Juan Pablo’s Search for Love


Okay, here’s the deal. I STILL watch The Bachelor. After all these years. I should be ashamed of myself, but instead, I am being VULNERABLE and telling you, just like all the girls this year. (Apparently, the producers of the show have read Daring Greatly as well….wait, I know! Drink every time you hear the word “vulnerable” next week.)

Kristen and I were filming videos this week and decided what the hell, let’s do a Bachelor recap too.

Please share your thoughts on the episode. Who would you give your first impression rose to? Should we continue with these recaps? It means I will actually have to pay attention this season, and I don’t know if I can make that commitment. I mean, TWO HOURS OF CRAZY, PEOPLE.



  1. This is too good. I’ve always said that Chris Harrison has my dream job. Travel the world, watch the drama and he has like one line “Ladies … this is the final rose tonight.”

    Dog love and Free Spirit read as unemployed to me.

  2. Here’s what I’m most surprised about: how much I like Juan Pablo! I feel like when he was on the Bachelorette, they didn’t really introduce him beyond him being hunky with questionable English-speaking skills. But he’s really charming and sweet with the girls, I loved the way he dismissed Victoria as a bad fit for a future step-mother to his daughter, etc. I like Renee and Andi (although I wish she’d said not to the naked trio photo shoot). And, yes, I am embarrassed I still watch this damn show.
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  3. I love Juan Pablo! This is such an accurate portrayal of everything that went down!

  4. I’m LOVING these videos. Watched this one today and the Downton one yesterday. Love hearing what you ladies have to say!

  5. LOL. I watch a lot of bad TV (Real Housewives fame), so I’m not one to judge. But I just don’t get why people like The Bachelor. Either way, I love how candid you are about it;)
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  6. Speaking of vulnerable, have you listened to or read any of Dr. Habib Sadeghi? Seems like you probably have and if so, your thoughts?

  7. If y’all keep doing them, they need less rambling. Sorry…I could only get to four minutes.

  8. Loved your recap ladies!! I wholeheartedly agreed with pretty much everything you had to say and enjoyed the full video – ramble on! Free spirit is such a joke and yes, I feel that ever season there are girls/guys that are causing drama who the producers make them keep on for ratings. I really like the two single moms because they actually seem normal.

  9. this made my day—i’m loving both this and the DA recaps. Keep it up!!

  10. Can we talk about Free Spirit and the hose? Is that not … regrettable? Or something? Because seriously WHAT to the producers who asked her to do that and were probably laughing their heads off while she did it? Maybe I am basically turning into my grandma, but kids, just do NOT spray hoses into your own face while frolicking naked on a patch of grass. Just don’t.

    Now that Juan Pablo has blathered on rudely about how gays are perverts, I’m not sure that I care that much about him (or can summon up the wherewithal to watch the show much more than this), but I think he seems to have a lot of chemistry with Rene, the fierce lawyer with the ombre, and the Other Single Mom. Not sure yet about anyone else. Maybe the snow-date girl? The rest of them all seem hugely forgettable. Oh, he obviously really likes the Canadian opera singer because she doesn’t like him and that’s pretty much a surefire way to get his attention.

    I’d bet money that Canadian opera singer, Ombre Hair, Rene and Other Single Mom all end up in the top five though.