Introducing Whoorlito the Super Pooper


On his way home from the NICU.




  1. He’s just beautiful!! So happy to see that he’s coming home!

  2. SO CUTE!!! And hooray for his long-awaited homecoming! Hope you and dad are both well. :)

  3. Wow, he’s gorgeous. Tiny and perfect. Congratulations!

  4. OMG absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!!!

  5. oh so so cute. he is precious…and so is his outfit. how happy you must be to have him home!

  6. What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations!

  7. You obviously are already aware of that but he’s perfect. :) Congratulations

  8. So, so adorable! Glad you finally got him home. Congratulations once again!

  9. OMG! What an adorable baby boy. He’s very much Anders and a little less Whoorlito. Congratulations to have him home and have him as your own. :O)

  10. OH MY GOD. I want one.

  11. Look at all that hair!! You’re going to hear that alot. My parents heard it one million times when everyone saw my noggin’ full of black hair for the first time :) He’s such a handsome little guy!!

  12. My God, that’s a gorgeous baby. Congratulations, I’m so glad he’s home.

  13. What a perfectly beautiful baby! I love his hair.

    Welcome home sweet baby boy!

  14. OMG, I’m so happy for you. He’s so perfect!

    Welcome home Anders!

  15. Congratulations!! He is absolutely beautiful. What a gorgeous family you are! Can’t wait to hear all about it. So glad he’s doing so well!

  16. Oh my God, he is gorgeous! Since I just had mine, I’d probably get in trouble for saying he’s the most beautiful baby ever. But since she was a girl, I’m pretty sure I can get away with saying the most beautiful baby boy ever! Congratulations – I am so glad you finally get to bring him home!

  17. he looks like you! great hair and all :-)

  18. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago and I love to read your entries every day. What a beautiful boy. God bless you and your family. You will make a wonderful mommie.

  19. Oh my, look at that wonderful hair! And he has the perfect traveling suit on too, I see.

    Welcome home, Baby!

  20. Cutest baby ever!

  21. welcome home, baby :)

  22. So, so sweet! He looks so soft and cuddly :)

  23. Is it possible to hear “Ohmygod! He’s so gorgeous!” too many times? I’m guessing not. so:

    Ohmygod! He’s so gorgeous!

    Hearty congratulations to mom and dad and all proud relatives!

  24. What a cutie pie!!! Welcome home, Anders!

  25. He is beautiful. Chris and I are so happy for you both.

  26. COngratulations, and thrilled to hear he’s home safe and sound! Can’t wait to hear all about him!

  27. I am so glad to hear he’s finally coming home. He is just beautiful!

  28. welcome home! he looks just perfect!

  29. Such an incredibly beautiful boy! Congratulations again.

  30. OH MY GOD. SO gorgeous! ;)

    congrats, and the name is FABULOUS! but someday some internet weirdo just may come up to him and say “hey there, you little whoorlito you!”

    not me. of course. also, i live waaaay over here. so… heh.

  31. beautiful!!! he is such a sweet little man! Congratulations to you, I am so excited to finally see him. And I looove that name. :o)

    Yay! I’m an internet-aunti! :)

  32. Congratulations! He is adorable!

  33. Perfection! And he looks like the rocky delivery is but a faint memory! A healthy, beautiful baby boy. You must be overjoyed.

  34. Oh, and one more thing…perhaps his coloring is yours, but I think he most definitely looks like his Pa!

  35. what an incredible looking newborn! absolutely gorgeous! congrats.

  36. Ohhhhh! He’s so beautiful! Congratulations once again! Glad that he’s coming home with you!

  37. He is so handsome. WOW! Good news about his long awaited home coming. I’m sure you will continue to be amazed at his super-pooper skills. Good times await you.

  38. CONGRATS!!! Welcome home Anders.

  39. Auntie LaLa says:

    I can’t believe how much he looks like his Aunt:)

  40. Having seen him, I can say he is the most beautiful baby. Just like his Mom and Aunt Lala!
    Put D in the mix and WOW!!!!

