and it is so peaceful!

  347. I try and take time to just unplug from everything and listen to what my mind is telling me. I have so many distractions around that its hard to know. When I cut myself off from all that for awhile. I feel renewed.

  348. I ground myself by having everyone putting away electronics & having playtime with the husband and kids in the living room after dinner. Let the dishes wait. Let cleaning the kitchen floors wait. Let bed time wait (just for a little bit). Enjoy the now, because it will be gone tomorrow! (YOLO!!)

  349. Christie says:

    A quick walk outside on my lunch break is a great way to get some fresh air and recharge for the rest of the day!

  350. I take time to disconnect from the phone. It does wonders for decompressing and being in the moment.

  351. Trying so hard to leave my iphone alone when I get home from work – they all deserve the best attention I have to give

  352. Birdiebee says:

    I make freezer meals for myself and my daughter’s and their families. It is cheaper in the long run as I buy in bulk and make everything at once. In addition, after their busy days at work, they can come home and quickly finish the meal or it is already ready if it is one of the slower cooker meals. They love having me do this and I like to have it done as well on those days I just don’t have time to do the cooking.

  353. I get up early to work out every morning. It really gives me an extra boost of energy and my mornings go much smoother.

  354. Quiet time in the evening with my family and no electronics helps us all stay on the same page.

  355. Zoe Hernandez says:

    Yoga everyday :)

  356. Gotta love Target!!


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