Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe


Welcome to another week of Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe. This girl’s poses are killing me.


black and grey plaid top, benetton. really old ariel mermaid dress, from neighbor’s halloween bin in their garage. sparkly ballet flats, j. crew. (thank goodness we didn’t have school.)


cotton floral blouse, h&m. pink bubble skirt, nellystella. navy and white polka dot leggings, old navy. biker boots, gap.


navy blouse, gap. blue and white pinstripe denim, old navy. polka dot ballet flats, j. crew. (the sassy hip thing is mildly frightening.)


black leotard, danskin. pink wrap skirt, danskin. pink tights, old navy. ballet slippers, ABT.


floral cotton dress, pink chicken. fuchsia patent sandals, saltwater sandals.



  1. I just love these outfit posts! They are the custest.
    meagan elizabeth recently posted…Best ever banana bread

  2. Her cuteness seriously knows no bounds!

  3. Is it bad that I want several of these outfits for myself? Especially her polka dotted leggings and tights! Ahhhh!
    Traci recently posted…Dogs Can Be Friends

  4. I love that her fashion doesn’t have limits–she seems to be a fan of different kinds of styles.

    LOVE these posts.

  5. Loving the little fashionista — her posing is the BEST!

    Question, as my daughter’s probably about a year or so younger: looks like Wita has a good variety of shoes. When do you bite the bullet and decide it’s okay to buy more than, say, three pairs at a specific size? Whenever we get to a new shoe size, we end up getting my kid three basic pairs, and then I swear, within three months, she’s onto the next size (she’s also been 90-95% percentile for height and weight since she was 4 months old). Tell me there’s some age at which their growth pauses enough that you can put them in adorable polka-dot flats for more than a second!
    Abby recently posted…The Doors of Paris

  6. oh my, she’s precious! my four year old LOVES dressing herself…but I dress her on school days and she dresses herself on non-school days. Otherwise, we would wear the same two sparkly dresses every.single.day.
    Jessica recently posted…Do your kids get an allowance?

  7. Sarah, any tips on organizing clothes for young ones? I have two toddlers, one who really likes to dress herself. I find it challenging (and super annoying) to maintain a sense of organization that works for both she and I. So, my solution is to let it be and endure the wrinkled, balled up clothes.

  8. She is too much! What a bright spot in your day this little fashionista must be. I would also love some tips on organizing kiddos’ clothes, and also ideas for where to purchase boys’ stuff. I’m a big fan of online consignment Moxie Jean (that I may have found through your site?) Do you have any others you’d endorse–officially or not??
    Jen Campisano recently posted…Finding the Beauty

  9. in the future habibi and wita can be on the ‘how i’d wear it page’ of a magazine love how stylish but each have their own twist!!!

  10. What a fashionista! I love the repurposed mermaid costume and the ballerina look:)
    Stacey recently posted…Chili Lime Roasted Peanuts

  11. Connie Petruzziello says:

    its really unfair that i can’t buy these pieces and recreate the look. She is amazing. i love these posts!