  41. He is so handsome!

  42. Yay for Anders!

    I can now go on vacation in peace.

    He is simply scrumptious! Congratulations, mama and papa!

  43. I swear he’s grown since I saw him on Saturday! By the time I see him tomorrow, he’ll be even bigger and cuter. He looks so peaceful here.

    Congrats to you & D! Just think, this time last week you were in the midst of the longest labor known to man. And here you are now with a gorgeous li’l tike, poop and all. Love him!

  44. OHHHHHH so adorable!! SO CUTE! He already has that ‘dark and brooding’ thing down!!

  45. elizabetht says:

    oh, he is so cute! congratulations!!

  46. Ok, I’m a COMPLETE lurker on your site, and I’ve mentioned before that we have triplets and now twins… Our twins were born on 7/19 and we ALSO just released from the NICU TODAY!! So major congrats to you and your DH… Anders is simply handsome and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures with him! Congrats again…

  47. super cute!

  48. Congratulations! He’s beautiful and perfect — and looking healthy. Take care!

  49. Okay, okay, I know you’ve heard us a million times, but Anders is absolutely adorable! I’m so glad he’s finally home with you and D. Congrats again on your new baby boy.

  50. Beautiful! I am happy you are all going home as a family!

  51. He is so cute!! (of course, you already know that.) But I am thrilled that ALL of you are home. Now the fun begins!

  52. Bethany Coffey says:

    Awwrrrr, so perfect. I’m so glad to hear that you guys are all home safely and a little family. I think…he looks like daddy? Maybe?

  53. PS — How is it that a newborn is about twenty times more tan than I am?? :o)

  54. undercover celebrity says:

    Ok, I’ll be honest, I think most babies look like hideous aliens. … but this child is REALLY CUTE! Congratulations!

  55. That sweet little peanut needs a Lacoste polo asap!

  56. What can I say/type that isn’t already here? I actually “Ohhhh!”-ed out loud. What a beautiful child.

    Relish every single minute you can with him. People will tell you over and over how quickly it goes by… the full impact of which will not hit you until you realize he’s a senior in high school. Congrats again!

  57. He’s darling… what a wonderful little boy!! Congratulations! I’m glad he’s safe and at home now.


    Welcome to the world, Anders. Never scare your mama like that again.

  59. Welcome Home little doll! What a miracle. Good work Whoorl and D. Today was the greatest “babies-coming-home” blog day!

  60. How beautiful. Congratulations on bringing him home. Can’t wait to hear your tales of being a new Mom.

  61. O.M.G. He’s breathtaking. Congratulations!

  62. Oh My… he is so handsome.. and all that hair.. goodness… Congratulations to both of you !

  63. So very handsome! Congrats Whoorl – he is perfect.

  64. Your baby is striking – what lovely skin he has!
    Congratulations to your new family and I can’t wait to hear about Anders’ dramatic entrance into the world!

  65. I came back to look at him again.. he is just so dang handsome… you are so blessed! Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  66. OMG Whoorl. OMG.

    No wonder mommies sit and stare at these little beings while they sleep.

  67. Oh he’s gorgeous Whoorl! Congrats!

  68. Jurgen Nation says:

    Aw, Whoorl, I’m all teary. He’s perfect. He is so handsome and with parents like you and D, he will grow up to be the kind, smart and beautiful person that you two are.

  69. So glad that he’s home safe with his wonderful, obviously very good looking parents. I know everyone had already said this, but he is a beautiful baby. Congratulations!

  70. he’s perfectly gorgeous but how could he not be with two perfectly gorgeous parents? is that your chin or D’s whoorl? :) so cute! i am happy to see that he is home with you both.

  71. Ack! He’s perfect. Such a wise little face. Congratulations on such a beautiful, perfect little son.

  72. Beautiful Boy. Welcome Home Sweet One.