Kate Spade Stevie



I absolutely do NOT need this purse, but I sure enjoy looking at it.

(Thank you so much for your comments and emails regarding Super Wito. In fact, I am still working through your unbelievably informative emails. I have several appointments with Montessori preschools this week. Thank you thank you thank you!)



  1. Nicole says:

    Thats yummy and the exaxt shade of my fingernails right this second. I am loving orange. I want to paint my front door orange. Our house is gray. Hubby says no.

  2. You might not need that purse, but I DO. Our anniversary is coming up, I’ll start hinting at this.

    Rhi’s last blog post..The Return of Friday Bullets

  3. Kelley says:

    I want it. I know it’s probably ridiculously overpriced because it’s a Kate, but I WANT it. I would REALLY REALLY want it if it came in green. Perhaps it does. I’ll have to look and get back to you.

    Kelley’s last blog post..Just Like Ridin’ A Bike

  4. That bag is architecturally perfect! Orange is my favorite color. Divine. Thanks for sharing the eye candy.

    hi kooky’s last blog post..Argh. (again)

  5. oooooohhhh lala. think I may have found my birthday present.

  6. am'ti b says:

    is this a hint for moms day? i may use it as one…..

  7. This bag, aside from its perfect shape, is in one of those colors that during summer totally passes as a neutral. Citrus-y and sublime!

  8. *gasp* ORANGE! I love orange. Sigh.

    Marin’s last blog post..Just A Minute

  9. I am covetous…

    Allison’s last blog post..I feel as though I’m losing my mind…

  10. Yup. I keep staring at that too.

    justJENN’s last blog post..You don’t understand clothing, Toby! You’re dressed like this amorphous blog of khaki.

  11. Love the bag. Love the redesign. I’m feeling all spring-like now.

    Heather B.’s last blog post..Play Count

  12. It’s so spring-like up in here! Awesome, possum.


    SAJ’s last blog post..I need kid advice.

  14. So, I’m not such a fan of the purses, but wowza is that cute.

    Also, love your new design, Whoorl!

    greyfavorite’s last blog post..Grace in Small Things: Part 14

  15. omg – orange is so the best color right now. i LOVE it. sigh.

    kat’s last blog post..what i’m listening to.

  16. love watching your new design unveil itself!

  17. I enjoy looking at it too. Sooooo pretty. Drool.

  18. Not sure what I like more, the purse or the redesign.