Parenting Confessional – Part 3


1. On Monday, Wito’s lunch consisted of some Cheerios and string cheese because I wanted to eat HIS beloved leftovers from a Mexican restaurant the night before.

2. I get secretly pissed when he announces that he doesn’t like the song playing in my car. I HAVE STELLAR TASTE IN MUSIC, KID. ONE DAY YOU WILL REALIZE THAT.

3. Wito calls cereal bars (Nutri-Grain bars and such) “handlebars”. I know I am supposed to correct him, but there is nothing cuter than a kid asking for a strawberry handlebar. Carry on, son!

4. If I’m looking like a disheveled mess and/or hobo and need to run errands, I prefer to take Wito so that strangers will assume I look this way from being an overworked parent. Truth is, I probably spent all of my primping time reading Harper’s Bazaar and rearranging my shoe collection.



  1. ha! i wouldn’t correct him either. handlebars, gahhh love it

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  2. Ha! I do that last one too. I caught a glimpse of myself in the Target doors the other day and realized I looked like a hot mess. But then I quickly consoled myself with the notion that I had my kids with me so I was expected to look like that. At least their faces were clean. I’m always forgetting to clean their faces after they eat.

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  3. Kaleigha says:

    What’s worse is when you don’t have a kid as an excuse and look disheveled to boot.:)

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  4. Hobo!

  5. Handlebars! HA! That’s even funnier than the fact that Scott calls Nutrigrain bars Graitrinune bars.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Oh Sheet!

  6. Kristin says:

    Love the handlebars! My little girl is close in age to Wito – love reading your posts about him :)
    I don’t correct some things she says either – I figure eventually she’ll figure it out and then I’ll be sad that she doesn’t say it that way. For example: we have a grey remote for our TV and she calls it the ‘grass kah-mote.’ LOVE it!

  7. I called appendages falling asleep being “dizzy” for years and no one corrected me (I also called risotto – Rosetta but I was a lot older…) Handlebars is adorable.

    I had tater tots for breakfast because I wanted a vehicle for organic ketchup. Also, I’ve been hanging out in my PJs all day until about 5 when I have to go to class. It’s a pathetic existence.

    Deidre’s last blog post..Me!me!

  8. My 4 year old daughter calls littering “glittering” and I think it is so cute. She talks about how bad it is to glitter and even lectures people on it. I don’t agree with her though, the world might be a much prettier place if people glittered. :)

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  9. I really love the new parent confessional posts. hilarious.

  10. My four year old son calls girls “grills”, and I can’t bring myself to correct him either!

  11. I kind of can’t imagine you looking like a mess honestly. As if! :-)

    Handlebars is so cute.

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  12. Duuuude. Strawberry Handlebar could totally be a band. A great one, at that.

    metalia’s last blog post..The Contest winner, a fake sneezing baby, bank complaint poetry, and Venn diagrams: Something for everyone.

  13. The handlebars thing reminds me that my best friends kid used to call yogurt ‘ogrit’ and how very sad I was when he learned to say the word correctly. Also sad? He no longer calls me “Annie Wee”, he can actually say Rhiannon.


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  14. I’ve worn the same pair of pants for three or four days straight. No make-up. You can only guess what my hair looks like. Sadly, I HAVE BEEN GOING INTO PUBLIC LIKE THIS!

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  15. Like your number four, I find that I can get away with returning things without receipts if I have my kids with me– you know, harried mom with young kids, I’m sure she misplaced it!

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  16. I’m pretty sure I subsisted entirely on Cheerios and string cheese all throughout elementary school.

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  17. My son calls granola bars “gorilla bars.” I don’t correct him either.

    I’m always sad when my kids start pronouncing words correctly. I almost died when my two year old started properly calling her stuffed kanga roo “kanga roo.” Before that it was kiddly woo. :(

  18. My son calls them “canola” bars and we totally don’t correct him, because it’s kind of awesome :)

  19. i cannot bring myself to correct the mistakes. they are just too cute. i don’t know if anything ISabella says can beat handlebars, though ;)

    ali’s last blog post..the phrase “pet peeve” is totally a pet peeve of mine

  20. Anonymous New York says:

    I love when kids mispronounce things. So cute! My brother called grapes “beeps” and Raisin Bran “ram ram.” I called pretzels “peetatoos.” We still don’t know where I got that one.

    Anonymous New York’s last blog post..Brought to you by the letter F. And by that I mean foot and fries.

  21. Thanks to Whoorl, we still say flever for fever.

  22. My 4 year old uses the word “bastard” regularly as a term of endearment towards his brothers. I should really consider trying to put an end to it being that I just signed him up for holy rollin’ Christian preschool in the Fall, but eh, I have all summer right?

  23. 1, 2 = me.
    3 = skabetty.
    4 = me too except I am fucking around on the internet.

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  24. Hi, I’m new here and just wanted to say ‘handlebars’ is the cutest and I look like crap most days and my youngest is 10 so I don’t know who to blame it on

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