Odds and Ends



1. Texted to me earlier this week. via Doghouse Diaries

2. Haha, have you seen this? Disney princesses with beards.

3. This had me rolling and nodding in utter agreement. “It’d be nice to someday just have a cold without wondering if I have West Nile virus.” Girl, I HEAR YOU.

4. OH OH OH. Hairstyling hacks every girl should know. You know the bobby pin thing, right?

5. WTF is this?

6. Need a new way to wear your scarves? Look no further than this collection of 7 scarf-tying tutorials.

7. It’s official – I’m obsessed with a bunch of twenty-something British beauty bloggers. Lily Pebbles and Essie Button are two of my very favorites – I love them even though I feel ancient while watching them.



  1. Hairstyling Hacks:

    #16 is seriously the best thing ever. I have fine, naturally wavy hair. It’s in a pixie now, but when it was almost BSL and I wanted to just have the ends curled (and last all day) this was the only way for it to happen. My hair would not hold curl/waves after it had been blown out. Sometimes I just wanted that smooth, shiny top, curled at the ends and not wavy all over – so, for me I had to blow it out to achieve this look.

    Anyway, I did exactly as that picture shows, then I would let it cool in the foil while I finished getting ready. I didn’t have to use any product and it would last ALL DAY!

  2. Ooo, you have to read The Londoner. Rosie is super preppy and just a big enough goofball to make you not hate how gorgeous she is. :)

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  3. This beard facts picture is hilarious and so random. Love it.
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  4. Oh goodness, thank you for sharing!



  5. That unidentified sea monster? THAT is why God gave us swimming pools.
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